part 242:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Mother in laws point of view:

Me:”can you believe this kulsum…..she got no shame… She doesn’t realise how old she is, she still wants to have babies”

Rukaya:”what?kulsum is pregnant?(Hysterical laugh)… Oh my god….I thought her womb had spider webs by now….(Still laughing)”

Me:”what you laughing like that for…its disgusting..its not something to laugh about…and I’m so old..she must think of coming here for hoowavar(confinement) and all that..I don’t have patience for all that now hey…”

Rukaya:”what was she thinking? Doesn’t she read and watch TV? Doesn’t she know that her baby can be born abnormal? She’s just jealous…because I’ve got so many children, she just had to do whatever she could to fall pregnant….she’s just desperate!”

Me:”she mustnt compare…you and her are not the same…you got money…she chose to get marry to that good for nothing…so she must maar suffer being forced her to marry him and live a poor life…”

Rukaya:”I think she’s lying..I don’t think its possible for her to be pregnant at her age mummy..she’s talking nonsense…”

Me:”but why will she lie about something like that now rookya?”

Rukaya:”think about it…she used to get so jealous every time I fell pregnant and now she’s so desperate… You know you get some people who imagine things…I heard of a girl who went through full 9 months thinking that she was pregnant. Its called ‘phantom pregnancy'”

Me:”haai! What you talking?”

Rukaya:”ya, for real…she went crazy..she went for shopping to buy all kinds of baby things and even her stomach started blowing up but at the end of the 9 months when she wasn’t going into labour, she went to the doctor and they told her that she has cysts in her stomach that’s why she was blowing up and she didn’t get her period, there was no baby,”

Me:”ya Allah!what a fool!I hope this kulsum is not having one of those ‘fantastic pregnancies'”

Rukaya:”not fantastic ma!phantom!like an imaginery pregnancy, you know?”

Me:”this year we had too much drama in this house…I’m scared to even think what’s going to happen next….”

Rukaya:”how’s that girl from opposite? That zakiya girl that met up in an accident last week?she’s still in hospital or what?”

Me:”no, she got discharged!ey I spoke to her mother the other day..and I even ordered some cakes to send know they’ll get visitors now that she’s back from know our people don’t worry that its ramzaan and all…they just want panchaat..”

Rukaya::”but she should feel so ashamed of herself…imagine if her daughter died like that?with those boys in that car and everything…some people give their children too much freedom….”

Me:”ey rookya! You mustnt talk…just now people will say the same thing about you..look what your son went to go find…yusuf is such a handsome boy…and he got so much money, he can get any girl here in town….but he went for one rubbish cheap thing!”

Rukaya:”I’m telling you ma…that one must have done some black magic to him or something..I know my yusuf…he used to like all nice pretty girls….all memon girls and now suddenly he’s dying for this thing?sis man!I can’t even think of it, it makes me so angry!”

Me:”maybe we must go ask that lady here know she can tell you if you got jadoo or black magic and all that..she’s like a sangoma lady…she’ll tell us if they did something to our yusuf”

Rukaya:”ya got her number?please phone and ask her if we can come, because I really think someone did something…you know in all these years I’m married, I never had problems, and this year suddenly now so much of problems….how many times I came back home..everyone is just jealous of me and my life, that’s the problem..people can’t be happy for you in todays time….”

Authors note:



5 thoughts on “part 242:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    That’s the problem with ppl nowadays !! They don’t obey اللَّهُ and Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم and then wen things go wrong they say – jaadoo / black magic or jin !!!
    Its US and our actions that have a reaction !!

    Eish !! Its all abt them only – they r soo mean !!

    I hope Kulsum has a healthy , normal , beautiful baby !!! – just to prove them wrong – *tongue*

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. zana says:

    Oh my goodness😳 this mother and daughter are too much.
    How can a mother be so mean to her daughter.
    Inshaa-Allah kulsum has a healthy and normal baby and it will bri g so many good changes to there life. Hopefully it will shut these 2 mean people’s mouths.

    As muslims we supposed to have faith in allah.

  3. A says:

    SubhanALLAH are they truly for real…
    This is such a sad reality that money talks.
    Why can’t Rukayya n her mother be happy for Kulsum that after all these years الله is blessing her with a child, instead they making nasty comments about her, also their pride is taking a major knock bcoz their son chose a ‘black’ girl over all the pretty memon girls.
    They forgot that الله is the sustainer n grants to is all we have n wen things are not going acc to our liking then We run to sangomas

  4. mumof3soldiers says:

    Dese gremlins don’t even have a heart for their own! !!!!! Can’t they be happy for kulsum???? Materialistic→↓

  5. Sister A. says:

    # Ripped. The part abt da phantom pregnancy ℓ☺ℓ!
    Eish! These ppl r 2 busy feelin sorry 4 demselves.
    Typical, Rukayas conveniently blaming jadoo on her problems. Ώĩ†̥h da kind of life dat she’s been living all of dis was long tym cuming & now she wants 2 run 2 a sangoma of all ppl 4 help.
    I hope Kulsum has an easy pregnancy & a normal, healthy Maashaa’ ﷲ baby.

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