part 201:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

‘Ismails point of view’

I have trust issues…

what can I do about it?

Do you blame me for having trust issues when my entire life has been a lie…?

I don’t know whether to believe this imran character…for all I care, he’s just another psycho trying to make my life more complicated than it already is…

Faaiza says he looks exactly like me, or rather, I look exactly like him in a younger and more modern version…but obviously I can’t tell…I’m usually pathetic at telling resemblances…even though I thought he looked rather familiar the first time around..

A part of me wants to believe him….no lies..I seen the pain in his eyes when he was telling his story…but nowadays its so easy to put up a fake front and perform…

I’m 2 minded…I know I have very little time..if I really am going to go and see this woman who claims to be my real mother then I have to make my decision fast so that I can be back before ramadaan…

Don’t look at me all funny now..but let me tell you a secret…..”I’m scared”….no…I lie…”I’m terrified”!!

I need faaiza with me, I can’t do this on my own…I need her to be there with me..but I know that’s impossible because she can’t travel….

You see, if faaiza is there, she’ll know just how to deal with the situation, how to ease the tension and break the ice….(Sigh)

I need advice..seriously…..I need to speak to someone…get a second opinion…..but who?

I can’t believe those monsters….I can’t believe that they would actually do this to the life of a human being….

When faaiza used to complain about them, I used to get angry at her and cover up for them…I was completely blinded…I took them as my own even though I was abused by them…..I ran that damn shop of theirs for goodness sake like it belonged to me…..and I helped to bring in most of the good stuff…and did all the advertising…that business is now the most well-known stationary shop in town..and it was all the hard work and effort I put in it…

Why did they want a son so desperately if they couldn’t look after me and care for me…?

How much you wanna bet, if I tell them something, they going to throw everything in my face about what a perfect family they were to me and how they gave me everything of the best and blah blah CRAP!!!

If you ask me today, after hearing imrans story……I feel I would’ve been better off growing up in a poverty stricken home with a loving, caring family than growing up with the best of materialistic things and no love and care at all…

I wish I could scream it out to the world….

Ok…..that shouting was for myself too….that’s why I love my kids so much and that’s why I don’t say anything when faaiza disciplines them….because she’s teaching them the right thing…who am I to intervene and stop her…

That reminds me of something I heard moulana sulaiman moolla saying the other day in a lecture…he says that he was giving a lecture in california one ramadaan and someone in the gathering was sobbing his heart out throughout the talk….he says that after the talk he went over and hugged this man..the man invited him home for iftaar the next day which moulana accepted…

After iftaar, they went for taraweeh and upon returning the man eventually opened up and related his story…he said that he had a son…he showed moulana everything of his sons…his room, his cupboards, his computer…everything…
“I gave my son everything of this world…just with the flash of a card he could purchase anything that he liked..he had it car…went to the best university…got the best education…and then oneday, in a split second he was gone…Allah had taken him away….”

The man said that he had come to terms with the fact that his son was gone…but what is hurting him so much is that while he had given him everything of this dunya(world), he hadn’t given him one thing to prepare himself for his grave…for his aakhirah(hereafter) and that hurts him so much till today..

How much have we prepared our kids for the aakhirah?how much have we given them of this dunya?

My ‘parents’ had given me a lot of materialistic things…but hardly any deen(islam)….look at me?at my age, I still find it hard to even perform my fardh salaah…to fast…to do anything religious…

I have a terrible headache now…what do I do?what do I do?

snap…that’s it!!!!I’ve got it….!I know exactly what I’m going to do…….

The only thing left to do is confront those monsters……I have to…and they better give me all the answers that I’m looking for…..otherwise I’m going to do something really drastic!

Authors note:
Alhamdulillah we have completed our first khatam in less than 24 hours…the response was truly unbelievable…may Allah put In each of our hearts the love for His quraan and His beautiful deen and may He accept our efforts and recitation inshallah…the second khatam will commence after this post
Q&A page updated


10 thoughts on “part 201:

  1. Binte Ahmed says:

    Oh no! He should go meet his real mother 1st, then confront his so-called parents! Wat if he confronts them 1st n they try to run off imran,threaten him or whateva? He cant take that risk..hope faaiza talks some sense into him before he does somethin drastic n impulsive…

  2. zana says:

    They going to twist everything around and say it never happened.
    Ismail speak to aqeel. He will listen and give you the advice you need.
    Faaiza is also there for you. Let her know what your feeling
    Don’t forget to read bismiLLAH before you enter and before you start talking ti those monsters

  3. sister/in/Islam says:

    *shew* …. I wouldn’t even know what 2 do if I was put in that situation !!
    Its not easy just accepting it , but he must b open minded n try n find out properly b4 doin anything drastic !!

    Hope he can come 2 a decision quickly !!!
    N now he appreciates Faaiza n realises her true worth !!!
    (men !!! *rolling eyes* ….. Has2 take some drama in their lives to make them see their wives in a different light !! )

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  4. sm1 says:

    I thınk ımran ıs been genuıne ın hıs story . Wıll have to waıt and see on thıs one . Whats that wolf of a mother gonna say ? Yoh ı can already hear thıs monsters throwıng everythıng ın ısmaıls face of how they took hım from a poor famıly and what what ! Ismaıl ısmaıl does he honestly thınk they are goıng to say oh my son come we tell u the truth ?! For some reason ı lıke ısmaıl as the character even tho he can be a real cow at tımes to fay ! Thanks for the post . Im jst a very excıted new reader lol love your wrıttıng once agaın . . . I must ask how do u come up wıth such deep wrıttıng ıts amazıng how u have true hadıth or story relatıng to whats happenıng ! Theres just so much to learn from all of thıs !

  5. A says:

    Poor Ismail, totally confused about what to do
    Maybe he should ask Aqeel to go with him to meet his mother first then go confront the monsters
    الحمد لله at least now he’s starting to see the monsters in a different light
    I think Imraan’s story is true bcoz if he was their true son they would’ve tried to get him back but they didn’t make any effort wen Ismail left n all they did was spread stories about Fay

  6. Rums says:

    Preparing our kids 4the aakirah is “true love”…. isa wid t help of allah may we all give our kids truelove….thumbs up 2 ml.suliman lecture &our author

  7. Slms Alhamdulilah finally Ismail is thinking how he ought to have thought all along lets hope he makes the right decision ….
    Jazakallah to you for your wonderful writing it really takes your mind to things we often tend to overlook .
    May Allah guide all of us

  8. Sister A. says:

    Shew! Wat a situation Ismail’s °̩и. He shud tel Faaiza hw he feels & let her help him through dis. There’s gona be drama wen his ‘ FAKE ‘ famly r questiond abt it.

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