part 234:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Ismails point of view:

Me:” what do you mean muazzin saheb? How did you put an end to it? Did you manage to speak to yusuf?”

Muazzin:” more than that bhai…”(He smirked)

Muazzin: “I called him over and had a chat with him….I asked him how serious he is….and he admitted that he’s very serious…but he also explained to me the poor condition of the family at this moment… He said that sadly they won’t accept hafsa…because she’s black…..”

Ismail: “that’s for sure.. But this sounds strange… Yusuf is really serious? Like he’s ready for marriage? Isn’t he abit immature still? will he manage to look after a wife and handle all the responsibility of a marriage?”

Muazzin: “that’s the problem nowadays bhai… If we are mature enough and big enough to be chatting up other girls and dating and all that, then we should be mature enough to marry… There’s no such a thing as courting and all that.. A person needs to take responsibility for his actions…we can’t ruin a girls reputation and then run when you’re bored”

Ismail:” very true…. But where do I fit in this whole thing…..?”

Muazzin: “you see, yusuf agreed to make nikaah with hafsa.. But I didn’t want to do it just like that, I wanted to inform the family…. Which didn’t turn out very well”

Ismail: “why am I not surprised?!pft….”

Muazzin: “it actually turned out worst than I expected.. Yusuf got his father and mother together and took me to discuSs it with them.. Alhamdulillah his father is quite open minded about it.. But his mother…allahu akbar… Took it totally out of proportion…”

Ismail:”really? How?”

Now I was interested….this was getting more and more juicy…

Muazzin: “she started throwing a tantrum and screaming and swearing and said never over her dead body will she ever allow her son to marry a….a…let’s just say she mentioned a few very nasty names that hurt quite badly… Especially considering the fact that we are muslims, we are not just people off the street… And why should colour matter.. Are we all not muslim? Besides… My children were born in this town, they schooled amongst all the indian children, why should we be treated so low? So after the meeting, apparently yusufs parents had too many big fights about this whole thing and she packed up and left to go live with your mother..”

Ismail: “sadly muazzin saheb…this is the condition of our people nowadays…and besides… A proposal to your daughter should be valued… Your status is one none of us will ever be able to reach….”

Its sad how people use ludicrous names to refer to the muazzins whereas a muazzins status in the eyes of Allah is far greater than any normal muslim…

The muazzin is a chosen one of Allah and is guaranteed jannah…

I once heard in a jumu’ah lecture that I think it was ibn umar(R.A) who narrated from nabi(S.A.W) that the muazzin will receive forgiveness to the extent the voice of his Adhan reaches; every living and non-living thing that hears his voice, supplicates for his forgiveness. In another narration it is stated: Every living and nonliving thing replies to his Adhan.

That’s how great is the rank of a muazzin… Yet we give them no value whatsoever…we refer to them with names such as baangi saap and all crazy things which isn’t even fit for a toilet cleaner…

Even Allah mentions in the quraan that who Is better in speech than the one who calls towards Allah….

And colour matters so much…forget colour…which town your great great great grandfather came from makes such a difference today…pathetic…!

Why should all of that matter…?

Islam is not only for indians…..we indians(well I’m not actually indian, from what I’ve recently discovered) think we own the religion.. When nabi(S.A.W) himself wasn’t even an indian…

Nabi(S.A.W)’s love for hazrat bilaal(R.A) was so great and yet he was a black abyssinian..

But anyway, so that’s why rukayas been back home a couple of times lately….

Me:”so then what muaZzin saheb?”

Muazzin: “yusufs father gave his consent and said we should go ahead with it if yusuf is happy…and so we performed nikaah… But your parents and your sister are totally against it… But we went ahead with it in the end….”

Me:”what? Yusuf is married?(I laughed hysterically)….”

Muazzin:” yusuf mentioned that you and your wife are not living with your parents anymore and he felt that you’ll will accept it and he wanted to tell you personally but he couldn’t get hold of you…”

Me:”hmmm…that’s is a hell of a lot to take in….(Sigh)…I think I need another smoke…”

Muazzin:” bhai…aren’t you sitting in I’tikaaf? You shouldn’t be smoking anywhere near the masjid.. The masjid is the most sacred of places…”

Me:”ya ya…but its tough…I know… But its just one of those very die hard habits..make dua inshallah…”

Muazzin:” I have to go now bhai… Nice meeting you! And contact yusuf some time to give him some support…inshallah….assalaamu alaykum”

He pat me on my back and rushed away….

I couldn’t digest all this drama that was going on lately….faaiza just HAD to know about this…I should message her just to tell her….cos I can’t keep it in..I’m itching to tell her!

Authors note:



10 thoughts on “part 234:

  1. “Which village in india we originated from”, village mentality. Ismail Ismail don’t be too hasty, don’t ruin the intention you had when choosing to sit in itikaaf, Faaiza can wait to hear it

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    *shew* …… Still digesting all this info !!!!! So that’s y Yusuf’s car has been there but he hasn’t ……

    Defntly the status of a muazzin is very high !!!
    May اللَّهُ make our husbands and sons muazzins and imaams of the Haramain Shariefain – آمين يا رب العالمين

    Drama’s , drama’s ….. N he’s itching to tell Faaiza – lol ….

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  3. A says:

    Ya الله!!!! This family has more skeleton in their cupboards coming out one by one.
    Reminds me of a joke that someone was asked which Gaam( village) u come from, he replied bubble gum
    It is so true that we don’t realize the value of the muazzin in Islam, that they will have the longest necks on the day of Qiyaamah bcoz of calling the azaan
    Ismail needs to remind himself that he’s in I’tikaaf n Faaiza can wait to hear the stories after I’tikaaf.

  4. Sister A. says:

    OMG ! ! ! Yusuf gt married bt his mother did not accept bcause of da color of his wife’s skin. Not surprised! Knowing that she is so far frm دين herself.
    Ismail started his Itikaaf nicely nw he must not mess it up.

  5. zana says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Please add 1000 kalima tayyib to your count. جزاك الله خيرا

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