part 244:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Me:”what happened?is everything okay?”

Sulaiman:”kulsum spotted abit of blood on eid night… We didn’t worry too much… Because she phoned her doctor and the doctor said if its just a little its ok..she shouldn’t worry… But she wanted to see her the next day just for a quick checkup…..”

I listened carefully hoping that everything would be okay…

Sulaiman:”but before she could get to the doctor the next day she was bleeding profusely and she was in a lot of pain……”

Me:”oh no!!yaa Allah!”

Sulaiman:”when we got to the doctor, she confirmed that the baby was already dead 2 weeks ago, according to the scan…..and that kulsum had just miscarried it on her own…”

Me:”ya Allah…how is she taking it?how’s kulsum doing?and you aswel? You guys must be so upset”

Sulaiman:”initially we were….but Allah knows best….kulsum has been under a lot of strain since she told her mother and them….they weren’t one bit supportive..infact, they accused her of imagining that she’s pregnant…..”

Me:”what?are they mad or something?why would anyone imagine that they pregnant…”

Sulaiman:”apparently we’re jealous of rukaya because she has so many children…..”

Me:”that is so sad..really….(Sigh)”

Sulaiman:”after they’d given her so much of hell, she used to cry non-stop….I’m convinced that its all the stress that made her lose the baby….”

Me:”why can’t people just be happy for eachother nowadays? Urgh!!”

Sulaiman:” nevertheless…atleast Allah gave us the opportunity to know what its like to almost have a baby…”

Me:” Allah knows best sulaiman….And atleast you know that your baby is waiting for you guys in jannah…how long is kulsum still going to be in hospital?”

Sulaiman:”inshallah she should get a discharge this afternoon….but she needs complete rest for a while so that she can recover..the doctors are worried that she’s going to go into a depression…”

Me:”just be there for her and be strong for her.. I know its hard.. I’ve also been through it.. And I totally understand what she’s going through… But as a muslim, there shouldn’t be place for depression… Our reward is with Allah.. He’s with us every step of the way….”

Sulaiman:”jazakallah bhabhi…I really appreciate this call…make dua for us…”

Me:”I definitely will….I’ll call again tomorrow to see how she’s doing.. I wish I could be there for her but unfortunately I’m not allowed to travel at this stage…”

Sulaiman:”just the thought means so much….don’t worry…just make dua…..and jazakallah for everything”

I put the phone down with sulaiman and felt a whole lot of emotion….

I was so angry at her family… How can a person be so heartless to their own kind…

I understand that I wasn’t part of them and that’s why they treated me the way they did all those years and till now….but your own daughter?

Honestly I wish Allah can open up their eyes and make them realise how much of pain they’ve caused to so many people…yet they are living comfortably and happy with no problems in their lives…

But that’s the order of Allah….His system…sometimes he allows people enough freedom and keeps on giving them happiness and comfort….and even though they don’t appreciate and turn to Him, He continues giving them, until oneday….His anger reaches a point and everything is taken away..

But we are so blind…we think that all the riches and happiness is because of our own doings and we start to think that even though we’re evil, Allah loves us so much because if He didn’t , He won’t give us all that He did….but indeed we are foolish to think that way….

May Allah save us all from foolishness!!!ameen!

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4 thoughts on “part 244:

  1. A says:

    انا لله وانا اليه راجعون
    This post had me in tears n also had my blood boiling
    It is so sad that people can be so shallow to believe that someone can fake a pregnancy just bcoz they jealous of their sister, do they even understand the tears n cries that must’ve went thru their hearts in yearning for a child n the feeling of joy that الله blessed them with this pregnancy n now to loose the baby . May الله make it easy for Kulsum n her family n ان شاء الله with Faaiza a support n the support of her inlaws she’ll get thru ان شاء الله
    Maybe Rukayya n her mother need to reflect n question themselves that why are they going thru such a tough tym n having all these problems

  2. Binte Ahmed says:

    Lol..ameen,faaiza!! Seriously,those guys need a wakeup call..they livin in their own wil burst 1 day,n leave them can they b so mean to their own daughter??? So sad,really..Allah save us all,n unite the ummah..ameenXxX

  3. Sister A. says:

    Awww! Dats so sad man. Poor Kulsum, fortunately she has a supportive husband. May ﷲ mk it easy 4 dem 2 pull through dis difficult tym.
    I agree wid Ʋ @Binte Ahmed Kulsums famly is lost °̩и their own world. 1 Đά̲ƴ their bubble is goin 2 bust & den dey ωɪℓℓ b forced 2 snap out of it. May ﷲ guide us ӑℓℓ & save us from bcumin lyk dat ​آمِيْن.

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