part 219:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Me:”umm…err…so how’s everyone doing?everything ok? Are you all ready for ramadaan?”

Ismail:”shoosh man and go talk somewhere else….some of us are sleeping still you know..tsk”
And he covered his face with the blanket and turned to face the other direction..

I slowly put my legs off the bed and tried to get off and quietly walked out of the room to talk somewhere else..

Kulsum:”alhamdulillah I am… don’t have to hide it faaiza…we all know you had a very tough time living with my parents….and I know I’m their own flesh and blood…but I want you to know that I never liked the way they treated you….”

This was getting more awkward by the minute…

I just remained silent…

Kulsum:”and honestly, I’m extremely happy for you and ismail, that you guys decided to make something out of your lives and that you people have moved out..and trust me, they are feeling it and its only going to get worse for them…”

Me:”err…kulsum?.. is everything okay? Did omething happen”

Kulsum:” no…no..not really….its just…they are my own family faaiza…but they are so nasty to everone…it frustrates me… They have so much of pride like they are perfect and there’s something wrong with the rest of the world…and it made me sick watching how you were treated but unfortunately I am too weak to stand up for myself, let alone for someone else…”


Kulsum:”I know you must be thinking that I’m such a hypocrite, or a 2 face…but because they are my family, its just hard.. It really is…”

I didn’t know what to say…I wasn’t sure if this was all an act or if e really was sincere.. I didn’t want to be bitten twice by these people and their scams…

I just decided to rather play it safe.. I allowed her to talk… Or rather to vent… And I listened.. But I wasn’t going to say anything back about them.. I’ve learnt my lesson before..

With ismail I’d always say things about his family to him in the beginning.. And then I would be the bad one.. So this time I’m just not going to say what I truly felt…

Me:” you usually come home for a few days before eid..were you around last week? You shouldve come to visit…”

Kulsum: “no…I didn’t come this year… Life is just hectic… You know now with chotikhala and the baby around.. And rukaya and all her dramas, there isn’t much time for anyone else around..”

Rukaya and her dramas? She must mean when rukaya was back home after that silly little issue about her mother in law… But I thought she was back with her husband..its happened quite a while ago..

Maybe kulsum is trying to figure out what I know and what I don’t know…hmmm…

Now that makes sense.. That’s why she phoned..

Me:”how’s chotikhalas baby?we never really got to find out what name they kept?”

Kulsum:”oh I’ve only seen him once, when we came know…that time when…erm..we all went to eat out to celebrate..”

Me:”oh what did they name him?”


Me:”oh ok..mashallah..that’s sweet…”

Kulsum:”if only we knew who the father of the baby is..(Giggle)”

Hmmm…now I’m really starting to get suspicious…kulsum seems to be talking quite openly to me about all these things..but I’ll just carry on playing dumb…

Me:”what do you mean?oh yes…shame, the father ran away hey…shame, poor chotikhala, it must be really hard being a single mum”

Kulsum:” so they say he ran away, who knows, they lie so much that we can never know what the truth really is…”

I feel terrible…so much of back biting and ramadaan has just begun…astaghfirullah…I need to change the much as I’m enjoying all her little stories and confession…its haraam…its disgusting..Its as if thought I’m eating the flesh of my dead brother…laa hawla wa laa quwwataa illaa billaah…

Me:”anyway, please make lots of dua for me during ramadaan..that all goes well with my delivery and stuff”

Kulsum:”I will inshallah..and you too, make dua for me, you know a pregnant womans duas are readily accepted…and tell the kids to make dua for me too ok”

Me:”definitely..they always make dua for their fois(fathers sisters)….jazakallah so much for calling and please do visit when you come around again inshallah”

Kulsum:”I will inshallah…even though I don’t know when that will be….probably some time after ramadaan inshallah….oh by the way..before you put the phone down, there’s something that I wanted to tell you, but no-one knows as yet….but I think that you are loyal enough to be told…..”




3 thoughts on “part 219:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Hmmmm ….. Confession time …… Poor Faaiza – really wondering whether Kulsum has just developed a very high fever or Mayb some viral infection to the brain ……… Lol …..
    But seriously – if some1 behaves totally opposite to what they used to , any1 will think something is wrong …

    Oh well !!! She mustb going to divulge the ‘secret’ that his parents tried sooo hard to hide from him … Yet they don’t know that he knows already …

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. A says:

    Shame it’s so sad that Ismail shouts at Faaiza for talking n his sister fones
    Maybe her true colours are coming out n she can now speak out against the ‘gremlins’ now that Faaiza n Ismail are out of the house
    Maybe she’s going to tell Faaiza the truth about who Chotikhala’s baby’s father is or maybe she’s going to tell her what she already knows about Ismail….
    Will have to wait patiently to find out

  3. Haha, can understand why Faaiza is apprehensive above Kulsum’s talks. Sounds like a trap even though it isnt. The suspense! what does she want to say?

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