part 207:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Ismails point of view:

Leaving my family behind felt good but weird…I’ve never been away from them like this….I miss the kiddos…and yeah ok…I admit….I miss faaiza also…

I really needed her here with me…I’m a man who doesn’t show much emotion and doesn’t always know how to react to situations….

Having to meet these people for the first time is going to be tough….

Meeting imraan wasn’t that bad..he was easy going and HE came to see ME….I didn’t go looking for him…if you know what I mean..?!

Now I know all that I know…and it just makes this whole situation abit like one of those rollercoaster rides…

Where you want to go through with it but you’re not sure what exactly to expect or whether you’re going to be able to cope…

So here we were at our hotel…checked in…it was just aqeel and I so we just booked one room…

Aqeels one really great bud of mine..seriously..he’s been through pretty much with me and yet he doesn’t ever judge me…he’s also quite wise…so I’m glad he’s around with me..

Aqeel:”so bru….I won’t be coming with you to meet them…I think the first meeting you need to go on your own..I won’t be too far…I’ll probably go do some shopping for the vrou and family while you there…”

Me:”no you’re crazy…!you can’t let me go alone..that’s like totally not a cool idea man!”

Aqeel:”just go! And if things don’t work out or whatever, just whatsapp me….and I’ll come through…”

Me:”eish!oryt…..let’s see how it goes”

I should give faaiza a call and let her know that we’ve reached and are safe….


Me:”hey babes….salaam…”

Fay:”hey…walaykum salaam…..did you reach?are you ok?did you eat?how’s the place?”

Me:”(laugh)whoa!!!cool it with the million questions…yip we reached a while ago, just settling in and chilling for a while…imran insisted that we join them for supper tonight…”

Fay:(softly)”ok…I’m glad you ok”

Me:” and aqeel reckons I should first go meet them on my own and then he’ll join later for chows…eish its gona be awkward huh”


Me:”where’s the kids?can they speak?”

Fay:”yeah..hold on”

I could hear her handing the phone over to the 2 who were fighting about who was going to speak first…eish I love those 2 too much

Me:”hey diya sweety….what you doing?you missing daddy?”

Raadiya:”jee dads…is it nice there?we all missing you so much daddy..please don’t be too long ok?”

I spoke for a few minutes before riyaad grabbed the phone from her..

Riyaad:”daddy did you do go visit the queen yet?”

Me:”(laugh)…no my boy…why would I want to do that?”

Riyaad:”just asking….we missing you so much..when are you coming home daddy?”

Me:”son I just got here…(Giggle)..but I won’t be long ok..are you guys troubling mummy?I hope you’re looking after her properly?”

Riyaad:”jee daddy..ok love you…”

Faaiza came back on the phone…

Me:”are they giving you beans babes?”

Fay:”hmm…(Softly)ha uh”

Me:”ok…anyway….I don’t want to talk for too phones on roaming and I don’t want my phone getting blocked..I still have a few days and I need to call you a couple of times”


Me:”hello?babes?you there?”


Me:”babes?you okay?what’s wrong?”

Oh crap!why did I even ask her that?….she just burst out crying like crazy….now how am I supposed to deal with this when we’re miles apart fom eachother?like I don’t have enough stress on my hands…now I have to deal with an over emotional wife too….

Me:”babes….for what are you crying?why you crying man?”

Fay:”you have no compassion whatsoever…you are so heartless…(Sobbing)…I’m sorry for missing my husband okay?but I’m human….I have a heart…”

I couldn’t help but laugh…women are strange creatures…

Fay:(screaming)..”And you’re laughing still?well don’t bother to phone again… heartless piece of…..”

And with that she banged the phone down…

Agh!Give her some time…her hormones are playing tricks on her I guess..she’ll come right and message me soon….eish!

#revive the sunnah of miswaak


4 thoughts on “part 207:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awwww maaan !!!! Poor Fay ….. All emotional n missing her hubby … Men really don’t understand female emotions – hehehehe…….

    But hopefully all goes well …

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

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