part 197:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

It was the toughest thing for maryam and I to do but we decided that we needed to really pick ourselves up after this very hard fall…we needed to work hard and be strong for eachother…we needed to get up and make something out of our lives…

Mohammed offered to keep a few important things of ismaa’ils with him…the ‘dogs’ wanted OUR house cleared of any evidence…not someone elses…so in that way, we still had some reminders…even though the greatest reminder was already embedded deep within us…

Every difficulty that we had to endure during our life had brought us closer to Allah and firmer in faith….

Ever since this incident, maryam hasn’t missed a single tahajjud salaah…she would wake up every single night when the rest of the world was soundly asleep and deep in slumber…she would cry every single day right till today for her son….

The excessive crying through the years has caused maryam to lose vision in the right eye and she has very little vision in the left…but this hasn’t stopped her…

That first year after giving ismaa’il away, things just got more and more tough…we were on the brink of starvation….and that’s when we understood Allahs great wisdom behind us sending ismaa-il away….he never would have survived the harsh reality of poverty which we suffered so severly…

I still continued my fasting every second day and maryam joined me…however we persevered. After reading the stories regarding the life of the sahaba(R.A), one can only realise that our sacrifices and sufferings are nothing compared…

Our beloved nabi(S.A.W) himself used to sleep on a thin straw mat and his pillow was made of a leather bag filled with date palms….alhamdulillah we still had a mattress and comfortable pillows to sleep on every day…

Hazrat abu huraira(R.A) himself narrates regarding how poor he was at one stage of his life….he used to shake so much out of such severe hunger that people thought him to be epileptic….but this was not the wasn’t epileptic fits that he was suffering from, it was the case of severe hunger…

Alhamdulillah we never had to experience that…

Later that year, my employers became more oppressive towards me, I sometimes thought that ismaa’ils new parents had something to do with that…but it got absolutely terrible working for them…

I started looking for another job but unfortunately nothing really came up….I went for interviews after interviews but unfortunately I was always declined….most of the time it was because of the way I dressed..I don’t understand how someone is allowed to wear almost nothing and that’s okay but when someone is dressed modestly and islamicly that becomes a problem….why should what you wear determine who you really are? But I suppose we live in a world of narrow mindedness so we just have to accept that too…because by no means was I giving up the sunnah of my rasool and modesty of my islaam just to fit in and be ‘worldly’ successful…

No-one accepted my sunnah libaas(clothes) and my growing beard and hat on my head…..

Maryam and I then got another idea with the help and inspiration of Allah….alhamdulillah we decided to start something of our own…

I started doing abit of carpentry at home…I used to carve and make house-hold furniture such as coffee tables and antique look sofas etc and I used to go to ‘The New Caledonian’ to sell my things…it was a flea market…also known as the Bermondsey market..and it was hard work….I used to begin work at 6am and work right through till late after 3pm…but it was only on a friday which gave me time to work from saturday to thursday making my stuff and then selling on fridays…

But my problem was jumu’ah salaah..I couldn’t and wouldn’t miss it…and so that’s where my friends came in to stand for me…they didn’t need to sell….they just needed to stand and watch my goods for me while I was away for jumu’ah…

Alhamdulillah things got much better for us through the years..and today I have a flourishing business of my own with the great help of Allah….its known as ‘I.M.I furnitures’

Authors note:
8 khatams complete alhamdulillah..please contribute to our 4th khatam on ‘journey in a lournal’



13 thoughts on “part 197:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awww !!!!!!

    And defntly after difficulty comes easy !! Soo happy abt the improvement of their financial status …. But still sad abt their beloved son …..

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. ummi says:

    1st and foremost their Shiek should have encouraged them on buildin their imaan…’That every child is born with their rizq’,and should have organised zakaat for them…..or maybe the Shiek was getting a kick back from Ismail’s adoptive parents.

  3. A says:

    ALLAHu Akbar!! Maryam reading Tajajjud every night n crying for her beloved son, hope Ismail takes note of this n goes to see his mother
    The adoptive parents n Sheikh are in cahoots in this whole thing but rozi n sustenance comes from الله
    الحمد لله at least their finances changed for the better
    Now plz hope Ismail agrees to go n see his mother

  4. Al says:

    Slm all. Guess what? I think we’re in for a treat on Jumua…isn’t Ms Authoress? In Shaa Allaah you’ll have reached Part 200, MashaAllaah! So that means 5 posts bonus YiPpEe YiPpEe YaY!!! Loving the storyline and all the lessons learnt

  5. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه after their difficulty came ease °̩и the form of Barakah °̩и their business. Wonder wats da Sheikhs story.

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