part 189:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Just looking at her lying there, I was stricken with grief…what have I put this woman through?what have I done to her?my lack of being able to provide enough for her had caused her to be in the state that she was currently in…

I know that everything is in Allahs hands…well I know that now..but then I was all new to this and had a lot to learn….I didn’t realise that everything was in Allahs hands..that sustenance was determined by Allah..that a persons falling ill was all done by Allah…that all good and bad is from Allah…

I didn’t realise that He alone is the doer and that He alone is the one that does things with infinite wisdom and that everything had already been predestined by him…

Whatever had befallen us was never going to pass us by and whatever had passed us by was never going to befall us…

I felt weak and useless…I had no idea what to do…in those days not every person possessed a cell phone and I didn’t even own a car…but all I knew was that I needed to get maryam as fast as possible to the hospital…

I rushed out frantically from the apartment and knocked on the neighbours doors in desperation..I needed help and I needed it urgently…I didn’t care that I barely knew anyone there…

My next door neighbour opened the door but he was almost as useless as I was, he too didn’t have a phone to call an ambulance..but he had a car atleast and was kind enough to offer us some help..

I carried my frail wife down the many stairs and into my neighbours car…

Long story short..alhamdulillah we reached the hospital in time only to find out that maryam was expecting..and that she was very weak due to not having enough nutrients to keep her body going…her blood pressure was unusually low and that had caused her to pass out…

I didn’t no what to worry about more…the fact that maryam was expecting, or the fact that she was so debilitated or the fact that we didn’t have enough money for just the 2 of us to barely survive and now we would have a third to stress about…

The next day, When maryam woke up, I went in to see her…I wanted to break the news to her but I was so afraid…I didn’t know if she’d be happy or sad about this news…

Me:”hey love…how are you feeling?(Giving her a kiss on her forehead)”

Maryam:”oh just great….apart from the fact that I’m tied down by all these machines and being fed by a drip..and laying in a hospital bed rather than my comfy mattress at home with my hubby to keep me warm…I’m just great…(Sarcastic)”

Okay..that was unexpected and her moodyness just made it more difficult for me to tell her…

Maryam:”when can I get out of here?”

Me:”just as soon as you have enough strength love…you needed the rest so its best that you’re here for everyone to take care of you…”

Maryam:”I’m capable of taking care of myself..I want to go home…!”

Me:”ok just calm down…take it easy and I’ll speak to the doctor and see what he says”

I was silent for a while and then spoke again….

Me:”you know love….everything that happens is a test from Allah and Allah will never test anyone more than they can bare…”

Maryam:”love, the last time you gave me a lecture like this, you proposed…(Giggle)….what now?you going to tell me more good news?”

I forced out an awkward smile…..
“Its great that you’re so optimistic”

Maryam:”what love?…spill it….!”

Me:”err…umm….err….what would you say about having a baby?”

Maryam:”are you crazy?!!!we can barely support ourselves..look at me!..I’m lying here half dead because we don’t have enough money to put food on our table everyday and you’re asking me to have a baby??!!!!what has gotten into you?we’re married for less than 2 months..”

I just looked down…..I didn’t know what to say…typical maryam for reacting the way she did….

I was suddenly disturbed by the doctor who walked in to check on maryam..
“And how is our lovely mum-to-be doing today?”

Authors note:
Maaf for late post…sundays are just abit hectic and no time to sit with my phone..nevertheless..rather late than never



12 thoughts on “part 189:

  1. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه Imraan is strong. He accepted their difficult situation even though he was feeling low. Waiting 2 hear abt Maryam’s reaction 2 da good news.

  2. U says:

    cant wait to hear what maryams reaction is.keep up d excellent work.may Almighty Allah reward u in abundance.Aameen

  3. A says:

    I admire Imraan’s strong Imaan n firm faith that all conditions are from الله
    Can’t wait for Maryam’s reaction

  4. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awwww !!!!!! ‎​​​الحمد لله … Atleast she’s on the road to recovery !!!

    Ooooh no !!! Wonder what her reaction is gonna be !!!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  5. sister/in/Islam says:

    Btw …. I know I’m very late commenting … But … Good things come to those who wait !!! SO – thanx for waiting Mrs S !!! *sticking tongue out*

    AND I just saved the best for LAST – lol
    Have a good nites sleep !!!

    Was salaam

  6. A says:

    I admire Imraan’s steadfastness m Tawakkul in الله
    Wonder how Maryam is going to take the news after all she’s been through

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