part 216:

Kulsums point of view:
(Ismails sister living in eastern cape)

Why do I always have to be the one to sacrifice everything?

Rukaya is the one that gives everyone hell in this family..she’s a typical twin to chotikhala…but yet everyone fusses and stresses about her when she’s around….

I know she’s my sister, but she always had it in for me…she was always jealous of me….I’m generally a very talkative person and can make a good conversation with anyone…even if I don’t like you, you’ll never know…

But rukaya on the other hand is a nasty witch to anyone and everyone….

She’ll insult you to your face and doesn’t really care whether she hurt you or not or whether you’re a stranger or close relative…

I live miles away and she just lives around the corner….

I’m married to a normal guy who’s not all that wealthy…but we survive…my family has no idea how I struggle to survive sometimes…how some days we just make ends meet..they don’t know because I don’t complain and they don’t have the time to ever pop in or drive down to see how I really am living…

Rukaya is married to a stinking rich memon guy who spoils her roTten but is never satisfied or grateful for what she has….all she does is complain for every little thing and stick her nose in everyones business….

I may not always be a good sister inlaw….but faaizas a better sister to me thAn my own sister….

When I used to go over to mums house, I could sit for hours chattin away to faaiza…

But rukaya and I can’t even have a decent conversation

Ismail isn’t even my real brother….there were so many times I wanted to say something but I’m always terrified of my family….to have to hear from them for he rest of my life…

As it is they don’t like me that much and are so cold towards me at times, and if I ever had to divulge their little secret….I would be dead meat….

I always feel uneasy around my family…I’m more comfortable around my inlaws than my own family…

I rarely go home to stay over or visit because the atmosphere is forever so tense and everyone seems like they’re walking on egg shells..

My mother thinks that my husband sulaiman is the one that stops me from coming over for holidays, but the truth is, he is so sweet and accommodating and never has a problem with me going..

What my mother doesn’t understand is that everytime I hint that we want to come over for a few days or a weekend, she’s forever complaining about how difficult it is, and that the maids don’t want to work on weekends anymore…

She makes me feel like I’m going to be some kind of a burden to her…

Like this past weekend..sulaiman offered to take me home for the weekend since ramadaan was starting and during ramdaan we don’t ever come to jo’burg…its too far to travel during ramadaan and everyone wants to be in the comfort of their own homes…

So when I mentioned to my mother that we MIGHT drive down….she almost hit a fit….

Mum:”you know, your brother is ruled by that wife of his…he now became ghar-jamaai(indian term for a man who lives with his inlaws)…I thought that one will have little brains also to make some things and send for us and come ask for maaf before ramzaan…such big days now and so much pride she got…now poor rookya and me have to do all the much work we got”

Me:”but ma….aren’t you getting all your savouries from that aunty that was cooking for you?”

Mum:”yah but so much to see to here in the house also…..whole weekend me and rookya have to go to sandton and rose bank and hyde park all those places to buy our ramzaan dishes and everything”

Me:”but last year you bought 4 brand new dinner sets..”

Mum:”sis……how can I use that?you know this naddees(maids)….they break all my dishes…all the dishes got big big chips everywhere…we can’t eat in chipped dishes…”

I wonder if thats a lie just to cover up why she’s buyng new stuff…since my mother loves over exaggerating things..I think it runs in her family because chotikhala is exactly the same and so is rukaya…

Me:”so chotikhala will be there isn’t?”

Mum:”yah but you know choti….she’s very busy now with the baby and ey…that baby cries and cries all the time and the whole night also….I don’t know how you people going to sleep here with all that noise”

And so we just forgot about going down to jo’burg…I would think that I live so far and my family will be thrilled to have me come over now and then……

My inlaws who live just around the corner from us and who see us more than twice a week are usually more excited to see us and ever so welcoming whenever we go over…

Maybe its time I give faaiza and ismail a call… is ramadaan and I’d love to patch things up with them..but I’m not sure how they’ll react to me calling….




4 thoughts on “part 216:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awwww maaan !! These ppl r soo horrid … Imagine their own flesh n blood !!! N that’s how they treat her ?!?!?!
    @least she can see for herself how good Faaiza is .. N hopefully they can be united – cos Faaiza is soo loving n caring , she’ll probably welcome her anytime …
    That’l b some good news too.
    Just wondering how Ismail will react !!!!
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. A says:

    It seems that the gremlins only got tym for Rukayya bcoz they don’t even care for Kulsum. Hope she makes peace with Ismail so at least she got someone to talk to
    Now for the mil and Rukayya’s point of view…

  3. Sister A. says:

    OMG!!! Those pepl don’t even treat their own daughter well. Wat a sik famly. @ least Kulsum realised dat Faaiza is a gud person. Hopefully dey will remain frends.

  4. Some families :-/ I knew a girl whose mother treated her so badly it was strange. Your own biological mother doing that to you :-/ may Allah save us all from such things

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