boycott 2:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem..

Its sad to see that we have only 17 supporters who will boycott pick n pay even though we are aware of their supporting the apartheid state of israel…

Do know that the media has fed incorrect information to the masses and many believe that israel is doing no injustice whatsoever…we as muslims however, no better than to believe what has been fed to us by the media…

Our next boycott will begin and that is to boycott ‘DISCHEM’

Please read the attachment and you will find how sick they really are..but I must agree on something that they mention….”We have to be consistent with what we do”

As muslims, we say that we want to boycott this or that…but after a few weeks when everything has calmed down, we forget and go back to supporting these people…

The muslm community in south africa is large and we can make a difference together..

Please submit your names to be added below:

1.Silent living




5.Naadhira bint qaasim

6.Suhail mohamed







13.Blog lover



16.Journey admin



19.Umme amaan





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part 208:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Maryams point of view:

Imran:”maryam…love….will you just calm down…relax yourself…”

Abdurahman:”jee ummi…please stop stressing so much!”

Me:”you don’t understand…I am seeing my child after 30 somewhat years and you guys are actually telling me to calm down?(Shaking my head and pacing up and down)….impossible…totally impossible…what if he doesn’t like us?what if he runs away….ya Allah…what if he doesn’t like the food we prepared…(Biting my fingers)”

Abdurahman and imran just burst out laughing….

Abdurahman:”ummi you’re overreacting…seriously….”

Imran:”love…he’ll just adore you…there’s nothing to worry about…if he doesn’t like the food, we’ll just buy something else”

I’m not the best of cooks….moes mum and sister taught me the basic curry and rice and taught me all the indian spices but I’m still no pro at indian cuisine…ask me to make a pasta….well that I’m a pro at…

So for today, I didn’t risk cooking for ismaa’il….incase the food turns out abit…you know…poisonous or something…

We just ordered a variety of foods…I don’t know what type of food he likes, so we got some fast food and some indian stuff..

I’m nervous as hell….they just need to understand that…what does he think of me?

That I’m a pathetic mum that just abandoned my child and didn’t bother about him for so many years?if only he knows..if only ismaa’il knows the pain I’ve been through throughout these years…the piercing in my heart everytime I thought about my little angel…

Do you have any idea what its like to give birth to your child and not be able to care for them or grow them up?

To watch little children annoying their mums at the grocery store…

To see kids nagging their daddys for an ice-cream…

When you know that you have a child but had to give him up because you just never had the means to keep him…

The regret I have! The regret that no-one will ever understand…

One thing is giving birth to your child and then losing your child by Allah taking that child away…you know that your child is in a better place…you know that Allah is looking after your child…you know that you will be reunited with your child on the day of qiyaamah and you know that that child is your ticket to jannah…

But this pain I’ve had all these years…that I have a child….my first child…..but I have no idea where he is…if he’s safe….if he’s been looked after well enough…whether he’s been given the proper islamic upbringing….whether I’ll ever have the privilege of meeting my child again…will I ever get to hold him again and tell him how much I love him and that if I could change the past, I would never give him up…I would never let those gremlins take him away from me…..

And now…..Allahu akbar! Allah is reuniting me with my child…..most definitely Allah is GReat…no!Allah is The Greatest!!!

Allah has seen my suffering throughout the years…Allah was the one who heard my cries and prayers….my eyesight has weakened even due to the crying all these years….

Don’t get me wrong..I’m not a depressed soul….I try to be happy around everyone…but I cry to my Creator…that same Creator who reunited my soul with imaan after it had been lost…that same Creator is now reuniting a mother with her long lost son…

Ofcourse I have to be prepared…he obviously won’t feel that type of affection towards me…he won’t know me….but I feel that for him….I love my son…I have never stopped loving my son…and I will never stop loving him….

all this time I’ve been listening over the news with regards to the people of palestine and I feel their pain…..I hurt for them……those mothers having to lose not only their sons, but their husbands aswel and their entire families, their homes, their lives….and here am I…how fortunate am I that Allah has kept my son safe…has kept me safe and has granted me better shelter than I’ve had before…

Something that I’ve read lately has kept me inspired and I try to live by it…

The 4 golden rules of attaining success is this:
1. Be honest in poverty.
2. Be simple when wealthy.
3. Be polite in authority.
4. Be silent in anger.

