part 214:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

There was so much of excitement in the air….everyone was ready this year for ramadaan, or so it seemed..

I, For one, was very enthusiastic about ramadaan this year…it was going to be my very first year, since I’m married, spending ramadaan out of the hell hole…

Ramadaan in my inlaws home was a disaster…everything was placed on my head..rukaya HAD to have iftaar with us every day for the full 30 days….and that meant ALL her brats aswel and her husband….

No-one did anything in the kitchen. It was all up to me to prepare every last thing…

M.I.L:”I’m old you know, there’s no wasting time in the kitchen for me….what did I get a daughter in law for? You are young and can handle the kitchen and making ibaadah also….we can’t do both”

Since I never really had much of a say, I always just obliged..

Fussyness is not the word to explain this family…

The table has to be set with a different colour table cloth every iftaar, no repeating!

The best dishes come out during ramadaan and most of the time she used to go crazy at places like ‘boardmans’ and ‘@ home’ etc, buying the latest range of dishes especially for ramadaan..

The kajoor tray had a variety of dates ranging from majhool, sukhary, ajwah, ruthab, ajwah rutab, honey and almond kajoor and safawi..

And atleast once a week I had to fry some kajoor in ghee, stuff with fresh coconut and serve hot just when the athaan goes..

Oh and by the way, all savouries HAD to be prepared just before iftaar. Nothing could be prepared earlier..even the food had to only be cooked in the afternoon…which I always found to be extremely unfair..that’s such a blessed time and while everyone else, not just in the world, but in my own home, is busying making ibaadah, I poor soul have to slogging away in the kitchen….

not forgetting that I also had kids to see to and had to clean my room, bathroom and kids room myself since I was never allowed a maid and the maids were never allowed to clean for me…

Then I had to deal with ismail and his moods and his stupid threats that if I annoyed him, he wouldn’t he was fasting for me…

My father and mother in law only wanted curries for sehri….ok..atleast that could be prepared earlier..only because they never wanted the house smelling of onions so early in the morning..

Ismail on the other hand had to have a toasted cheese for sehri along with a bowl of jungle oats, cup of masala tea boiled on the stove, fried banana and 2 panados….oh and a couple of glasses of water and about 6 cigarettes…

So no over sleeping for sehri…otherwise, I’d have the whole house hounding me down for making them miss their sehri and I would have to deal with a whole family of grumpyness…

So my freezer was stocked up, my house was spring cleaned, my menu was planned and alhamdulillah I had just 1 para left to make a khatam and then I could begin my first khatam for the month of ramadaan..

I hope to make this ramadaan my best ramadaan by far…

I continuously recited:
“allahumma baarik lanaa fi sha’baan wa ballighnaa ramadaan…”
-oh Allah bless us in sha’baan and allow us to reach ramadaan”

And after I seen how many people were suffering with the flu so badly, I started stressing abit and hoping that I didn’t contract it from anyone….because even though I’m in my 8th month, I really would love to try and fast all my fasts this year…catching up afterwards is really no joke….

Dadi gave me the following dua to recite to be safe:
“Allahumma sallimni li ramadaan wa salim ramadaana li wa sallimhoo li mutaqabbalaa”
– O Allah! Safeguard me for the month of Ramadan[by making me see the month of ramadan healthy and fit], and safeguard the month of Ramadan for me [by making the conditions in it such that I can take maximum benefit from it] and accept it from me-

And bismillah…….tonight is the very first night of taraweeh 1435….I can smell the pureness of this blessed month all around me….




6 thoughts on “part 214:

  1. Sister A says:

    Aaah! How I miss da beautiful atmosphere & Noor of Ramadaan.
    Poor Fay slogged 4 so many yrs 4 her °̩и laws. إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ dis Ramadaan ωɪℓℓ b different.

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    Defeats the whole purpose of Ramadaan !!! Soo much wastage – buying soo much of crockery and different tablecloths everyday !!!

    Wonder how they coping !! No1 to b @ their beck n call … Poor Faaiza , she had it hard . Those of us who don’t have mil like that must make sooo much shukr !! N those who do – must make lots of dua that ‎​اللَّهُ makes it easy n give all hidayat !

    Wen we stray away from Deen that’s wen we lose focus of our main goal … We don’t treat our dawta’s like that but we take other ppl’s dawta’s n treat them like dirt – even the maid is treated better …….

    Really hope she has a wonderful , spiritually uplifting Ramadaan !! ‎​​إنشاءالله ‎​​​​آمين

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    Missing the Ramadaan atmosphere !!

  3. Thank goodness Faaiza is away from those ‘creatures’ lol. The worse thing to do is waste time in the kitchen when we should be making ibaadat

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