part 238:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
-in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most merciful-

Me:” what juicy news babes?”
Now I was eager….

Astaghfirullah, it hasn’t been more than 2 of 3 hours out of ramadaan and I was already acting like a big panchaat…and so eager to hear some juicy news..

I was saved from all that because there was no ismail to give me panchaat and no salma to talk to for the past 2 weeks that they’ve been gone for umrah, so my last few days of ramadaan were panchaat free…

But honestly, it shouldn’t be that way..we supposed to stay away from idle talk and backbiting and carrying tales, not only because there’s no-one to share in the sin, but whole heartedly because it was wrong and displeasing to Allah.. May Allah give me hidayat inshallah.. But now I couldn’t resist…

Me:”so?what is it babes?”

Ismail:”remember I told you that yusufs car has been parked oFf In that specific spot everyday?”


Ismail:”and I’ve found out the reason why….and you’ll never believe what I’m about to tell you….”

Ismail filled me in on his whole following yusuf escapade and what and what he found out…….

I was beyond stunned…I could not believe my ears….

Me:”whoa babes!…..remind me again! Where were you? Sitting In I’tikaaf? Under some heavy investigations? Or creating some hectic movie with crazy drama?”

Ismail laughed….

Me:”your family serious needs some talking to….too much has been happening and that crazy bubble their living in needs to be burst…”

Ismail:”that’s for sure…now that ramadaans over, there’s a lot that needs to be sorted out… I’ve had enough time to think things through and I’ve decided to take one step at a time and get everything off my chest…”

I gave ismail a big hug.. I was so glad to see this change in him.. Change in attitude and change in him deen wise…

I dragged him downstairs to have supper as it was getting quite late and since the next day was eid, we would need a lot of rest.. Eid is one hecticly busy day and starts extra early…

Ismail ate like he’s never eaten in a long while even though he was looking so mashallah…

Ismail:”you’ll think its ramadaan and we supposed to be fasting.. But eish…the way you eat when you’re in I’tikaaf is madness… Everyone brings and sends food.. But there’s so much of muhabbat(love) with our muslim people shukr… Everyone is in extra generous mode during ramadaan….”

We all listened to ismails interesting stories regarding his experiences during I’tikaaf…

Ismail:”qasm…you need to see… On almost every odd night people go crazy giving out ice-creams and chocolates and juices and cold-drinks.. You name it!”

there’s actually so much of reward.. I suppose it has to do with wanting to show the joy felt during the month of ramadAan… Sad that this mostly takes place during ramadaan…

The atmosphere is just awesome.. The love and peace and serenity is something completely different..

Its so easy during ramadaan to wear a scarf, to dress modest, to grow the beard, to wear a cloak and to give without any limitations…

And that’s because everyones doing it..

I always feel that sometimes we afraid to take that first step because of ‘what people will say’ or ‘how people will react’ or because we don’t want be ‘the outcast’… But maybe, if we take that very step towards good, it can ease the way for many who also are too afraid to be the first to take that step…

We as muslims can create the environment for doing good and acting as muslims…

Deen has become strange because nabi(S.A.W has already forewarned us that this time will come…

But for those who still hold of to deen and are regarding as the strange ones, there’s tons of glad tidings for them…

May Allah make us from amongst the ‘ghurabaa'(strange ones)…ameen!

Ismail:”riyaad, you going to be up early son?so we can go for fajr to the masjid in the morning?”

Riyaad was jumping for joy..he was so excited to see this new daddy of his…and he loved every bit of it…

After fajr salAah ismail was busy readying himself for eid salaah when I walked in to the bathroom and noticed him raising his right hand towards his face with a razor in his hand……

I was fuming!!!!how can he….after spending 10 days in I’tikaaf, now he wanted to shave off his lovely thick and beautifully grown beard??????

Authors note:
Inshallah posting will resume as normal from today and slowly I’ll try to cover up for missed posts inshallah…




3 thoughts on “part 238:

  1. Binte Ahmed says:

    Thats so true..i love the hadith about the ghurabaa..subhanallah..n its sad that ismail,after sittin on Allahs doorstep for 10days n cleansing himself spiritually,can start committing major sins the very next day..but I hope faaiza is tactful,otherwise it might lead to an argument..its ok,author,we understand ur on a break,so relax n spend time with ur family 🙂 I know my hubby gets annoyed when im stuck onto my phone,wen im supposed to b givin my family attention,so we understand the lack of posts here..though we wont say no to extra posts 😉

  2. A says:

    Welcome back sister, u were missed
    It is so true that as soon as the moon is sighted for Eid there is a change in the Muslims almost immediately. As an Aalim so beautifully said it is as if we are Ramadhaan Muslims n Eid day we are back to our old master Shaytaan
    Nabi صلي الله عليه وسلم said a tym will come wen to hold on to Islam will be like holding onto burning coal n we are seeing that tym that we want to be watered down Muslims bcoz what will others say if we carry in doing what we did in Ramadhaan that we became very pious
    Relax Faaiza maybe he’s only going to shave off his moustache n not his beautiful sunnah beard( making Duaa for that)

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