urgent!!!check ur times!

Assalamu alaikum Brothers and sisters, This prayer is for Gaza and all the other countries hit by our enemies, lets pray two rakaats of salaah at the same time and ask dua. its the month of Ramadan and duas get qabool without fail, so will pray for peace for Muslims, on the 15 th of July 2014 at 11:00am , when we all do sujood together Allah will surely accept our dua, pls pls pls the whole world should pray at the same time, pls make ur kids also specially the fasting ones also pray with u, coz kids duas get qabool soon, rasoolullah sallalahu alaihi wasallam made so much dua for this ummath can’t we do this bit,send this message to all ur Muslim contacts and spread across the world. set ur alarm 5 mins before the exact time, difficulty will be there for many but at least feel that pain for ur brothers and sisters who are suffering in Gaza by just praying two rakaths,,TimingsIndia – 2.30 pmNew York – 5.30 amBrisbane – 10.00amToronto – 5.30 amMecca – 12.00 pmTokyo – 7 .00 pmSri lanka – 2.30 pmBotswana – 11.00 amMay Allah qabool all our duas,,,Ameen

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