part 187:

For once her mouth was shut…well actually it was hanging wide open but for once there were no words running loose…

I waited for her reaction….but there was absolutely was dead silent and then suddenly all over again the crying started….

Women!I honestly can’t understand them…they cry when they think you’re leaving them and then they cry when you tell them that you’re never leaving them…weird don’t you think?

Me:”now what are you crying for?”

And then she starts laughing…even more strange…

And like a shy modest muslim woman, covers her face to hide how much she’s blushing….

Me:”you’re crazy you know that?”

Maryam:”and you still want to marry me?”

Me:”well…yeah…I guess….”

Maryam:”but imraan we can’t…..we have nothing…how are we going to get married?”

I explained to maryam everything that uncle sulaiman and moe had explained to me about how simple nikaah is in islam….it is nothing like the customs of a non-muslim…there are actually no expenses besides the dowry that needs to be given to the bride..there is no major formalities of having to get a caterer and flowers and centre pieces and blah blah blah…islam is such a simple religion…and that what had drawn us mainly to it…

me:”so?you haven’t given me your answer as yet….”

Maryam:”well you doofus!unfortunately you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life…..!”

I was elated…..I couldn’t control myself…we immediately went over to give moe and his family the good news…they were overjoyed….

The ladies took maryam and stared preparing her and moe and I went to a few people that uncle sulaiman had referred us to to find out about a little flat to rent…

He was going to help us out until we were strong on our own 2 feet…

Alhamdulillah, moe and his family were very well known and respected amongst the muslims around and the minute they heard that we had reverted to islam, they were so warm towards us..

We managed to get a tiny 1 bedroom apartment with a bathroom and mini kitchen all open planned…

The next day was crazy….moe and I and a few other muslim brothers helped to clean the place out so that maryam and I could move in as soon as possible as the nikaah was to take place that very evening…

Nabi(S.A.W) is reported to have said something to the effect that 3 things should never be delayed….one of which is nikaah…..

We didn’t have any furniture or anything at all..but that didn’t bother us much…we said that we’ll work things out as we can manage…we didn’t have to impress anyone..our main aim was to please Allah and the thought that I beloved nabi(S.A.W) himself had so little was enough to keep us content..

So that evening I went to the masjid and after the maghrib salaah my nikaah to the most amazingly beautiful and Allah fearing woman was performed….

After my nikaah, moes mum prepared a large pot of traditional indian food and had us all over for a meal which they made an intention for our walima…there were no more than 20 of us..

Maryam was adorned by moes sister who handed over her very own wedding gown to maryam to wear on this special occasion of hers…it was modest, yet beautiful and only then did I realise what I truly felt for maryam…

It was so incredible…this very woman that I’d spent my entire life with, I never thought I’d ever marry in my life….this very woman that I took as my sister or my best friend, I never thought to be my wife and the mother to my kids…but definitely Allah knows best and has everything planned out for us already..

Maryam and I moved into our apartment that very night…we had just a single mattress on the floor which we shared…we had a 2 plate, second hand stove which was donated by one of the generous muslim brothers of the community and we had sheets hanging on the windows as curtains…it appeared that we had nothing..but the barakah, peace and love that was felt in that very little home was phenomenal…

Moe and his family helped with basic toiletries and stuff and we were still to have meals at their home everyday until we were settled…

And that’s how mine and maryams life began….



8 thoughts on “part 187:

  1. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه the simplicity of Nikah °̩и Islam. Wat a simple start 2 a new life! Can’t wait 2 find out wat hapend next.

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