part 183:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Mohammed:”ok Eleanor….here’s what you need to understand about me and my religion and my praying so many times a day….but do you have time to listen right now?or should we reschedule for a more appropriate time?”

Eleanor:”I’ve got all day moe….go ahead…this should be interesting!”

Mohammed:”you see….our prophet mohammed(peace be upon him and all the other prophets) was 40 years old when an angel named jibraa’I’ll(gabriel) appeared before him and gave him the news that he was chosen as a prophet of Allah…prior to this he was completely unaware of this status of his..yet he never worshipped anything else before this..with all due respect to you guys….he never worshipped any idols or the sun or moon or anything like that in his life and there were a few others just like him who were known as hunafaa(upright), who also refused to worship idols….they would perform pilgrimage annually to Allahs house in makkah…this was built decades before by prophet abraham and they would sacrifice in commemoration of prophet abrahams trial of sacrifce of his only son ismaa’il…”

We all listened attentively, especially mary and I….as this sounded all so familiar to us…we were familiar with the stories of abraham and his son ishmael….as these were mentioned to us a few times in bible lessons or when we’d attended church…

We were totally astounded that mohammed knew so much about our religion, yet he wasn’t christian…

Mohammed:”a few times after he was told that he’s a prophet, gabriel used to come to him and teach him to make ablution…that is washing your body before praying…”

Me:”is that what we see you doing in the washrooms sometimes?”

Mohammed:”aha…I make ablution, just like prophet mohammed(peace be upon him) was taught to so that I am clean enough to pray to the purest of All Beings…that is God Almighty…Allah…”

(Sipped his coffee)..and then continued

Mohammed:”and then some 11 years later he was summoned one night to the heavens and there he was given the gift by Allah that it is compulsory to pray 5 times a day..that’s besides all the other optional prayers that you may voluntarily do…”

Eleanor:”but how do you know that all this even happened moe?you weren’t even there…what if it was all just fairytales told to you as a kid?”

Mohammed:”because dear….that’s the beauty of islaam….islam is true and every single thing has been recorded, word for word….and nothing has been changed upto this day….(Pause)…tell me…when you’re sitting in a lecture room….and taking down notes….and then from there I copy your notes and someone copies mine and then teaches it in their own way to someone else who in turn teaches it in their own words to others…what’s going to happen?is it going to still be exactly like your initial notes?”

Eleanor:”well duh….obviously its not going to be my original notes..there’s going to be some changes..that’s exactly my point…nothing could have stayed the same all these many years later going from one person to the next…”

Mohammed:”you see but it did…..because the hadith…which is the sayings of the prophet mohammed(peac be upon him) was written down by his closest friends….and then passed on…but islamoc scholars only take that which is authentic….they will not accept a narration if there is a single link missing somewhere…and that also, they will not accept a narration from anyone who has even told a white lie in their life…or was known to be a mischief maker or open transgressor…..that’s how we know it Is the truth…and the quraan is not the word of prophet is the word of Allah and not a single word, phrase or verse has been changed ever since it was revealed to prophet mohammed(peace upon him)….”

Eleanor:”no way?!”

Mohammed:”I’m serious… can go to any part of the world….and take a copy of the quraan…..and compare it to another quraan….you will find its contents exactly the same….not even a letter will be different….I can challenge you to it if you’d like?”

Eleanor:”no…no..its cool..I take your word for’re an honest guy…..”

Mary and I were stunned…..we’ve learnt about the bible….but no 2 bibles are exactly the same…there are different versions and there’s the old and new testament….

This bothered us a lot….we needed to find out more from mohammed….

Eleanor:”one more question you haven’t answered moe… do you know that there really is an Allah?”

Authors note:
Alhamdulillah we are on 4 khatams at the moment….if you can only manage a para, please contribute to ‘a journey in a journals’ page


4 thoughts on “part 183:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​ما شاء الله
    What good answers !!! Even for us to contemplate on …. N also to learn how to answer the questions of non-Muslims when they ask abt Islam …

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. Very true. Moreover the quraan is the only book that people have managed to memorize word for word and to retain in memory. There’s a page on facebook called ‘scientific miracles of Islam’ it shows that the quraan contains in it things that scientists are only now discovering and it contained future events that no one else could predict

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