part 180:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

You know they say you get some people who are just the epitome of piety…their piety and noor shines right through and they automatically remind you of Allah?

Coming from ‘london’…I would have expected someone modern….less deeni…maybe that’s because I always just perceived london to be a mod place and so I just wrongly expect that everyone that comes from there to also be mod…but that’s totally my…because I’m judging people because they come from a place that I’ve never even been to myself…that’s lower than low…I’m starting to become like those aunties in town who label everyone..

Well anyway, back to what I thought about imraan….a clean shaven, well dressed in a suit maybe…..half bald type of guy….

Well was I wrong…mashallah…this man was clared fully in sunnah attire…he wore a sunnah length crisp white kurta but was yet so neat, very fair in complexion with a charcoal grey full sunnah beard…a miswaak sticking out of his top pocket and I cannot believe the resemblance ismail has to him…

Well ofcourse he is his real father, but they were so identical, it was scary….

He was like ismail in a deeni version and a couple of many years older….

That’s what ismail meant when he said ‘this man looked so familiar but couldn’t place where he’d seen him’

That’s because duh,,,,he looked exactly like ismail….

The minute I entered the room, he stood up out of respect for a simple person like me?wow! And he had a broad smile across his face which could have brightened up anyones day…

Imran:”assalaamu alaykum….faaiza I presume?”

Me:”err..wa’alaykum salaam….jee..I’m so glad you’ve made it over…its so good to see you..did you manage to find the house nicely?”

Imran:”alhamdulillah…Allah has granted man a great gift of intellect….(Pulling out his GPS from his pocket and waving it in the air)…thanks to this nag woman who keeps nagging me to turn right….turn right…”

We all giggled….he already broke the ice….as tense as the situation ought to be…this mans great ways just melted all the tension away…

Imran:”ismail not around?”

I just adored the way he said ismail….just the way we’re supposed to say it…is maa eel….beautiful!

Me:”he should be back anytime..he just went to fetch the kids from school quickly….”

We chatted abit about the kids and everything in general….I brought a bowl of chevro that dadi made and served it to him while we waited for the main person to this whole story to return…

When they finally arrived, the kids rushed in eagerly to meet the new visitor…I later found out that they were so excited, they told everyone at school that their dada was here to visit them all the way from london…yikes!let’s hope the ‘wicked’ lot don’t get the news as yet….

Raadiya, who’s usually the more reserved and quiet of the twins, and who’s also very choosy with who she gets close to, surprisingly sat with imran from the time she entered the house and wouldn’t leave his side for a minute even…

Riyaad was overjoyed aswel, but found imrans accent more amusing than anything…

Remember that my kids don’t watch TV so this was their first time that they’ve ever heard someone talking with this type of accent…they’re accustomed to ‘flat’ south african english, boere afrikaans and the few african dialects…so the wha’ and tha’ and ha’ and fa’ accent was absolutely fascinating…it really is!

Even ismail seemed to be enjoying himself with his new-found father…well he wasnt all fatherly, they spoke like old buddies but everything was going quite smoothly alhamdulillah…

I couldn’t help but ponder about the ‘so-called’ inlaws…how I never in my 7 years of marriage seen this type of bonding and peace. Its always been a cold atmosphere with them….very icy actually….

And my ‘so called’ father in law and I have NEVER had a decent conversation with eachother EVER…and here..I know this man for less than 24 hours and the conversation seems to flow from one thing to another…

Dadi announced that the food was ready and that we should all move over to the dining room..imran excused himself and said that he’d forgotten something in the car and that he’d join us shortly, however the kids just wouldn’t let him go and joined him while we all continued to the dining room to sit down for a scrumptious lunch…

Authors note:
Ok ok…..I’m REALLY very sorry for the late post…busy busy busy day…but rather late than never right?;)
And tomorrow I MAY be late again..but I’ll definitely post one inshallah as soon as I’m abit free…

Alhamdulillah we are on 4 khatams at the moment….if you can only manage a para at a time, then please do check out a journey in a journal’s quraan page..and you may add on which para you would like to commit yourself to for the next 2 weeks inshallah…and in that way we’ll be able to reach our goal of 319 by the end of sha’baan inshallah….


9 thoughts on “part 180:

  1. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه wat a warm start! May ﷲ unite their families 4ever. Imraan is jus da kind of person dat Ismail needs °̩и his life right now.

  2. A says:

    I totally agree Sister A, imagine how different his life would have been had he been brought up by his true parents but الله knows best
    U can see the bond btwn the family even though they met for the first tym, hope this bond goes from strength to strength آمين
    Ismail needs this warmth n love after what he’s been thru with his ‘parents’

  3. blog lover says:

    ok so he isn’t white lol.mashallah what a lovely post if only his adopted parents we’re loving towards him.

    Imraan seems like a good role model and inshallah lets hope that Ismail learns from him and follows in his foot steps.

  4. sister/in/Islam says:

    Awww … ‎​​​الحمد لله ….
    What a wonderful first impression of the ‘father’ ..
    And as they say , first impressions last … N hopefully this will impact positively on Ismail ….
    Hmmmm , wonder what goodies uncle Imraan has brought ??? 😉

    Ismail better watch n learn from his father …. N ‎​​إنشاءالله he’ll change for the better

    Waiting !!!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

    • Shoooh…was wondering where you were..I know your samoosas are done already so was getting very worried…..thought you left us and took a flight to london to see ismails mother before she kicks the bucket or something…lol

      • sister/in/Islam says:

        Maaf Mrs S , was deciding to prepare some stuff for uncle Imraan to take bak to London . Will wait for Ismail to go then we can visit ! 😛

        I won’t leave widout telling u !!!
        N wen she sees Ismail , she gonna force herself to get better , so he can get some motherly love !! Will make dua for her shifa …

  5. zana says:

    I know exactly what faaiza was saying. I think im also like that always have an impression about someone that im gonna meet and most of the time its the total opposite.

    Hope ismail gives his dad a chance.

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