boycott 2:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem..

Its sad to see that we have only 17 supporters who will boycott pick n pay even though we are aware of their supporting the apartheid state of israel…

Do know that the media has fed incorrect information to the masses and many believe that israel is doing no injustice whatsoever…we as muslims however, no better than to believe what has been fed to us by the media…

Our next boycott will begin and that is to boycott ‘DISCHEM’

Please read the attachment and you will find how sick they really are..but I must agree on something that they mention….”We have to be consistent with what we do”

As muslims, we say that we want to boycott this or that…but after a few weeks when everything has calmed down, we forget and go back to supporting these people…

The muslm community in south africa is large and we can make a difference together..

Please submit your names to be added below:

1.Silent living




5.Naadhira bint qaasim

6.Suhail mohamed







13.Blog lover



16.Journey admin



19.Umme amaan





#revive the sunnah of miswaak


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33 thoughts on “boycott 2:

  1. amina says:

    While it is a good act to boycott all those who support Israel , this is not the priority…In the time of Nabi(S.A.W) ,He (S.A.W) traded with the Jews even though they were his enemies.. Yet the Muslims in that time were always triumphant over their enemies in war and the Muslims had got the upper hand and led many conquests!
    The victory of الله and His assistance is promised with Imaan and Amal Saalih (good deeds)… So the next time we choose Tv over Salaah,fashion over niqaab, interest over simplicity , insurance over trust in الله,music over Quraan , disobedience of الله over His command , remember, we might be the cause of the next bomb or attack on the innocent in Palestine …
    Allah’s words in the Quraan are – ” الله had promised those who believe and do righteous deeds, He would make them the successors on the earth as He had made those before you successors on the earth…….. ”
    Let’s make this Ramadhaan a changing point in our lives. Let’s evaluate our lives and bring Deen in our lives..إن شاء الله then the assistance of الله will be with us with or without a boycott..
    ( Excerpts from the Majlis of Moulana Dawood Seedat)

    Now we know what we have to do, Inshaa Allah let’s make a start, take a small step…. We shouldn’t be disappointed at those who can’t manage to boycott these places, we should rather look for an excuse for them and realise that they may be doing things that are more likely to please اللَّه.
    I hope I’m not offending anyone with this post, I just feel that its really important to realise that boycotting and protesting isn’t the most important thing that we can do. Please make me maaf. لسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُ

    • Wslm sister..absolutely no offense taken…..

      I totally agree with you..but my opinion is that why should do only one of the 2…?

      Yes we should change our a’maal, we should try to dress as muslims and act as muslims and live as muslims but at the same time I feel that we should boycott them aswel…

      This is just my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it…I respect you for that..

      That’s why we have started a sunnah revival aswel…if you’ve noticed at the end of all my recent posts I have a #revive the sunnah of miswaak..
      So that our a’maal can change aswel…

      But I believe that there are many other means…for example, by not buying from pick n pay, we are not losing out in any way…there are other stored to buy from…by not buying from dischem, there are other pharmacies to buy from aswel…

      Maybe by this action and the sincerity behind our actions to boycott, Allah could grant our muslim brothers and sisters freedom and victory inshallah..

      • Alhumdulillah, very true. Ml does not say don’t boycott. In the time of our Nabi (SAW), their imaan was on a completely different level. They could afford to continue trading and still gain victory from Allah. We are not on that level, so we need to do it all, first with our sunnah revival, Insha Allah. The two are not mutually exclusive. I, personally, am with you on the boycotting, sister, and definitely going to try and boycott sin as well. I have added dischem and am trying to add woolies to the list as well, as far as possible. Insha Allah. May Allah give us the tawfeeq.

      • Jx so much sister…have added ur name…what about pick n pay?can I add you to that aswel?whenever you ready let me know…

        Really this sunnah revival is amazing…inshallah it will benefit deff inspires me as I feel like I have to practice aswel if I want to see some kind of effect…

        Rem me in ur duas always

      • Jhee, definitely pick n pay. Maaf, forgot to put that in. Aameen! you as well, dear sister. May Allah bless you, and accept. Always in need of Du’aas.

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    Its true – we CAN make a difference as a united body …. We as Muslims r supposed to b united ….. If it was us n our families involved then we’l jump n say , how can u not help cos we all brothers n sisters ……

    We may not know them , or even b blood related – but we ARE united with the kalima .. Laailaaha illallah !!!!!

    Let’s show our support to OUR ppl … Boycot these wrongdoers who r soo proud to show their support to those killing innocent humans !!!!!

