durood challenge 19:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

True belief lies in the love for Allah and His nabi(S.A.W)..

Feel free to add your durood count by commenting or e-mailing(to those who have my e-mail address)..

Our aim is 10 000 durood again..but you are allowed to contribute whatever amount you are able to..

1.Silent living(100)





6.Silent living(100)

7.Zaakirah akoojee(3000)

Total: 10 200


Also please contribute to our kalima tayyibah challenge..we are still trying to complete 70 000…we are currently on approximately 58 100..it has been mentioned in a hadith to the effect that whosoever recites laa’ilaaha illallah’ will enter jannah!

We have paras 3-6 still left to complete our current khatam for thul qa’dah..please do assist in the completion


silent living-foreveramessup.wordpress.com


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