part 246:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Salmas point of view:

Performing umrah in the month of ramadaan is equivalent in reward and excellence to performing haj…

Ofcourse my haj isn’t complete…. I still have to perform my fardh haj… performing umrah is sunnah…. but the reward, the excellence, even the atmosphere is almost like haj….

The haram is buzzing and the crowds are huge….

Its so beautiful to see people from almost every part of the world coming together all in one place to do the exact same thing…

Everyday I thought about certain concerts and big events like the world cup etc….

People practice and prepare for months on end, sometimes for years just so that their functions run off smoothly and everything is done perfectly and in order…

Whereas in the haram….no-one practices…no-one orders anyone around…all the mu’azzin does is call out the athaan…and everyone automatically hastens in one direction towards the haram….

And just upon the mere calling of ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’..every single person raises their hands throwing every unimportant matter behind them at the very same time…truly an inspiring experience..

Every ummati standing behind the imaam follows down to ruku and then into sajdah and this continues 5 times daily…well during ramadaan….there’s taraweeh salaah aswel as sabeena taraaweeh(optional taraweeh which some imaams perform after the normal taraweeh)…

There are hundreds and thousands and lately millions of people who follow the call of a single, simple, humble man….

My experience has been something out of this world…and I couldn’t have chosen a better time in my life to answer the call of Allah to his blessed home..

Aqeel is the most amazing husband anyone could ask for… Always worried about me and always helping me do the right things and make the most of my time in the holy lands..

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together…

Aqeel and I touched down in jeddah after travelling a couple f tiring hours by plane…

We then took a cab to the peaceful city of Medina…

Medina is so harmonious….the air is clean, the roads are calm, the people are friendly…all because the most peace loving person in all of humanity lies herein….

We stayed right across the haram shareef at a 5 star hotel…moevenpick..

I know that we’re supposed to be simple and all that..but aqeel had a different view about this…

Aqeel:”sweety! we’re coming all the way here to make ibaadah… And alhamdulillah has bleSsed us with the means…we’re not struggling and have no other option…shukr we have the money so why should we stay in a place where we going to be spending all our time complaining about everything that’s wrong with the room and the hotel and the food…. Then we’ll be losing out right?”

Salma:”(giggle)..I suppose you have a point..but we don’t have to stay 5 star love…we can stay 4 star, or even 3 star… we came to spend most of our time in the haram any way…”

Aqeel:”I’ll be spending most of the time in the haram sweety…its always best for a woman to perform all salaah in the room rather than in the haram…your reward is greater… So let me ask you..if you’re going to be spending most of your time in a room that’s abit crappy and the aircons not working properly and there’s spider webs in almost every corner and there’s no proper hot water coming out from the shower and…….”

Salma:”okay okay! I get your point….!”(Laugh)…

So that’s where our enchanting journey began……

Authors note:



5 thoughts on “part 246:

  1. A says:

    جزاك الله خيرا for the beautiful post
    I agree with Aqeel that it’s best for a woman to stay in the room n make Ibaadah n go to the Haram only for salaam in Medina or tawaaf in Mecca
    Salma is so fortunate that she found a gem in Aqeel, may their love grow stronger and الله bless them with a lovely family

  2. says:

    أسسلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركات
    Is it possible to get some of those wonderfulll recipes pls, and I Must say this blg is absolutely Amazing, ​الحمدللّهِ and so inspiring.

    Jazakallah Radiyya
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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