part 218:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Now who would be calling at this time?and ismail seemed so deep in his sleep that he didn’t even know it was ringing…

I nudged him
“Babes!babes!your phone is ringing.”

He sat up in a shock and looked around…

Ismail:”(looking at me)huh?”

Me:”babes, your phone….its ringing(pointing to his phone)”

I get so annoyed when people are so dilly..seriously…I would’ve answered it, but with my huge stomach and sore back, it takes abit of time to roll over and stumble to the other side and besides, ismail NEVER allows me to just touch his phone….Allah alone knows why….

I can never understand why his phone is such a prized possession…but who cares anyway…

Ismail looked at his phone screen, frowned, threw his phone at me and went back to lie down whilst mumbling..
“You answer it if you want to!”

I took his phone, very surprised, but by then the call had ended…

1 missed call…..

I pressed the view button on the screen…


Me:”huh?and now?why would she be phoning?”

Ismail:”who cares…but I’m sleeping and I’m not interested in talking to anyone right now…..what the F*## is wrong with her?doesn’t she have any brains to phone so early?”

Me:”stop swearing babes! Its ramzaan…and you’re fasting…”

I felt like telling him “and don’t YOU have any brains for talking like that in ramzaan?”

The fast couldn’t have got him already….

My annoance with ismail was short lived since his phone started ringing again…

My stomach churned….I couldn’t decide whether to answer the call or not…what if they were just phoning to make our lives hell again? What if they were phoning because they found out about imraan coming to find ismail….and that he went the UK to meet them?

I took a deep sigh and recited bismillahi tawakkaltu alallaah….

What? You don’t understand, this family just creeps me out….I have to put my trust in Allah and ask for His divine help..

Me:(clearing throat)”hello?”

Kulsum:”slaamlaykum faaiza, how you?”

Me:”alhamdulillah and you kulsum?”

Kulsum:”ok shukr, can’t complain…maaf were you sleeping still?”

Like duh woman! But I’m obviously not going to tell you that, because I’m just not bad like that….

Me:”no no..don’t worry..its fine…”

Kulsum:”aw maaf if I disturbed your sleep!”

Me:”no its ok..really…is everything ok?”

Kulsum:”jee alhamdulillah…everything ok…and your side?how’s the kids?and how are you feeling? How far are you now with your pregnancy?”

Me:”shukr the kids are well alhamdulillah…we all good..I’m in my 8th month…”

I felt like telling her to get on with it…why did she call? Ofcourse there’s a reason, she never just calls like that out of the blue and in all this time that we’ve moved out she hasn’t called even once…

Excuse me for being annoyed with her, but I always thought kulsum was different to the rest of them…we could actually have a meanignful conversation before and she wasn’t AS nasty as the rest of them….

But not even a single call to find out if we’re okay all this time? And now suddenly? There’s definitely an ulterior motive to this strange call…..

Kulsum:” oh shame, you must be so tired…I hear that the last few weeks are always tough..”

Kulsum doesn’t have any kids…she’s married for almost 15 years but could never fall pregnant…I always felt sorry for her and sincerely made dua that she did have her own kids oneday…

Not being able to conceive is probably one of the hardest tests anyone could go through…

I couldn’t imagine what people who can’t have kids go through….waiting month after month and year after year to feel and experience that joy….

Me:”shukr I’m managing alhamdulillah, its not that bad this time around….I actually feel much more energetic than the time I was expecting the twins..”

Kulsum:”maybe that’s because you’re more relaxed than the last time….(Pause)….with the twins you had much more stress living with…mummy and them”

Ok that really caught me off-guard..I honestly never expected her to say that…..and how do I respond to that, I’ve never complained about her family to her before….




7 thoughts on “part 218:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Oooh !!!! Unexpected !!

    Faaiza Is really confused here !! Who wouldn’t b after all she went thru’ …
    Hopefully it’l end on a very good note … Patching up of family is soo heartwarming

    Hmmm… How is she supposed to react … Hav2 wait n see wat happns now …

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    • When I don’t see a comment from you or A, I wonder if my post was even published as yet….lol

      Jx for always commenting..I may not always reply to everyones comments but I definitely read them all and it really warms my heart to see people take the time out to comment…

      May Allah reward you all

      • sister/in/Islam says:

        ‎​​​​آمين !!

        It may just b a story , but it has united us and created new friendship !!! ‎​​​الحمد لله

        And we appreciate all ur efforts ….
        ‎​​​​جزاك الله to U for giving us an entertaining story which has many many lessons to learn also – bonus for us


  2. A says:

    Ismail needs to spend more tym with Maryam n family, his growing up really impacted on his personality
    Allah make it easy for all those couples trying to have children n bless them will wonderful bundles of joy آمين
    Can’t wait to hear what Kulsums got to say about her parents…..

  3. Just me says:

    I don’t think i could stay married to a man like ismail… Not reading salaah while his wife is so aware of it’s importance and his uncaring personality and now dodgy wt his phone,eish…

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