part 225:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

During the middle 10 days of ramadaan we were already in the groove of things…

Everything was running smoothly alhamdulillah and ismails moods seemed to be controlled..

Infact, thus far, this had been my best ramadaan with him…besides for the occasional outbreaks in the beginning of ramadaan, he was genuinely trying and being good..

Or maybe because I had just left him to do his own thing….I wasn’t constantly on his case and so it never gave us any opportunity to fight or argue..

One saturday afternoon dada called for me from downstairs…

Dada:”faaiza beti….are you busy?”

Faaiza:” no dada”
I screamed back from upstairs and walked to the railing where I could see him…
“Did you need something dada?”

Dada:”no no beti…I was just wondering…I wanted to do some quick buying at the mall and was wondering if you, ismail and the kids could come with..we really wanted to get you all something for eid and something for the kids aswel since they’ve fasted so well…”

Oh shux….knowing ismail I wasn’t sure if he’d agree to such a thing

Me:”oh okay dada…let me just ask ismail and I’ll let you know now okay?”

I went to ismail and sat next to him on the bed where he was resting..

I needed to play with my words so that he agrees…
“babes….err….dada wants to take us for abit of eid shopping…”

Ismail:(eyes closed)”hmm…ok…no problem…you can go….”

Me:”nooo…he wants to take us all…I think he wants to buy us all eid stuff…as it is you don’t have any clothes for eid…this is a good opportunity…atleast we’ll be sorted and we don’t have to go after this…”

Ismail:”eish….”(Now opening his eyes and contemplating about what I’d just offered..

The thing about ismail and his family is that if you bribe them with money or material stuff, they’ll do almost anything for you

So after not that much of bribing, ismail agreed and got ready..

We all jumped into dadas car…dadi didn’t want to come..she hates going to any malls in ramadaan…she feels its a total waste of time…

I also agree, but we did need clothes and things for eid and since I never ever usually got a chance before to buy eid stuff, I grabbed the opportunity..

Ismail drove ofcourse. He would never allow anyone else to drive and he sit in the passenger seat..that’s like way not ‘cool’ for him..

Just as we were reversing from our driveway, there were some hooligans speeding past in a silver all open, blasting some sort of crazy indian music.. The guys both driving and in the passenger seat seemed to be enjoying themselves trying to impress the lot of girls that were screeching in enjoyment in the back seat…

Sad! Is what I thought…is this the condition of our youth of today? What will happen when my kids are teenagers? Its scary..honestly…

Agh, but they are probably not even muslim, I thought..

We carried on on Our way…

Shukr we managed to get quite abit done…

Ismail decided on a deep plum/burgundy kurta…he always wears kurta on eid day and the colour just suited him perfectly..

I got a matching kurta for riyaad and a pretty abayah for raadiya..

I didn’t really want anything for myself, but dada insisted that I find an abaya too..

I looked through the railings but I just couldn’t find one simple enough for myself..

I don’t like too gaudy.. And I’m not a fan of the latest fashion…I preferred simple, yet elegant and then when I looked at the prices, I was shocked out of my wits…crazy…prices like 4 grand, 6 grand and 7 grand?

No ways, people were totally ripping us off here in south africa…

What are they made of?pure gold or the ghilaaf of the ka’bah?that would still make sense..

Just as I was about to give up, I spotted the most elegant black on black abayah with intricate work and when I picked up the price-tag, it was actually marked down to just R500…

Maybe its last years stock or way out of the new fashion of ‘jeans abayahs’…but for me it was perfect, considering my size at the moment..

Once we were all sorted, we left the mall and on our way home we decided to stop at the shops to buy bread and milk for later and dada wanted to spoil the kids with chocolates and snacks…

Ismail offered to go in with the kids whilst dada and I sat in the car and waited…

2 minutes after ismail left, dada and I were having a casual conversation when we heard a deafening screech, followed by a loud BANG!!!

Authors note:



7 thoughts on “part 225:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awwww !!! Fay n the kids sooo deserve this spoiling !!! Welll !! Errm , I think Ismail also *rolling eyes* … He has been kinda BEHAVING !!
    And @least she’s soo practical – not wanting to spend soo much on clothing – I totally agree !!!!

    ‎​إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ ……
    Wonder what happend – hope they all r safe !!! ‎​​إنشاءالله

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. Sometimes it seems like Ismail still has alot of growing up to do. Yeah those boys driving around can be found in most indian towns. Lol @ ‘made from the ghilaaf of the kabah’. Oh no, what happened? Were Ismail and the kids involved? :-/

  3. A says:

    Alhamdulillah Ismail’s true self is coming out, that beneath the harshness there is a man with a heart of gold
    Dada is so sweet in offering to take them shopping n buying for them what they all need
    Lol @Faaiza, abayas priced at R5000 and over are gilaaf of the kaabah or what….
    Hope nothing happened to Ismail n the kids….

  4. zana says:

    Im so happy ismail is changing slowly.
    Oh no hope they didn’t bump into ismail car

    Sister s please add 1 quraan kataam to your count. Jazakallah

  5. Sister A. says:

    Now I wonder if those hooligans who were speeding earlier on caused the accident. As for Ismail, I hp dat Daada’s goodness rubs off on him & he learns a thing or two.

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