part 251:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Me:”sal? I cannot believe you didn’t tell me…..!!!”

Salma: (acting dumb) “tell you what?”

Me:” very funny woman….how could you not tell me that you’re gone into purdah? And I thought we were best friends (pretending to be angry)”

Salma:” because honestly, I didn’t even know I was going into purdah myself…. I was wearing it all the while on the trip, and I got so used to it and decided to try it out and not actually take it off…”

Me:” and aqeel? What does he have to say about it?”

Salma: “you know how men are? (Rolling eyes).. They’re always too happy to keep their wives away from everyone elses eyes….”

We both I was even more envious of her….

Its not that I didn’t want to go into purdah. Like I said before, I always wanted to, but with ismail being so modern, it was just abit more difficult than it seemed.. Salma had aqeels support in everything she did and they seem to be doing things together and using eachother as a means of getting closer to eachother..

As much as a woman feels she can change a man, its so much more trying… Its easier when the man is the more deeni inclined one in the relationship because he can serve as a means of bringing you onto the straight path so much more easier..

Maybe inshallah oneday I’ll stop making excuses and really go through with it too..

It really helps to have support… And now that salmas in it… Maybe that will be my encouragement and motivation…

Everybody wants to do some good in their life, but everyone just needs that one inspiration or push to actually do it…

I don’t understand why we’re like that, but that’s just how insaan(humans) is/are…

Unlike in the time of nabi(S.A.W)… After the sahaba had accepted islam, nabi(S.A.W) worked on their imaan and conviction in Allah Ta’aalah, and once that was perfected, only then did Allah Ta’aalah send down the commands of what should and should not be done.. But their imaan was of such high calibre that by the mere utterance of the command of Allah by His nabi(S.A.W), they would immediately turn to Allah in repentance and follow the command of Allah…

An aalim beautifully explains, that when the command came that intoxicants were made haraam, even if a man had a glass of wine to his lips, he dropped it… The wine that was in the barrels remained there and the command was immediately fulfilled…

But us, we were born knowing what our requirements are as muslims… From such young ages we already knew what was halaal and what was haraam… We already knew what the commands of Allah are as these were already mentioned in the quraan decades ago…. But yet we make excuses..

Its always a matter of ‘I’m not ready yet’ or ‘when I get old’ or ‘let me just enjoy my last moments of freedom before I take this step’…

What has become of us….its sad… And to think what will come of future generations just worries me immensely…

Will people even care about the commands of Allah?

Will people even remember to open up the holy quraan?

Will people even know what a sunnah is?

I pray that Allah puts it in my heart to oneday take this great step…

For those who do it, even if people judge the way its done, atleast its one step that they’ve managed to take….

Aunty faati made sure that everything was braaied and ready set in chaffing dishes before aqeel and salma arrived..

The braai was succulent and the salads were the best..

I just love the array of salads at a braai.. For me that’s the best part, more than the meat itself..

All in all it was an awesome day together even though I hardly got to spend time with salma alone.. But we could always catch up afterwards… There was so much I nEeded to tell her about what’s been going on in this crazy town and in my crazy life…

Authors note:
Our new recipe page has been added with one recipe already and I dedicate the entire page to radiyya for initiating it in the first place….feel free to check the pages menu and find the ‘in the kitchen’ page or click on the following link..




3 thoughts on “part 251:

  1. A says:

    جزاك الله خيرا for the lovely post, we all need encouragement constantly
    We all are of the view that we will practice islam n read our Tahajjud etc wen we get older, now we need to accumulate wealth so we won’t have to worry wen we old but will we live to see old age?

  2. Sister A. says:

    Yummy succulent braai meat & lotsa tasty salads :p :p :p now I feel lyk having a braai ;).
    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه Salmas inspiring Fay 2 start wearing purda.

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