part 204:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)


I put my hand on my chest and breathed in deeply…I was shaking uncontrollably while ismail was having a pretty good laugh at me…

Me:”you think this is funny?do you have any idea what thoughts were going through my mind?”

Ismail:(trying to calm his laughter down)…”What were you thinking?who could possibly be in the house besides me babes?”

I walked back to bed sighing with relief that it was just ismail but I really was thinking about what if it was really a thief? What would I have done? I was so weak and powerless, I wouldn’t be able to fight for myself…

I just settled in bed again when ismail asked:
“babes, please can you fry some samoosas for me?I’m feeling abit hungry…”

Grrrrr….MEN!!!!!they just can’t allow a damn woman to rest in peace…its so damn frustrating…at this freaking hour he needs samoosas….besides in 2 weeks time he’s going to be eating samoosas for 30 days every single day….

Ismail:”and make me coffee also….”

Honestly I felt like swearing him…I’m so exhausted..I’m really tired….he always does this….ismail just can’t see me resting..its like it eats him up…he takes after that gremlin I think..they need to see me working 24/7..

I angrily pulled the blankets off and marched downstairs in this freezing cold damn weather…

Its so unfair really…he comes home at his own time and just gets ready to jump in bed and I’m supposed forget about my sleep, my state and my freezing self and go and make for ‘king george’ coffee and hot samoosas…

Why are some men so damn inconsiderate…?

Don’t they have hearts? Don’t they ever think of the inconvenience and trouble they’re putting their poor wives through?

I thought about all of this which made me more angry at him…

If he was the type of husband that appreciated me for what I did, it would be a whole different story…then I wouldn’t mind doing things or him…but its always when I put in the extra effort and make extra sacrifice that he doesn’t appreciate what I do….

I’m still the bad one who never does anything for him….

I snapped out of my thoughts because the milk just boiled over….

And just when I thought nothing worse could happen, I almost forgot the samoosas were in the fryer…

Urgh…….that’s what happens when you do things because you have to….

I stood rinsing the cloth to wipe up the stove and thought that I needed to change my intention…by complaining and doing things the way I was, I had just lost out on complete reward from Allah..

I should just do it for the pleasure of Allah…whether ismail appreciates it or not shouldn’t affect me in any way….because Allah sees all and knows all and He is the Most just…

Allah sees every good deed even when we think no-one else is watching and he rewards us handsomely for it all…he rewards us in a way thatwe can never understand…

I quickly wiped up before it all got cold and then I’d have to come back down to rewarm….and trotted back upstairs only to find ismail fast asleep already…..

Now I…unlike ismail…hated disturbing someone from their sleep…

I gently put the stuff down on the table next to him but the cup hit the table a little harder than I’d expected which got him up in a shock…

Ismail:”huh?shooh…you took so long I actually fell asleep”

Now what did I tell you?ungrateful to the last degree…

No thank you or jazakallah my wonderful wife for being so kind and getting out of your warm bed when you’re 8 months pregnant at 11:30 at night when everyone else is fast asleep…

Noooo…instead…”Oh you took too long”

Ok ok..I think I’m over tired now..I’m starting to feel sorry for myself….

I finally jumped into bed hoping to fall asleep this time…..only ismail found it necessary to have a conversation at this time of the night about what happened when he went to see aqEel…..

As much as I wanted to know, I felt it could wait till the morning…I’m starting to get really annoyed and edgy because I desperately need to sleep now…



4 thoughts on “part 204:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Eish – shame ….. Some men r really inconsiderate!!!
    We r humans – n even tho’ we don’t expect thnx from any1 , its always nice to know that what u do for ppl is appreciated n noticed.. Gives a sense of satisfaction … N we feel useful ….

    Awwww !!!! Those last months r hectic , especially wen u hve other kids to see to also – AND a husband who needs to b treated like a kids – lol

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. zana says:

    Poor faaiza. Men😔 but we still love them with all their rights and wrongs
    Pregnancy makes you forget. We always laugh and porridge brains😣. Mood swings all part of it.
    Its almost over faaiza hang in there. Inshaa-Allah 1 month to go. Its exhausting in the last few weeks. May allah make it easy for you.

    And you are dp right instead if moaning and groaning about not been appreciated. Do everything for allah pleasure. And eventually you will be rewarded in this world and the year after

  3. A says:

    That’s men for u…. Expecting u to be waiting for them at all hours. It’s so true that if we ask for reward from الله it will be appreciated but if we wait for humans to thank us we will be very miserable waiting

  4. Sister A. says:

    Shew! I feel sooo sorry 4 Fay. Ismail is so inconsiderate.
    Its true, watever gud we do should be done solely 4 da pleasure of ﷲ.

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