part 232:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Ismails point of view:

I quickly stubbed my cigarette and watched where he was going…

He was walking towards the back entrance of the masjid so that alone proved that he wasn’t coming for salaah…

Besides, it was way too late for maghrib and a little too early for esha…

I had to be careful not to go beyond the masjid perimeters as I was in I’tikaaf…and also had to be careful that yusuf doesn’t notice me or see that I’m watching him…

It was quite hard because he kept on watching around him.. Almost as if though he was worried that someone would see him..

Funny how when we are upto something we have to constantly watch our backs..

It leaves us restless and uneasy with no peace at all…

Always in fear that someones watching our every move..

So if we just don’t do mischief and live our lives with an open slate, it makes our lives less stressful and fearful…

Like my parents for example.. Maybe they are the way they are because they are always afraid of people finding out their secrets.. And for them, everything seems to be a secret..

I remember as I was growing up, we always had to be careful about the answers we gave anyone when they asked us even simple questions…

Because according to them, people don’t need to know everything about our lives.. Like why? What should be so private about where you bought your eid shoe? Or where we were going for our next holiday? Or how much we paid for a damn chocolate…?

I don’t understand their stupid theories..but atleast now I don’t need to understand any of it any way.. They’re not a part of me and I don’t even feel guilty cutting myself from them.. Because they’re not even my blood family so there’s no such a thing that I’m cutting ties with them.. They’re are no-one to me!

I was thinking so hard about how restless and full of fear yusuf looked that I didn’t realise that I’d just bumped into someone…

It was the muazzin….

Muazzin:”whoa..! Maaf brother…careful!…did I hurt you?”

Me:”no no..maaf, its my fault…my mind was somewhere else and I wasn’t watching where I was walking.”

Muazzin gave a light laugh and put his hand humbly on my shoulder…
“No worries brother…anything I can help you with?you seem to be looking for something?”


Now I was put in a situation….I didn’t know what to answer and that brought me back to my thinking.. Should I answer him with a lie like I was taught by my parents.. To lie about everything? And just make up some silly excuse that I was lost?

But then I just thought about how evil and stupid they are for lying about everything, so what makes me any better than them?

And I’m supposed to be sitting for I’tikaaf, lying shouldn’t even be part of my thoughts let alone actions…

Or should I simply speak the truth?

Hey! Wait! If I speak the truth, he’ll probably be able to give me an answer about yusuf.. Surely he knows something because yusuf was heading to where the mu’azzin stays… And the mu’azzin is in the masjid everyday, he obviously has noticed yusufs car around here lately…

Now I’m definitely onto something here…aha!!!!

Me:”no not something…err.. I was actually looking for someONE….”

Muazzin looked rather confused….
“Someone?here brother?no-one really could be here…there’s only my home here…unless you were looking for me?”

Me:”no, actually I was looking for my nephew….yusuf..I’m almost certain that I seen him coming this way…”

Muazzin now straightened his creased forehead and smiled gently at me..

Mu’azzin:”aah…yusuf bhai!..hmm…and you say you are his uncle?you must be brother ismaa’il then? We couldn’t get hold of you, so Allah has brought you to us…alhamdulillah….”

Authors note:



12 thoughts on “part 232:

  1. A says:

    ALLAHu Akbar!!!!
    Ismail seemed to have changed for the better Alhamdulillah
    Ya الله!!! What a cold childhood he had and his ‘parents’ were so cold and secretive, makes u understand more of why he is what he is like
    Wonder what business Yusuf and the muazzin have with Ismail…..
    جزاك الله خيرا for the double posts today sister, was wondering if this blog was gone into I’tikaaf with Ismail yesterday *wink*

  2. Indian mentality, dont tell anyone where you bought this or that etc. Looks like Yusuf wasnt doing something clandestine, he might have been trying to reform or something

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