part 217:

“Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

And finally…here’s your extra post for today…so now I’m up-to-date with you guys…..:) post tomorrow inshallah

I went to both riyaad and raadiyahs room to wake them up and they instantly jumped up all enthusiastic about fasting today….

They rushed to the bathroom to go to toilet and wash up before coming downstairs..

I started downstairs by switching on a plate on the stove for my oats which I prepared last night, another plate for ismails toasted cheese which I also made last night and just needed to toast…I switched the kettle on to boil for tea…yes we have now moved on to the simpler option…..kettle tea, instead of boiled masala tea..and for those who are pulling their faces…all you need to do is add a pinch of tea masala to your english tea and you’ll still get that same great taste…

I then proceeded to open the tub of ajwah…yes, in comparison to my inlaws, we only eat one kind of kajoor…it doesn’t really matter what kind, dates are dates and the reason behind eating a date at suhoor is to follow the sunnah of my beloved nabi(S.A.W) who always ate dates at sehri and iftaar…

I then unpeeled the banana for the kids, tossed sugar into everyones bowls and cups, poured the warm oats into everyones bowls, made everyones tea and lastly filled my glass of water before I peeped into dada and dadis room to let them know that their sehri was ready…

Dadi:”you shouldn’t have worried about us beti…we like to read our tahajjud first and then have a quick cup of tea..that’s all….but may Allah reward you”

Appreciation! lovely it is to hear someone appreciate your efforts…

I rushed back upstairs, leaving the kids to have their sehri and woke ismail up to go downstairs whilst I made wudhu and read 2 rakaats of tahajjud…

This felt utterly overwhelming…the inner peace that I felt reading these 2 rakaats just made me realise how fortunate I was for Allah to allow me these 2 rakaahs…

Not everyone is given the opportunity…not everyone is chosen..and something within me made my heart swell with gratitude to the Almighty..

A silent tear fell from my eyes as I raised my hands to show my appreciation to Allah for this great gift..and I whole heartedly prayed that Allah never snatches this away from me..that this very dialogue that I am able to have with Allah should be a part of my everyday life…that no matter how hectic and tired I am, if I am able to wake up for a bowl of cereal or a glass of water to satisfy my own needs and wants and because of fear that if I don’t wake up, I won’t be able to fast properly….then I should be able to wake up everyday to offer 2 rakaahs of salaah just so that Allah may purify my inner soul…because just like how I fear that I will not manage my fast without sehri…I should fear that I won’t manage life without these simple 2 rakaahs…

I completed my dua and returned downstairs to have my sehri….

Me:”are you kids done with sehri?”

Riyaaf:(yawn)”jee mama”

Me:”ok so go and lay out your musallahs and read 2 rakaahs of tahajjud salaah and then make dua while we wait for fajr salaah ok?”

The kids nodded and laid their musallahs in my room..

Once I was done downstairs, I recited a few pages of quraan until I heard the athaan for fajr..

Ismail on the other hand, smoked till there was only 2 minutes left for sehri to end and then quickly brushed his teeth and jumped straight into bed…

The twins looked at me and then raadiya said:
“Daddy please come and read fajr with us?”

Ismail:”hmmm(frown) read..I’m tired, I’m going to sleep..”

Riyaad:”but its sunday tomorrow…you can sleep the whole day”

Ismail:”shoosh man! And leave me alone!”

My heart pained abit for ismail and I made dua that Allah grants him hidayah this month….that Allah gives him the understanding of deen and bring him onto salaah…

Once we all prayed our fajr, we also jumped back into bed…and the sleep I had was awesome….but my peaceful sleep was rudely disturbed by the ringing of ismails cellphone…

I wonder who would be calling at 8 on a sunday morning….and plus it was the first day of ramadaan, I thought everyone would be happy to sleep in a little late today…



4 thoughts on “part 217:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله for the extra posr !!
    Ramadaan !!!!!! How nice that she can experience a change from her usual busy routine …. N she appreciates it sooo much ‎​​​ما شاء الله

    hopefully Ismail realizes the importance of salah !!!!!!

    Waiting for the conversation between Ismail’s sister n Faaiza …….

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. A says:

    جزاك الله خيرا. For the extra post!!!
    What a beautiful experience for Faaiza after slogging for all these years at hr inlaws. Also Dada n Dadi are so appreciative of everything she does for them.
    It’s so heartwarming to see the kids so enthusiastic about namaaz n fasting, may الله grant that same enthusiasm to Ismail ان شاء الله
    Can’t wait for the phone call from Ismail’s sister n I wonder of she knows that Ismail went to London to meet his real parents….
    Can’t wait for the next post

  3. Alhumdulillah, Masha Allah… so true that only if we are chosen for any act of Ibaadat, will we be allowed to do it. May Allah Ta’ala choose us always to be of his few noble and grateful slaves… Aameen.

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