durood challenge 13:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

Those who recite Durood quite often will see Divine Light on the dark Day of Judgement.

Please contribute towards another 10 000 durood shareef by e-mailing or commenting below…




4.Silent living(100)

5.Silent living(500)

6.Silent livings dad(200)



9.Silent living(400)

10.Silent livings dad(200)

11.Silent living(300)


13.Silent livings dad(200)


15.Silent living(300)

16.Silent living(1521)

Total:10 081


Also there are just a few paras to complete our quraan khatam..

Contribute your kalimah tayyibah count to our second 70 000 khatam

And don’t forget to pray a yaaseen for the people of palestine and spread the word and add your names to our boycott…

All actions should inshallah increase during these last 10 great nights of this blessed month whch is sadly on its way out…

silent living-foreveramessup.wordpress.com


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