part 220:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Kulsum:”I’m expecting!”

Me:”WHAT???!! Mashallah that is such great news..I can’t believe it”

Kulsum:(giggle) “I know..we couldn’t believe it either… I mean we’ve tried everything all these years.. From herbal products to treatments, we’ve changed doctors a million times, we’ve been on diets… And for a while now we’ve given up… We were actually considering adoption…but I was always scared of adopting someone elses child you know..its a responsibility…to treat them properly”

That I know… you probably seen the way your parents brought ismail up and that’s why you have that fear…

Me:” so how far are you? Everyone must be sooo excited..”

Kulsum:” I’m only about 8 weeks or so…(Giggle)…jEe my inlaws and sulaiman are quite excited… We just confirmed it 2 weeks ago when I went to the doctor.. They did a scan and confirmed that there was a fetus…. I really couldn’t believe it… But please don’t tell anyone as yet.. I haven’t even told mummy and them as yet…”

Me:”what? You haven’t? Why not? I’m sure they’ll be over the moon about it…”

Kulsum:” I don’t think so…but that’s why we were going to come last weekend and give them the news..sulaiman felt that its too big a news to just give them over the phone.. But I’m glad that I didn’t tell them as yet…you know how they are…?!”

Me:” shouldve just told them…”

Kulsum:”faaiza I’m already in my late 40’s…its not the healthiest thing to be expecting at this stage of my life..its quite dangerous and there could be complications..or abnormalities.. I don’t think my family is going to accept it very open heartedly…”

Me:”there’s no such a thing kulsum…Allah made this possible for you when you tried every other avenue…Allah will help you and give you a very healthy, pious baby inshallah…”

I was so happy for her that I actually had tears choking me, threatening to fall… But I didn’t want to seem over emotional and so I held them back…

But I know how hard they tried all these years and the fact that Allah had finally made it possible..I just couldn’t believe it…truly Allah is great!!!

I have met so many people through my journey of life that had taught me never to give up on Allah…Allah is so great and can work many miracles…

Salma had to wait for so long to finally find a spouse and look at the kind of spouse that Allah has bestowed upon her…

I too had to sacrifice quite abit and persevere as much as I possibly could, until today alhamdulillah look at where my life may not be perfect…but so much has changed for me..

And now kulsum… such a late age?…that is truly Allah trying to show us that He is incharge of all things…

Kulsum:” ameen! You have no idea what this means for me..that you are so supportive..I wish everyone could be as supportive as you are…(Sigh) I’m actually very scared to tell mummy…I have no idea what her reaction is going to be like…and rukaya is just going to mock at me about the whole thing…you know how nasty she can be?”

Me:”kulsum, this is supposed to be the happiest time of your life…don’t let anyone.. And I mean ANYONE spoil It for you…enjoy every bit of it and just make dua….Allah knows best…and if ever you need anything, let me know ok…”

After I’d put the phone down with kulsum…I was itching to tell ismail….I’m sure he’ll be happy to know that kulsum doesn’t have serious issues with us and I’m sure he’ll be just as excited that she’s finally going to have a baby…

I went back to my room and quietly placed his phone down on the side table next to him and then wobbled along to my side of the bed and as carefully as possible climbed back into the bed…

There wasn’t much work to do today so it would be fine to just take it easy for a change…

I mistakenly knocked ismails head with my elbow slightly whilst trying to lie down….





5 thoughts on “part 220:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awww !!! Wow …. ‎​​​ما شاء الله

    Such good news , let’s just hope those ‘gremlins’ are happy for her and give her the moral support she needs !!
    And Faaiza , as always , the caring – emotional one !!
    Hope they keep in touch often n become good friends…

    Hmmmm – ISMAIL !!!?????!!!!…..*****######””’::::::@@@@@@@
    Gosh , this guy is just something else …… I really can NOT understand him !!!
    Let’s just pray that he changes for the better ..

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. A says:

    ما شاءالله
    Such beautiful news, pity she feels so difficult to break the news to her parents bcoz instead of being happy for her they will just find fault.
    Hope Faaiza is there for her thru her pregnancy and also give her the support that she needs
    It’s so sad that ur inlaws are more happy n supportive than ur own family
    After hearing how the gremlins are, can we blame Ismail for being the way he is, for him it is normal to behave like that bcoz that’s how he grew up. Hopefully he will change for the better after spending tym away from the gremlins

  3. Aah, Ismail hasn’t change yet, sad to see. Sometimes you just wish you could shake some hidaayat into people but it doesn’t work that way. May Allah make our spouses the coolness of our eyes, and us the coolness of theirs. Aameen!

  4. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه gud news 4 Kulsum. Faaiza as usual is been supportive. At least Kulsum has sum1 who ωɪℓℓ giv her good advice & surport.

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