pick n pay supporting israel

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem..

Apparently voice of the cape had an interview with pick n pay…

Here’s the link: http://www.vocfm.co.za/no-support-for-israel-pnp/

Please read the comments aswel and as a muslim think carefully before believing the statements that we read or hear on the media…

Know that the enemies are out to get us and will do anything in their power to destroy islam, the muslims and the innocent million civilians all over the world…

I will still continue my boycott of pick n pay…

If you would still like to boycott them then please add your name to our boycott list….

Spread the word and together we will, as one united ummah, gain victory…


Remember our innocent muslims in your special duas on this blessed night which could possibly be the night of power….

Feel free to share your views by commenting!

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2 thoughts on “pick n pay supporting israel

  1. fats says:

    South African Israel Chamber of Commerce


    Kindly view the members and make it a point to avoid shopping at any of the members mentioned here. These companies are directly involved in Israeli trade. Every rand you spend at any of these places is a rand spent assisting Israel and destroying Palestine.
    N.B. Pick n Pay and Massmart (Makro etc.) are members. Vodacom

    Please share.
    SAICC – The SA Israel Chamber of Commerce

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