    May ‎​اللَّهُ grant them hidayat , n if hidayat is not meant for them , then may ‎​اللَّهُ DESTROY them … ‎​​​​آمين

  3. R says:

    ɪ understand both sides of the story…but ɪ feel more than boycotts we need to encourage everyone to make a change for the better & to remain steadfast in it! Its useless boycotting them if we still adopt their code of conduct, dressing, eating, extravagant lifestyles etc etc!! Adopt the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad صَلَّى اللّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم & the teaching of the quraan & hadith & إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ we will be successful in this world & the hereafter.آمِيْن

    • Ok so please forward suggestions….I’m more than willing to assist in this regard…

      We can start by maybe getting people to make intention to don the hijaab for example and then people who make intention to start wearing cloak…or to stop eating doubtful foods etc…

      That’s just my suggestion…let me know what you think

    • a95r says:

      I agree with sister amina and sister R. While boycotting will make a dent in israels funds, it is not the priority. Victory is not gained through numbers or weapons, it is with imaan. Victory is only through the help of Allah. The affairs of all things are in Allah’s control.
      We need to change our lifestyles. We need to obey the commands of Allah, stay away from sin and make excessive tawbah. Recite quraan and make zikrullah. We also need to follow the way of nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم and starting with the sunnah of miswaak (as sister encouraged in the post) is an excellent idea. May Allah grant us the tawfeeq آمين.
      Sister, just a suggestion, perhaps together with boycotting israeli products we could add to it another boycott. Boycotting sin. إن شاء الله we should all make an effort that while we try not to be of assistance to those harming the muslims (i.e. boycotting israeli products and those that assist them), we should not be the cause of the next attack (by committing sin thereby attracting the anger of Allah).
      Maaf if I’ve offended anyone, it was not intended.
      Let’s all make the intention to use the miswaak, boycott a sin (back-biting, lies, zina, bad thoughts about others) and don’t support israel and those that support them. إن شاء الله.
      Oh Allah! Grant the tyrants hidaayat, and if hidaayat is not written for them then destroy them. آمين.

      • a95r says:

        I forgot to mention, we also need to improve the condition of our salaah, we should ask Allah to help us in attaining concentration, sincerity and devotion in our salaah and to grant us istiqaamat.

      • Deff agree…jx…will inshallah add to the boycott list…love the ideas you give..inshallah will work on one at a time…really backbiting, zina, slandering, swearing all needs to come out of our system….and together we can encourage eachother and revive the deen…inshallah…

        Ofcourse no offence is taken….one can see the difference in a comment and someone trying to just run an idea down…and all 3 of you, amina, r and yourself have very valid points which I do agree strongly with aswel….

        Jx so much

  4. amina says:

    I definitely agree that we can do both. I only wanted to bring attention to the fact that one is definitely more important than the other. Because ultimately the only way that Israel can be defeated is through the will of اللَّه. We have learnt many times that if اللَّه wishes for something to happen then the whole world and all it contains will not be able to prevent, and likewise if اللَّه wishes to prevent something than too the whole world and all it contains will not be able to make it happen.
    Please continue with your effort sister because اللَّه truly knows our intentions. اَلْحَمْدُالَّله all your suggestions have been excellent, and I’m very sure that you will inspire many people through this effort. May اللَّه grant us all the taufeeq to follow through with the good intentions, إن شاء الله

    • Jx so much sister..but pls do forward ur suggestions of how we can be a means of the ummah bettering themselves…

      Truly we need to do all in our power to make sure things change for the better inshallah..

      Deff Allahs help will come sooner or later and if we see how Allah had previously destroyed tyrant nations, I can’t even imagine how Allah is going to punish these oppressors….

      Keep ur beneficial comments coming sister

  5. boy says:

    An open letter to Pick n Pay in response to their “response to allegations around the killing of innocent women & children”

    Dear Pick n Pay

    I have always been a regular customer at your stores. I am not part of the BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) community; I have heard the calls to boycott stores and companies supporting Israel before, but always found excuses to continue buying those products. I, like you, justified my actions by saying I am taking a non-political stance; I was just living my life. I claimed it is nobody’s business whose products I buy; after all, how much of my money was really being used to fund these warcrimes? And were we even sure they are warcrimes? Surely Israel also has a right to defend itself …

    Then I started following the current round of this conflict closely; I watched and read both sides of the conflict, listened to people on both sides of the fence. I also read the “Pick n Pay response to allegations around the killing of innocent women & children” on your website. And I realised that, whether out of ignorance or by deliberate design, you are misinforming the public on this issue. It is for this reason that I write this letter; to inform you and the public of the consequences of your actions.

    This Palestine issue is far, far beyond a political one. It is not simply about who will rule or how much land one country will have. This is evidenced by the fact that Israeli professors, journalists and even former Israeli Defense Force soldiers are speaking out against numerous Israeli actions which violate international law and human rights, such as the indiscriminate killings in Gaza, the growing settlements which are illegal under international law, the racist treatment of Arabs in Israel, the occupation beyond the 1967 borders, and the inhuman blockade of Gaza.

    I emphasise that these are people who support Israel, who live in Israel and have been involved with Israeli actions in the past, yet they speak out against these human rights abuses. They even refuse to buy products made in the illegal settlements. When we have so many of these people speaking out and campaigning against Israel’s actions, then your store saying you take a strictly “non-political” stance simply is not enough.

