part 181:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

The kids came back excitedly, both holding gift bags in their hands….

Imran had bought gifts for everyone in the house..

He bought a porcelain tea-set for raadiya..

A remote control motor-cycle for riyaad…

My kids were very happy as they hardly ever get gifts..well they’ve never really received any gifts from their ma and papa before…I don’t ever have money of my own so I can’t buy anything for them…ismail is too stingy to buy gifts for his kids…and we don’t believe in birthdays so basically the only people that ever do buy anything for my kids is dada and dadi…and now their dada too….

He bought A huge chocolate and nut parcel for dadi and dada…(Ismail mentioned to him on their first meeting yesterday that we’re living with my grandparents and we’re looking after them as they’re old)..

An extraordinary cutlery set for myself…

And He even bought ismail a gift…….he bought him a digital quraan set…it was beautiful….it consisted of various reciters, one of which was ismails favourite qari abdul bassit…..and gives you the translation of the quraan aswel as the tafseer(commentary) of each verse….it also had a few ahaadith with meanings and the basic daily duas to recite, all with translation…

Ismail was chuffed…he looked like a kid who had been given a new toy…he was utterly impressed…

Me:”you really shouldn’t have done all this….”

Imran:”its all just something small…had to do some quick shopping this morning before I came and my gps directed me to the plaza in fordsburg…hectic place that, but atleast I didn’t come empty handed…”(He joked)…”Besides…..nabi(S.A.W) mentions to the effect that the giving of gifts increases love…”(Warm smile)

Me:”no really..its the thought behind it…you really didn’t have to…your coming all this way and giving us this great news is more of a gift to us than anything that money can buy”

imran:”honestly, I missed out on all of this for years…I may have moved on in my life..had my son and daughter and alhamdulillah Allah has brought us a long way and made things easy for us..but there was always that part missing in our lives and my wife maryam…ismails mum…and I…well…there hasn’t been a day in all these years that we hadn’t thought and made dua for his well being….its good to see that Allahs accepted that dua…..look at what a wonderful wife and loving family Allah has given you…”

Ismail shifted uncomfortably in his chair and just continued looking into his plate….

I knew exactly what he was thinking or feeling….but there’s no reason for him to feel sorry for himself anymore…this is the beginning of a great and brand new chapter of happiness in his life….I wish he’d see it that way….

Dada unintentionally broke the tension by changing the topic to what imran does for a living and basic london talks…dada and dadi had been a couple of times to london apparently so they could relate to a few things that imran spoke about..

It was lovely listening to him talk about his life…they may have had less in their lives..but they were content and so spiritually charged, it was something I admired and wished I too had….

We finished lunch and ate abit of a hot bread pudding for dessert….

While the men went to perform zuhr salaah in jamaa’ah, dadi and I cleared up the table and proceeded to perform our zuhr…

I joined them again in the lounge as soon as I’d completed my salaah…they were talking their own things….and the kids still hadn’t left their dadas side….

If you looked at them, they looked like one big happy family…

Imran then began telling us more about his family….about ismails mother and brother and sister….

Authors note:
Alhamdulillah we are on 4 khatams at the moment….if you can only manage a para at a time, then please do check out a journey in a journal’s quraan page..and you may add on which para you would like to commit yourself to for the next 2 weeks inshallah…and in that way we’ll be able to reach our goal of 319 by the end of sha’baan inshallah….just a month to go….we’ve already entered sha’baan…alhamdulillah!



6 thoughts on “part 181:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​الحمد لله
    Gifts increase Muhabbat !! And to put a smile on a child’s face is also sawab – ‎​​سُبْحَانَ اللَّه

    What a gem of a person – ‎​​​ما شاء الله
    Let’s hope it has a positive impact on Ismail – and SOON !!
    Will b nice to know more abt his mother and siblings !!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. Aww how cute, he did bring gifts 🙂 children always get excited when someone gives them gifts. Well thank goodness Ismail has found his real family, maybe he’ll change for the better knowing his father is such a deeni inclined man

  3. Sister A. says:

    Family bonding time. الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه da warmth of family being shared. Only Ismail needs 2 change his attitude & embrace it too.

  4. A says:

    Imraan seems like such a lovely warm hearted person, hope it has a positive effect on Ismail but no one can blame him for being the person he is after he ws brought up by the cold hearted family of his
    Hope he changes his attitude ان شاء الله
    Can’t wait to hear about his family

  5. R says:

    Awesome family. I’m speechless. Cnnt wait 2 hear more abt dis family. Hope ismail goes 2 london 2 c his real mother. ???

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