durood challenge 7:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

Feel free to add your durood count by commenting or e-mailing(to those who have my e-mail address)..

Our aim is 10 000 durood again..but you are allowed to contribute whatever amount you are able to..

1.Silent livings family(400)

2.Silent livings family(500)

3.Zaakirah akoojee(1000)

4.R’s son(100)



7.Silent livings niece(70)



10.Silent living(100)





Also please contribute to our kalima tayyibah challenge..we are trying to reach 70 000…we are currently on approximately 49 000..

There are a few paras to complete our next khatam..

silent living-foreveramessup.wordpress.com


11 thoughts on “durood challenge 7:

  1. R says:

    NABI (S.A.W) said: When you forget something, send durood upon me IN-SHA-ALLAH you will remember it. This is a very precious hadith dont keep it yourself share it!

    1. Sur-E-Fatiha: saves one from ALLAHS azaab
    2. Sur-E-Yaasin: saves you from thirst on the day of qayamat
    3. Sur-E-Waqia: saves you from worries
    4. Sur-E-Mulak: saves you from azab-e-qabar
    5. Sur-E-Kausar; saves you from enemys
    6. Sur-E-Kaafirun: saves you from kuffr at the time of death
    7. Sur-E-Ikhlaas: Munafiqat Se
    8. Sur-E-Falak: Saves you from jealousy
    9. Sur-E-Naas: saves a person from jinaat and shaitaan
    Share this with others as Allah is always happy with people who share knowlege about the deen

    The following was written outside the grave yard:
    “This is your destination,
    You just spent a life time in the world before coming here,
    What did you get from this world,
    Your own family has burried you.”

    ..”THINK ABOUT IT”..
    Think if we have a gathering at our house and no one turns up we get upset, well ALLAH has a gathering at his house 5 times a day won’t ALLAH be upset with us?

    This is not jus a message, but it is reality.

    May ALLAH shower blessing on whoever fowards this message and his family Aameen.

  2. ummiyun says:

    Jazakallah 2 da sister who posted da msg of da diff surah n wat dey protect 1 from, may I plz add 1 also…..Surah Kahf : fitna of Dajjal

  3. nasreen8@mobileemail.vodafonesa.co.za says:

    5000 read (:
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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