part 211:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-

Abdurahman, myself and imran all gathered in the lounge to discuss what I’d decided…

Imran:”so son! We’ve given you time and space…have you come to a decision as yet?I don’t mean to rush you but I thought atleast some of the paper work can be signed before you head home”

Me:”umm….this is quite hard for me to do….as much as I still think its not fair..I’ve been reading and have decided to accept the offer….abdur and I can be in contact and let me know if there’s anything about the business….we can work on everything together…”

Imran put his hand on my shoulder and looked quite pleased with my decision…

Abdurahman:”alhamdulillah bro…I’m glad you’ve chosen this….who knows, maybe oneday you guys can move this side aswel”(shaking my hand warmly)

Ismail:”that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea hey…but ofcourse its abit far-fetched….(Laugh)”

Imran:”nothings impossible son….”

Maryam was lying down when I went to greet her…apparently today wasn’t one of her good days and she was due for an appointment with the doctor the next day….I truly hope that all goes well for her….

She amazed me…as sick as she was, she was always smiling and tried to be full of life…

She had to be strong I guess, she had amatullah to worry about…

She did mention that her biggest fear was that if something happened to her, who would see to amatullah…even thought imran and abdurahman were there, but they were men and there were certain needs of amatullahs that can only be overseen by a woman…..

She nEeds extra attention and care…

Amatullah too was quite a lovely and fun young lady…she took to me almost immediately…she also tried to talk to me a few took a while to understand what she tried to tell me through her innocent stutters…but the fact that she tries so hard to communicate with me was what really touched me deeply…

I promise I noticed a single tear in her eyes when I greeted her before I left…

Amatullah:”uh..uh…p..pp…please cc…cc…come again i…ismaa’il bb…bhai”

I smiled and gave her a hug…

Me:”I will…I promise! And I’ll bring faaiza and riyaad and raadhiya and the new baby also ok?”

Amatullah giggled out of excitement

And so aqeel and I packed up our things at the hotel and set out for the airport….

I actually signed a few papers to take on half the company for myself….abdurahman said that he’ll be in touch and will let me know what’s going on every now and then….

As delayed as we are we somehow managed to just make it in time for our flight…

Flying back to South Africa was already giving me a headache…all the stress I have to deal with when I get back..I seriously have no idea how I’m going to do it..but I guess I’ll have to deal with one thing at a time..

First things first…ramadaan is just around the corner..that’s my first stress….I’ve tried to cut down on my smoking, aqeel introduced this new electric kinda cigarette thingy to me called ‘twisp’…..its being going good so far…but I do occasionally crave a normal cigarette….

But fasting and I aren’t the best of friends….

And then there’s the stress of faaiza giving birth soon…..3 kids?that’s a tough one hey….

And the greatest of all the stress is this whole damn situation of mine…how do I confront the gremlins?do I confront them?should I just ignore them and carry on life as if though they don’t exist?

But the problem is that we live in the same town…we are bound to face eachother some day….and then what?

I desperately need some kind of advice….I’m sure fay will be able to ease my stress….

I actually miss her…I really can’t wait to see my lovely wifey…..

authors note:
Please make maaf for later post…sundays are family days and I don’t get much time with my phone…but since I take you all as family too, hope you enjoyed your sundays post….



3 thoughts on “part 211:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Was wondering what happend to u Mrs S …… Was missing u tooo much .

    ‎ الحمد لله ….on his decision…
    Seems like they r havin a good effect on him ….

    ‎ جزاك الله

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