If I look back at our lives….we have suffered severe poverty… severe that I had to have my child given away…..but we never lied to attain a little extra wealth….we tried to rather live with less but never to lie..

And now that Allah has granted us abundance in wealth….we haven’t forgotten our times of difficulty…I hate extravagance….alhamdulillah we live comfortably…..but never over the top and I will not spend an extra pound just to impress someone else…

Ismaa’il is coming to meet me for the first time..but he should see us and love us for who we are…and how we live….

How can I eat out of gold rimmed plates 3 times a day when my brothers and sisters don’t even get food in a normal plate even once a day….

Okay……this shows my stress..I’m babbling away…I rather pull out my miswaak and stay calm….this is my weapon….my miswaak…I use it at anytime….just reviving this sunnah helps me deal with my situations so much better….

there’s the buzzer…..I’m sure they’ve arrived….and finally…it is the meeting of 2 souls who have waited far too long to meet!

#revive the sunnah of miswaak


part 207:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Ismails point of view:

Leaving my family behind felt good but weird…I’ve never been away from them like this….I miss the kiddos…and yeah ok…I admit….I miss faaiza also…

I really needed her here with me…I’m a man who doesn’t show much emotion and doesn’t always know how to react to situations….

Having to meet these people for the first time is going to be tough….

Meeting imraan wasn’t that bad..he was easy going and HE came to see ME….I didn’t go looking for him…if you know what I mean..?!

Now I know all that I know…and it just makes this whole situation abit like one of those rollercoaster rides…

Where you want to go through with it but you’re not sure what exactly to expect or whether you’re going to be able to cope…

So here we were at our hotel…checked in…it was just aqeel and I so we just booked one room…

Aqeels one really great bud of mine..seriously..he’s been through pretty much with me and yet he doesn’t ever judge me…he’s also quite wise…so I’m glad he’s around with me..

Aqeel:”so bru….I won’t be coming with you to meet them…I think the first meeting you need to go on your own..I won’t be too far…I’ll probably go do some shopping for the vrou and family while you there…”

Me:”no you’re crazy…!you can’t let me go alone..that’s like totally not a cool idea man!”

Aqeel:”just go! And if things don’t work out or whatever, just whatsapp me….and I’ll come through…”

Me:”eish!oryt…..let’s see how it goes”

I should give faaiza a call and let her know that we’ve reached and are safe….


Me:”hey babes….salaam…”

Fay:”hey…walaykum salaam…..did you reach?are you ok?did you eat?how’s the place?”

Me:”(laugh)whoa!!!cool it with the million questions…yip we reached a while ago, just settling in and chilling for a while…imran insisted that we join them for supper tonight…”

Fay:(softly)”ok…I’m glad you ok”

Me:” and aqeel reckons I should first go meet them on my own and then he’ll join later for chows…eish its gona be awkward huh”


Me:”where’s the kids?can they speak?”

Fay:”yeah..hold on”

I could hear her handing the phone over to the 2 who were fighting about who was going to speak first…eish I love those 2 too much

Me:”hey diya sweety….what you doing?you missing daddy?”

Raadiya:”jee dads…is it nice there?we all missing you so much daddy..please don’t be too long ok?”

I spoke for a few minutes before riyaad grabbed the phone from her..

Riyaad:”daddy did you do go visit the queen yet?”

Me:”(laugh)…no my boy…why would I want to do that?”

Riyaad:”just asking….we missing you so much..when are you coming home daddy?”

