part 213:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Ismail was abit jet lagged and didn’t go to work the next day..lazy bones that he is…

imran called to find out if ismail had reached safely and if all was well on our side….it was really thoughtful of him…

But he also wanted to give us some good news…

Imran:”Maryam had gone for her check-up and the doctor was absolutely impressed with her condition…he said that her blood pressure seemed quite stable after a very long time and that the condition of her heart was looking good too…alhamdulillah…we can’t thank Allah enough for everything He’s doing for us…truly after every hardship comes ease…”

Me:”definitely…that is so lovely to hear…may Allah make it even easier for her and grant her complete cure”

Imran:”ameen!now where are those bubbly grandkids of mine?I’d love to wish them an early ramadaan mubarak..”

The kids were so overly excited to speak to their ‘dada’ and were fighting about who would speak first so I decided to put it on loud-speaker and allow them both to speak at the same time…

Imran:”assalaamu alakum kids…are you glad to have your daddy back home?”

Twins:”jee dada”

Riyaad:”we missed him a lot”

Raadiya:”dada jazakallah for all the lovely gifts you sent us..I love the kitchen sets and the scrap book is my favourite…”

Imran:”its my pleasure sweety…and are you guys going to be keeping any fasts this ramadaan?”

Twins:”jee inshallah!”

Imran:”how many do you think you’re going to manage to fast?”



Riyaad:”we fasted all our fasts last year too dada…and we were only 5 last year..”

Imran:”alhamdulillah…mashallah…that’s awesome kids….well I’m going to call and check-up on you guys every now and then okay? To see how well you’re doing…and by the end of ramadaan, if you’ve kept ALL your fasts again this year, I’m going to buy you guys whatever you want…is that a deal?”

The twins giggled and looked at me for approval….I just smiled…it was an achievement…I couldn’t believe that they managed all last year…

My in-laws kept on nagging them to break their fast and I never heard the end of it….they repeatedly told everyone that I was forcing and pressurising my 5 year old kids to fast….but I swear I didn’t….

There were a few days last year that both riyaad and raadiya had abit of the flu and I’d told them that because they were not well, they shouldn’t fast but they insisted and actually threw tantrums for me to wake them up for sehri…

Riyaad even said that if I don’t wake him up for sehri, he’ll fast without sehri…and he said this with tears in his eyes…

All I did was explain to them the importance and reward of fasting…I told them about how Allah would grant them all that they desire in jannah…and that Allah especially loves a person who fasts…and when a child fasts, it makes Allah even more happy because a child doesn’t have to fast..

The ramadaan kiddies reward charts are a great initiative….but there were days that they’d even forget to put their star on their chart…fasting had just become a part of them….

I find it so strange because on eid day last year everyone gave me hell about forcing my kids to fast when they are so young..

Rukaya:”they have their whole life to fast faaiza…you shouldn’t have forced them…look at them now, shame…they’re gone so thin…”

I just rolled my eyes inwardly…

These are the same people who find their kids old enough to handle an i-pad and cellphone at the age of 4 and are freely allowed to do whatever they feel like on the PC..but when a person wishes to introducedeen at a young age, then ironically our kids are too small?

Me:”no no…there’s no need for gifts…just make dua for them..that’s all”

Imran:”I promise..I’ll buy anything for you guys ok?you just start looking for what it is you want and ask your mum or dad to send me the picture and I’ll buy it for you…”

I hope that imran is talking the truth…not that I want him to buy anything for the kids but I feel its so important to keep to a promise, especially with little kids…

They get so excited that someone is promising them something and they bank on it and when it doesn’t happen, their little hearts become despondent and I find that kids begin to lose trust in that way…

Something I live by ever since my kids were little, is that I try to keep to every promise I make them…even if its for a little treat afterwards, because I don’t want my kids growing up with trust issues and believing that all adults don’t keep to their promise…

I get especially annoyed when ismail promises that he’ll take them here and there because ismail has a terrible habit of not fulfilling his promises..and he always leaves my kids disheartened….

#revive the sunnah of miswaak


9 thoughts on “part 213:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Its really wonderful wen kids get the love of Deen in them n want to do things on their own , like fasting n reading salah/taraweeh …. And children do by example , like my 2 year old follows the others n read salah and evn says she’s fasting cos every1 else is doin so !!!
    N its true that ppl blame the parents – cos I was told ‘y u forcing/starving the poor child – yet …… I never stop her , if she asks for food I give her …. Its just that she’s following by example – shukr alhamdollilah !!!

    N I also agree abt keeping to promises- we must think b4 we speak n not make promises we cannot keep – kids sometimes have like elephants memory…. They’l rmb things exactly evn after few days !

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. Lol, so cute when the smallies get excited to fast. When they see others doing it they want to do it as well. Very true about keeping promises to them because they wait for you to fulfil that promise and to a child it means alot

  3. A says:

    It’s so true that wen kids want to do something for Deen eg fast or read namaaz then the parents are being too hard on them n force them to do it but if they want to do something for dunya eg play xbox etc then they are advanced, it seems we got our priorities mixed up
    It is very important that we fulfil our promises that we make to our children bcoz if we don’t we will teach them that fulfilling a promise is not important.
    I don’t think Imraan will go against his word bcoz he seems like the person who does what he says
    Also seeing her son has done a world if good for Maryam, hope she recovers and is able to travel to SA to see her new grandchild ان شاء الله

  4. Sister A. says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركات ه
    I’m bak (•͡.̮ ~͡)
    So true, children learn by example. They do wat they see Ʋ doing & not always wat Ʋ tel dem 2 do.
    Its very important 2 keep promises dat r made 2 children as dis teaches dem trust. Wen we break promises dat hav been made 2 children dey learn how 2 speak lies. May ﷲ guide us all. ​آمِيْن

    • sister/in/Islam says:

      SISTER A !!!!!!!
      How ru doin ? Really missed U !!!
      Sooo glad u bak … We need to go join Faaiza for the welcome home party !!!

      FOOD ..FOOD… Lol

      • There are 2 people I haven’t heard from in a looooong tym and wondering where in the world they are…
        Sister A and binte ahmed…
        Maybe they went for umrah and are still not back or maybe they still sitting in I’tikaaf and nobody told them that the moon has already been sighted more than a week ago…:(

  5. Mashallah so happy to hear Maryam is doing well & yes we have to inculcate deen into our children from a young age
    May Allah make us good parents so that tomorrow these children of ours will be the flag bearers of Deen Inshaallah Aameen
    Please add 500 Duroods Jazakallah

  6. zana says:

    Lovely post as usual😙
    Know exactly what faaiza said about riyaad.
    My 9 yr old had to miss 2 fast this year coz he had tonsillitis and was so depressed. He asked me when can he fast them back.
    If we as parents encourage our kids to do good then Inshaa-Allah allah will make it easy for them to do so

  7. Sister A says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه I’m wel. Missed Ʋ guys 2 sisters. Sister SL Ʋ right I didn’t kno da moon was sighted soo I was stil sittin °̩и Itikaaf ℓ☺ℓ !
    Sis °̩и Islam we definately hav 2 go 2 Faaiza’s house 4 da welcum party.
    YESSS lotsa lekker food. Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡

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