part 194:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Sheikh had given us good advice and glad tidings..he had reassured us that this great deed of ours for the pleasure of Allah would most definitely pay off oneday….if not in this world then most definitely in the hereafter…

A meeting was scheduled for a week later as the family needed to fly down to meet with us and discuss whatever was necessary…

We had arranged to meet, obviously not at our measly little home, but rather at sheikhs home…where he would also be there to help us through this situation…

the entire week maryam and I grew even closer to this amazing bundle of ours..our entire life now revolved around him….we didn’t mind the waking up at night at all…it was a pleasure for us actually….we had but so little time to spend with him and we were determined to make the most of it…

It sad that we only realise the worth of something when we know its going to go soon…..but what we fail to realise is that everything is going to end at some point…nothing besides Allah is going to last forever…

We all are inevitably going to leave this world….everything needs to be valued as if it is our last….

Our lives need to be valued as it can be taken away at any given moment…

Our spouses need to be valued as we have no idea what Allah has instore for our relationships in the future…

Our wealth needs to be valued as we may have the best today..but Allah can snatch that away in a split second…

Our beauty needs to be valued by observing hijaab….as that too is something borrowed to us by Allah and if we don’t value that, He may decide to take that borrowed gift back too…

Our kids…our kids need to be loved and valued and brought up according to shari’ah as they are entrusted to us….tomorrow they will either grow up…or in our case…they may be taken away to be looked after by someone else…

The day of the meeting had come…it was time for us to meet our sons future parents….

Maryam and I were as nervous as ever….I guess deep down in our hearts we wished that they were not happy with our baby ismaa’il and they would change their mind about adopting him…even though we knew that that would be impossible…he was such a loving, beautiful child…anyone would immediately fall in love with him…

He was fair skinned….well ofcourse…maryam and I were both white….he had my light brown eyes….which were even lighter in the sun…he had maryams naturally dark brown hair….

my hair was naturally very light coloured…but that’s what made maryam so gorgeous…she was fair skinned with dark hair…..

Besides his appearance, ismaa’il was a gift from Allah…for a newborn baby, he was so alert of his surroundings….

He was such a calm and content baby…we hardly ever heard him cry in the last week that we had to bond with him….maybe that’s because we spoilt him so much..we would just hear a slight squeal and both maryam and I would jump up to attend to him…

Maryam chose to breastfeed him for this one week…even though she knew that we had to hand him over, she wanted to feel what it was like to breastfeed her baby….and also she didn’t want to deprive him of this one great gift that Allah had provided human kind with…

It is of great benefit to breastfeed….it is something that had been instructed over 1400 years ago in the quraan and yet today science has proven its numerous benefits….

Its healthier for the child, its germ free, the bond between mother and baby is stronger….and the list goes on….

But since there was a lack of food in our home, maryams milk was less and therefore we had to buy a tin of formula….this was Allahs wisdom….he gave maryam the opportunity to breastfeed her little angel but at the same time allowed him not to be totally dependant on her so when the time for leaving her approaches, it won’t be as hard on him….

Nevertheless….we arrive at sheikhs home where the visitors were already waiting for us….

The seemed very very warm….overly warm…they even brought gifts for us… which we were very grateful….

Little did we really realise what those gifts were actually intended for……

Authors note:
8 khatams complete alhamdulillah


4 thoughts on “part 194:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awwww maaan !!! The very emotional moment is here- *sob*

    “Little did we really realise what those gifts were actually intended for” !!!!
    Grrrrrr …. Now that we know what kind of ppl they r !! ….. *angry face* !!!!!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    • A says:

      What an emotional post, they bonded with their baby n Maryam tried her best to breast feed n now they have to give him up….
      They r sooo shallow ppl, seeming so warm but beneath the facade ‘can’t see’
      Now for the final moments with their son….’crying’

  2. Sister A. says:

    Awww! They bonded wid their baby & now dey hav 2 part wid him. 😦
    Αи∂ now 4 da big parting …………….

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