Me:”son I just got here…(Giggle)..but I won’t be long ok..are you guys troubling mummy?I hope you’re looking after her properly?”

Riyaad:”jee daddy..ok love you…”

Faaiza came back on the phone…

Me:”are they giving you beans babes?”

Fay:”hmm…(Softly)ha uh”

Me:”ok…anyway….I don’t want to talk for too phones on roaming and I don’t want my phone getting blocked..I still have a few days and I need to call you a couple of times”


Me:”hello?babes?you there?”


Me:”babes?you okay?what’s wrong?”

Oh crap!why did I even ask her that?….she just burst out crying like crazy….now how am I supposed to deal with this when we’re miles apart fom eachother?like I don’t have enough stress on my hands…now I have to deal with an over emotional wife too….

Me:”babes….for what are you crying?why you crying man?”

Fay:”you have no compassion whatsoever…you are so heartless…(Sobbing)…I’m sorry for missing my husband okay?but I’m human….I have a heart…”

I couldn’t help but laugh…women are strange creatures…

Fay:(screaming)..”And you’re laughing still?well don’t bother to phone again… heartless piece of…..”

And with that she banged the phone down…

Agh!Give her some time…her hormones are playing tricks on her I guess..she’ll come right and message me soon….eish!

#revive the sunnah of miswaak


quraan khatam 1(shawwaal):

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

our 28th khatam was completed by john…

Our 29th khatam was completed by me..

Alhamdulillah we have managed to complete 29 khatams of the quraan during the month of ramadaan…

We should try to keep this up inshallah and not pack away our quraans until next ramadaan…

Let’s continue our khatams…

So for the month of shawaal this is our first khatam inshallah…

Please contribute your paras below…even if you can manage only half or quarter para, feel free to contribute and inshallah the paras may be shared in that way..

May Allah accept our weak efforts..ameen!

1.Silent living

2.Silent living



5.Silent living

6.Silent living







13.Silent livings mum
















29.Sister A



Also don’t forget our kalimah tayyibah khatam..we need to reach 70 000 inshallah before starting another one..we are currently on 29 300

As for our durood challenge..we’ll work on 10 000 at a time…

And with regards to our boycotts…once 50 supporters have given their names to one boycott, then only will we move on to the next..the reason for this is that we don’t want to have a sudden rush and decide that we’re boycotting everything and then after a couple of weeks go straight back to supporting these companies….so if we work on 1 at a time, inshallah we’ll be more steadfast on it…

Yaaseens may continue for the people of palestine inshallah…


part 206:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Oh my word!!!!
I honestly cannot believe its eid already….it seems like just the other day we were still stressing about me rolling pie dough during my pregnancy….and now its all over,eaten and even flushed down the toilet….

I just love eid day…the day starts as early as fajr time but its truly an amazing atmosphere…

Everyone, even those who jumped straight into bed after gobbling their last bit of banana at suhoor without reading their fajr are up and showered and all ready to go to the masjid for fajr salaah on eid day..

From amongst the above is ismail…..gosh….or rather ismail in the first 20 days of ramadaan…

I have so much to tell you all…I just don’t know where to start…

Right…maybe it would be a good thing to start where I left off…

Where were we when I left you all??

back to the past

Oh NO!….I wonder why rukayas yusuf will be trying so hard to get hold of ismail?

Me:”uhm….ismails not here….did you need something?can I give him a message?”

Yusuf:”no no..I just needed to speak to him about something personal…do you know where he is?or where I can get hold of him?”

Shux….I won’t be giving him ismails work number…what if ismails purposely ignoring his calls?

Me:”err..not sure where he could be…”
I’m not lying….he could be anywhere in the building…its a white lie right?its allowed…

Me:”err….I’ll tell him you called as soon as I get hold of him and I’ll ask him to call you back…”

Yusuf:”ya please man! I’ll really appreciate it…anyway…shup will see you guys…salaam”

It was bugging me now…what did he want?so I phoned ismail as soon as I put the phone down with yusuf and he answered immediately….

