part 205:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Ismail:”babes?you not having coffee with me?”

Me:”ha uh”
Like duh no…its almost midnight and I’m supposed to be sleeping…grrr..annoying man!

Ismail:”oh ok…so I went to aqeel…this guys still living in the stars..he acts like he just got married yesterday…”

maybe you should learn a thing or 2 from him….

Ismail:”yeah so I tuned him(told him) what what is going on….and he thinks the guy is genuine..”

Obviously…I already told you that..

Ismail:”he reckons I should give it a try and just go to the UK with him….he says he can maybe come with but he’ll have to speak to salma first…”


Ismail:”babes!!!!I’m talking to you!!”

Me:”huh?oh…sorry…was I sleeping..?what were you saying”

Ismail:”nevermind….just leave it….tsk..I was talking to you and you fell asleep…”

Oh come on..!is it a damn sin to be pregnant and tired?but somehow I was relieved that he said nevermind because I really cannot pay attention to anything he’s saying….

The next morning ofcourse I felt much much better and could listen all ears to ismails blabbing..

So aqeel decided that he’s going to go with ismail…but he can’t stay for too long..just a few days…but he’s going to confirm with salma first…

I’m sure salmas mum will be all too glad that her daughter will be back in her house for a few days..

The next 2 days went in ismail and aqeel, together with imran trying to book their flights and look for accomodation nearby..

Imran insisted that they stay at their house but ismail said that it would be awkward…its safer to have separate accomodation incase he wasn’t comfortable with the whole idea…

Salma:”fay……howcome your lifes always so full of drama?”(Laughing)

Me:”yeah…tell me about it…”

Salma:”but this is such a sad story man…….I always knew your inlaws were full of crap…”

Me:”and when we used to say it, we used to get hell for it…but the truth always comes out sometime or the other….just glad it did now…”

Salma:”but what’s ismail going to do about them?”

Me:”I have no a crazy man he was going to confront them about it…but I told him not to…especially when imran is still in south africa…they are so evil, they’re capable of doing anything to the poor guy…and not like he hasn’t been through enough already…”

Salma:”yeah…I think it would be a bad idea hey…people like them and noori need to all be locked up somewhere where they can’t cause any harm to anyone but themselves…”

Me:”(laugh)….I’m just glad that ismail has aqeel to go with him…and I know what a sacrifice it is cos ramzaan is coming and you guys are goig for umrah….”

Salma:”no stress..what are friends for?besides, what stress do men have for ramadaan?and we’re only leaving around the 15th fast….”

Me:”you are so lucky you know that…you better make special dua for me….I really would love to go….I so much want to take my kids but its always been a far-fetched dream…..”

Salma:”don’t be so negative you cow! It will happen, when Allah feels the time is right…”

Me:”oh I see someones mind set has changed ever since she got married…if I had to speak to you a couple of months before, you wouldve given me different advice…(Laugh)”

Salma:”but that’s the thing…I had to wait for so many years to get married..I’ve long passed my expiry date but shukr now I realise that ‘good things come to those who wait’..”

Me:”hey!use your own lines!”

Salma and I hung up and before I could walk away there was another call on the house phone….



The voice sounded very familiar but I wasn’t too sure who this was…

Me:”walaykum salaam….alhamdulillah…who’s speaking?”

Caller:”its yusuf”

Rukayas son?Now why in the world would yusuf be calling?


Yusuf:”is ismail there?I tried calling him on his cell but its just ringing…”

Authors note:
Assalaamualaykum to all..please make maaf for not posting yesterday..all 3 of my kids were not well and didn’t get a chance to pen down a post…
Unfortunately I don’t thnk I’m going to cope with posting as from today…
We will inshallah continue our khatams, durood challenge and now also a khatam of 70 000 kalima tayyibah inshallah which will all begin after this post…
I can’t give an exact day but I will try my best to post now and then if Allah gives me the strength…
Please remember me and my family in your special duas throughout this month of ramadaan and let’s all try to make the most of every moment…we don’t know if we will be given another ramadaan again..let this ramadaan be the best that we’ve ever experienced…



3 thoughts on “part 205:

  1. A says:

    Alhamdulillah Ismail decided to go n meet his mother n Aqeel decided to go with him bcoz Aqeel is more level headed then Ismail. Salma is so right in that good things come to those who wait
    Now I wonder what Rukayya’s son wants from Ismail, maybe they found out that Imraan came to meet Ismail n want to fill his ears about it being all a lie
    May الله grant all ur kids complete Shifaa n جزاك الله خيرا for taking tym out to blog for us

  2. Sister A. says:

    Its gud dat Ismail decided 2 go meet his mother.
    Αи∂ now his fake family is bak °̩и da picture. Wunder wat Yusuf wants Ismail 4.
    May ﷲ grant ur children Shifa e Kaamila ​آمِيْن. Sis S.L.

  3. zana says:

    Wonder what yusuf wants now. They don’t bother with ismail for do long. He must be needing something.
    I do hope ismail doesn’t bother with them until he meets his mum, brother and sister.
    These people who didn’t bother to tell him the truth will just hurt him more with their lies.

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