    The Palestine issue is also far beyond a Muslim issue. Just like being against Apartheid wasn’t only a stance for black people around the world, people of all religions and ethnicities are speaking out against Israeli actions. Christians in Gaza are being oppressed just as much as Muslims are. Some of the biggest demonstrations were in places like the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Sweden. In Berlin, Jewish people joined the pro-Palestinian marches. Even a cursory search on social media or the internet will reveal that Christians, Hindus, Jews and Athiests are also appalled at the Israeli defiance of human rights.

    The issue of Palestinians is a fundamentally human issue. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which was present long before the current round of airstrikes, is appalling. Numerous Israeli actions are against international law and against international human rights. Even before this round of fighting, Israel had become the first country in history to boycott a UN Human Rights Council Review. During the current fighting the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has said that there is a “strong possibility that international humanitarian law has been violated in a manner that could amount to war crimes.”

    The deliberate attacks on UN shelters; on schools and hospitals; on a crowded market area and on critical infrastructure like Gaza’s only power plant and water delivery trucks cannot go ignored. Even the US, Israel’s strongest ally, has for the first time strongly criticised Israel for the unforgiveably high death toll. The numbers speak for themselves: as of writing this letter, over 1300 Gazans have been killed, of which an estimated 950 are civilians. Only 3 Israeli civilians have been killed. It is plain to see that this is not a war between equals; it is a massacre by an occupying power upon an occupied populace. We, as part of the human race, cannot let this genocide continue.

    Perhaps now you realise why Pick n Pay’s response to the “allegations” was grossly underwhelming and even misleading. It is simply not enough for Pick n Pay to say that it takes a “non-political stance”; this is not a political issue. Telling us how many Muslims you employ or how many Muslim charities you donate to means nothing, because this is not a Muslim issue. Continuing to support this regime is a blatantly anti-humanitarian stance, one which we will not stand for.

    You claim that a miniscule percentage of your products are from Israel, and that you don’t fund or support the Israeli regime. If that is the case, why do you repeatedly refuse to stop buying that “miniscule percentage” of products from Israel? Why too is Pick n Pay listed on the Israeli Chamber of Commerce?

    Your continuing trade with Israel is a tacit nod of approval to them. Furthermore, your founder Raymond Ackerman has publicly stated that he supports the Israeli regime. How do we know that your store’s profits are not funding the killing of innocents? It seems very likely that it is.

    It is for these reasons that we, the South African community, call for a spread of the boycott of Pick n Pay. Regardless of our political stance, religion or race, we know what Apartheid is like and we cannot financially or ideologically support it in other countries. Apartheid here ended only when the world united in their boycott and sanctions of Apartheid South Africa, and we have a moral responsibility to ensure that countries like Israel who practice many of the same policies do not benefit from our money. In the words of our hero Nelson Mandela, “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

    Your chain of stores has had numerous chances to stand for justice by boycotting the supposedly few Israeli-made products you stock, and our patience with your indirect approval of Israeli actions and direct funding of the Israeli state has run out. I have always been a regular customer at your stores, but no more. My conscience just will not let me enter your stores again, knowing what greater impact that support of your store will have on innocents, including children, on the other side of the world.

    A concerned member of the South African Community
    #FreeGaza #BoycottIsrael #ICC4Israel

  6. Just read the reply from dischem. Disgusting bunch of imbeciles! Sister you shouldn’t feel bad that ‘only 17’ people are boycotting pnp. There are many others that are boycotting, they just haven’t mentioned it. On that note i think that boycotting is necessary. I’ve read recent reports and pnp and woolies are feeling the pinch already. Besides we cant support these companies and then make dua that our brothers and sisters don’t get harmed. It’s like saying ‘here take my money but don’t kill my brothers and sisters with it’ or like saying ‘oh Allah i’m giving my money to isreal but please make the missiles it funds not hurt my brothers and sisters. We cant be saying one thing in word but doing another in action. Jazakallah for starting this initiative, hopefully it will motivate others to follow

    • Jx I figured by now that there are a lot of people boycotting..alhamdulillah…let’s just hope that our efforts are rewarded by Allah who is Most Just…

      You couldn’t have said it better..mashallah..jx so so so much for that

  7. Saf says:

    I will boycott ignorant Dischem.

    While it is our duty to make dua and better ourselves as Muslims, we must also try our best to raise awareness of this issue. Most people feel it is a religious war, but it is a crime against humanity. By setting it up as “Jews vs Muslims”, we are effectively excluding anyone else with humanitarian interests at heart from standing up for what is right because they feel it is not their cause to fight for.

    Boycotting is important because ultimately, it resulted in South Africa’s economy being crippled which led, in part, to the end of apartheid.

    I feel everyone should definitely make lots of dua, but raise awareness too and teach people about what is happening. Research the history of Palestine, follow the news and have information at your disposal, because when people ask what the conflict is about, it is our duty as humanitarians to ensure that they are provided with the correct information. There is so much negative propaganda. I feel it is also important that we are aware of how we conduct ourselves on social networks. The Israelis are looking for any excuse to call Muslims terrorists and we must ensure we do not post hate speech.

    InshaAllah we will all be guided and surely Allah is with the people of Palestine.

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