part 199:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Amatullah has been one amazing child mashallah…she’s a fighter and most definitely a gift given to us by Allah….

It was rather very difficult in the beginning…at first we were unsure as to what was wrong with her….she used to get sick very often and everytime we took her to the hospital tests upon tests would be taken until finally she was diagnosed with ‘downs syndrome’

When she was born unfortunately there were very few facilities and treatments for such a condition….alhamdulillah today people have spent time, money and effort to try and help those who are suffering from any kind of disabilities….

When amatullah was diagnosed, maryam was in denial at first…she refused to accept and suggested that we get a second and third and fourth opinon….but ofcourse…the truth was there….and she needed to accept….

The first few years of amatullahs life, maryam kept her indoors…she refused to take her out anywhere….she was afraid of how people would look at her…she didn’t want anyones pitiful gazes and didn’t want anyones sympathy…

I tried hard and so did the doctors at the clinic where we used to go for treatment, to explain to her that amatullah was a special gift to us..that it is not something to feel depressed or embarrassed about…

Sheikhs ex-wife helped with maryam once again…she explained to maryam what a reward it was to have such a child….that amatullah would be our means of entering jannah….that the sacrifices made to look after this special child and see to her needs would most definitely bring the pleasure of Allah and His forgiveness…

Mu’allimah explained that in todays time where we have young girls running amok and causing havoc and disobeying parents and corrupting their lives, Allah had blessed us with a daughter who is guaranteed jannah…

This specific child is innocent and will never be questioned regarding anything on the day of qiyaamah…what a great gift this is….

A day where each one of us will be drowning in our own sweat due the extreme heat of the sun which will be directly above our heads…

A day where a mother will forsake her suckling child due to fear of her own evil deeds…

A day when the father will run from his brother, mother, father, friends and own son and family…

A day where each person will try everything in their power to not be reckoned by the Almighty Allah…

On that day, our amatullah will be free from such grief…she will enter jannah along with all the others similar to her because of the so called disadvantage she had in this world…

This was glad tidings for us….this was our one way ticket to jannah…and Allah will only grant such a gift to those whom he loves dearly and wishes to enter into jannah…

Nabi(S.A.W) has taught us a dua to recite whenever we see anyone who is less fortunate than us…

الحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ الَّذِي عَافَانِي مِمَّا ابْتَلَاكَ بِهِ، وَفَضَّلَنِي عَلَى كَثِيرٍ مِمَّنْ خَلَقَ تَفْضِيلًا

“Alhamdulillaahil lathee aafaani mimmab talaaka bihi wa fadhalanee alaa katheerim mimman khalaqa tafdheelah”

The messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Whoever sees an afflicted person and says:

“Praise be to Allah who had saved me from what He had afflicted you with, and for honouring me over many of his creations.”

….He (or she) will never by afflicted by it (this particular affliction).

However nabi(S.A.W) would say this dua silently and not to the persons face so not to cause hurt to the person…

By the time amatullah was around 5, maryam got used to the idea and then started taking her out more often and allowing her to do things as we all did…

Today she is able to do so much for herself, but she is still dependant on us…that’s why she couldn’t come with to find her brother…

She knows she has a brother…and so does abdurahman…..they’ve always known…we’ve kept ismaa’il a part of our lives as if he was never taken away….

The idea of me coming down to south africa, was because maryam has reached a point in her life where the doctors say that she needs happy moments…she needs to be surrounded by happiness….she’s suffered way too much for too many years and this has affected the condition of her heart drastically….

I sat her down and we discussed ways to keep her in a happy environment, but all she wants is to see the only thing that could make her happy….all she wants is to ‘see’ her heart and that would make it all better for her….to have ismaa’il back, even if its just for a few moments and to know that he is well….



18 thoughts on “part 199:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awww maaan !!!
    Book Ismail’s ticket right NOW !!!! This is too heart breaking !!!!!
    He needs his mother n she needs him !!!

    And its soo true , ‎​اللَّهُ has blessed DS children – they r soo lovable ….
    May ‎​اللَّهُ make it extremely easy for all those who have children who have special needs – ‎​​​​آمين

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    • You buying ismails ticket?;p

      They really are lovable..the fact that they have been tested in such a way and yet they are always smiling gives us something to think about….

  2. Slms Jazakallah for another lovely post
    May Allah make it easy for all those who have children with special needs & make us appreciate all that we have been blessed with .

  3. B.Q says:

    MashaAllah for another Awesome post..جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا ..
    Request special duas for my Dadi who passed away today..may اللَّه grant her jannatul Firdaus and fill her qabr with Noor.. آمِينَْ

    • Ameen sister….may Allah grant ur dadi the highest stages of jannatul firdous…indeed she is fortunate for passing away on such great and auspicious days..

      May Allah make it easy for all of you aswel who are suffering the loss….and grant you all sabr e jameel…


  4. Sally says:

    This story has gotten so gripping and emotional!!

    Reallllly brilliant posts ماشاء الله
    So much to learn from their example..
    So many trials yet they remain steadfast on Deen & infact their imaan increases. This is how true believers are made to be distinguished from insincere ones.
    May Allah give us understanding..ameen.
    Jzk khair!!

    • Wslm…
      Jx sister for the comment..may we all take lesson from this inshallah especially myself..
      Allah teaches us in the quraan and in the beautiful lives of the sahabah how to be true believers not just as stories but so that we can emulate ourselves inshallah…

  5. Alhumdulillah, so glad sister has touched on the aspects of bringing up a child with special needs. Indeed it is a means of entering Jannah for the parents as well… How lucky they are!
    JazakAllah for the lovely posts with lovely lessons… Masha Allah.

  6. A says:

    ALLAHu Akbar! Such a beautiful story with so many lessons, may الله grant us the true reality n steadfastness for this beautiful Deen Islam
    جزاك الله خيرا for highlighting the rewards n sacrifices for having a special needs child, they truly are special in that they are so free from worries of this dunya n always smiling

  7. SamuRai says:

    Such a sad post but the best post so far 😭😞 I never really worried much about others in that condition. I felt sorry for them and always helped when I could but I never really stopped to think how lucky we are. JazakAllah for making me realize this. And showing me that they are actually just as if not more lucky than me 😄
    Wonderful post. Going to interesting to see how Ismail feels.

    • Your comment has really made my day…alhamdulillah…that’s the main idea of this blog…for everyone to take a lesson from it…inshallah..jx so so much sister

  8. Rums says:

    Slms.i read 198posts in two days….yippe im on par🎉😀
    ..mashallah u an amazing writter, lots of lessons 2learn, very inspirational.
    …i actually copied many stories and bayaans☺️to read again at a later stage.
    Allah give u t strenght to continue…
    Keep up t amazing work🌹

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