Me:”salaams babes…you busy?”

Ismail:”nah…not really..just sorting out some stuff since I’m not going to be around for a few days…why what’s up?”

Me:”rukayas yusuf called here for you…he says…”

Ismail:(cutting me off)…”that he tried calling me and I’m not answering”

Me:”err..yah…so you were ignoring his call?I thought as much”

Ismail:”I hope you didn’t give him the office number…”

Me:”now who’s wife am I?(Sarcastic)..I’m not that dumb…what do you think he wants?”

Ismail:”I don’t know but whatever it is I’m not interested right now..all they ever want is to cause havoc, now they using this guy to do it…”

Me:”ya true…he just said its personal so I told him I’ll let you know that he called as soon aS I speak to you…”

Ismail:”did you start packing my bag?”

Me:”yip…almost done actually”

Ismail:”oh…so you so anxious to get rid of me?”

Me:”nooo!not that…but your flights early tomorrow..I hate doing things last minute”

I was actually going to miss ismail…in all these months since we left my inlaws, we’ve hardly been apart for more than a few hours and now he’s going to be gone for a few days…but I guess it will do us all some good….some space is always appreciated and absence makes the heart grow fonder they say…

The next morning we were up early..the kids didn’t want to go to school because they wanted to see their daddy off..they’ve never really been to the airport before so I had to relent after their nagging..I suppose one day couldn’t do much harm and they are only in grade R and its the last few days before the holidays…so I doubt they’ll be doing much work anyway..

I packed some padkos for ismail and aqeel…nothing hectic that will have the whole plane smelling like chicken curry or fried onions…just some light sandwiches and other finger foods..

Greeting people goodbye is always the worst for me…I become terribly emotional…not like he’s going forever but that’s just me…I can’t even speak to him properly over the phone cause I find myself having a huge lump in my throat and wanting to cry…

I really wish I could have gone with…I so much wanted to meet ismails real family…after all I’ve heard about them it really would have been an amazing meeting

And so….we bid ismail and aqeel farewell for the next couple of days……

Authors note:
Assalaamu alaykum to everyone…I hope you all have had an amazing ramadaan and an even more joyous eid…

Taqabbalallaahu minnaa wa minkum
“May Allah accept from me and you”

Just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has assisted in making this ramadaan one of the best ramadaans I’ve ever experienced by joining in the many challenges and khatams we had throughout the month…

May Allah make it possible for us to continue with the athkaar and recitation and all other ibaadah throughout the year aswel…

So the good news is that posting will start as normal again inshallah…JUST one a day…no 5 posts anymore….lol

Rem me and my family in your special duas!


durood challenge 14:

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

The one who recites durood shareef is like the one who purchased a slave and then freed him

Please contribute towards the last 10 000 durood challenge for the month of ramadaan inshallah by commenting or e-mailing..

May Allah accept all our efforts and durood during this blessed month and may we all gain extreme nearness to the holy prophet(S.A.W) on the blessed day of qiyaamah…ameen!








8.Silent living(317)

9.Silent livings dad(200)

10.Silent living(1200)

11.Silent living(2000)

12.Silent living(1183)

Total:10 000



pick n pay supporting israel

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem..

Apparently voice of the cape had an interview with pick n pay…

Here’s the link:

Please read the comments aswel and as a muslim think carefully before believing the statements that we read or hear on the media…

Know that the enemies are out to get us and will do anything in their power to destroy islam, the muslims and the innocent million civilians all over the world…

I will still continue my boycott of pick n pay…

If you would still like to boycott them then please add your name to our boycott list….

Spread the word and together we will, as one united ummah, gain victory…


Remember our innocent muslims in your special duas on this blessed night which could possibly be the night of power….

Feel free to share your views by commenting!