part 174:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

Salmas point of view:

We were sitting at the table during jumu’ah lunch oneday when my mother in law brought up the discussion of the despicable ‘noori’

M.I.L:”so I heard that noori is getting married again…to some rich guy that’s in jamaat and everything…”

Aqeel:(muttering)…”Good for her…who cares really!”

M.I.L:”I wonder if he knows the truth about her or if they are bluffing him also…..apparently he comes from a very good and well respected family in azaadville”

Aqeel:”that’s their business ma…it has nothing to do with us”

M.I.L:”but don’t you think its our duty to warn them?you wouldn’t want someone elses life to turn out like yours did aqeel”

Aqeel:”no has nothing to do with me(looking at me)…..she’s the past and let’s leave it there…if this guy has any brains, he’ll obviously do his homework before jumping into marriage”

M.I.L:”he was also married before they say…maybe that’s why he’s not worried what went wrong…but we can’t allow her to mess this poor boys life…”

Aqeel:”ma..leave it!please!if she gets married, its better for us..really..she’ll finally be out of our lives.”

Aqeel looked at me and I just smiled….I was actually relieved…..she’s just been really out of hand and the unknown calls hadn’t stopped even though I haven’t been answering….

M.I.L:”what you mean bhai?she was out of your life a long time ago….”

Aqeel:”no….she’s been troubling salma a lot ever since we got married…”

M.I.L:”(shocked)..what?!(Looking At me)….why didn’t you tell me my darling?how was she troubling?”

We filled my mother in law in about everything from the wedding day till now….about how we’ll find notes at the front door whenever we retured from somewhere and the anonymous messages telling me to ‘back off or BEWARE!’

M.I.L:”oh my darling….I’m so sorry that you had to go through all don’t deserve it..”

Me:”(smile)..its ok mummy..its not anyones fault that she’s crazy…..that’s why aqeel feels its best if she gets married, atleast she’s out of our business…and nowadays you can’t approach people about who they’re marrying…and that they are not good prospects because they don’t take it that you’re caring and trying to save them from something..they think you’re jealous….so its better that we just stay out of it…maybe she’s changed….who knows(I shrugged my shoulders)”

Aqeel:”I highly doubt that’s possible!pft”

Me:”(nudging him)…don’t be rude love….maybe she did”

Aqeel:”really?well then what about the last note on sunday when we were at the mall that was stuck on the car window saying…..’shop till u drop with the money you don’t deserve B****!’ ??….so you’re telling me that she changed in less than a week?(Sarcastic laugh)….”

M.I.L:”I really thought she would change after everything that happened and all the humiliation…”

F.I.L:”faati….some people will never change…especially if you don’t feel guilty or regret your mistakes, how can a person change”

My father in law was a very quiet person on a whole, but when he did speak, he spoke a lot of sense and he spoke very intelligently….he was a wise man indeed….

He didn’t speak much to me, and when he did, he spoke with a lot of respect and compassion…he was very caring….and very very generous…

Whenever we were here at their house, he would make us feel so at home and insist that my mother in law fills up a whole box of goodies to take back home…

And now with ramadaan coming, its my first ramadaan with them but he insists that we spend iftaar together most of the nights…..I really don’t mind because my inlaws are really amazing people mashallah….may Allah always keep our love like this..ameen!

Me:”love… enlighten me on your ramadaan..I have to start preparing but I can’t until I understand what your habits are during this month”

Aqeel:”I’m not fussy sweetheart….I eat very little after I break my fast…mummy usually just used to make one savoury and a pot of food…whatever there is, I eat….”

Me:”what savouries do you like?”

Aqeel:”I don’t know….anything….the basic samoosas, pies, moons, springrolls…..doesn’t really matter…but why don’t you speak to mummy because she orders most of her savouries and just makes the easy stuff….”

Me:”why must we order?I do know how to make things…”

Aqeel:”you can make whatever you want to..but why must you kill yourself?if Allahs given us the money…why not support those people who are battling to make ends meet?”

Aqeel had a point…

Me:”but what if their things are not nice?”

Aqeel:”trust me honey…we’ve been ordering for years from this one lady….her things are quite tasty…..mummys just as fussy but she seems happy….”

So much for ramadaan stress….atleast I won’t be sitting for hours on end folding perfect triangles and messing my fingers with lahi(flour paste)….

Wonder what my mother will have to say if she must know I won’t be making savouries this year?! cant watch

“This lazy daughter of mine..all those years of teaching her to make things, now gone to waste…”

Authors note:
Inspirations page updated
Jumu’ah mubarak to everyone…may Allah guide us on this beautiful day and ease all our matters….
Don’t forget to recite abundant durood on our beloved nabi(S.A.W) and to make as much dua as possible as there is a time unknown to us on a jumu’ah that duas are readily accepted..
Remember me and my family in your duas…



4 thoughts on “part 174:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Hmmmm … Noori getting married !!! 😮 … Really hope she has changd for the better .. N doesn’t ruin another persons life ..

    Aahhh savoury making !!!!! The pre-Ramadaan excitement n stress !!!
    Hehehehe … But some people really go overboard and stock all three chest freezers and both fridge freezers – lol … And still have stocks after Ramadaan for the whole of Nkandla ( hahahahahaha ) kidding .. But its true … I’m not saying don’t make – cos it’ll b a help n give us more time to make ibaadat … But don’t make soooo much that we left with stocks months after ..
    May ‎​اللَّهُ make our Ramadaan “the mother of ALL Ramadaans” and make us take maximum benefit – ‎​​​​آمين

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. Sister A. says:

    Noori’s getin married. Hpfully she’ll b out of Sal & Aqeel’s way nw. 😀
    Sis °̩и Islam =))=D=))Њα̲̅α̲̅ Њα̲̅α̲̅ =))=))=))˘°˘=))˘•˘=D=D˘•˘=))˘°˘=))=D˘•˘=))˘
    =D˘•˘=)) нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘ =))˘•˘=D=))=D=))Њα̲̅α̲̅ Њα̲̅α̲̅ =))=))=))˘°˘=))˘•˘=D=D˘•˘=))˘°˘=))=D˘•˘=))˘
    =D˘•˘=)) нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘ =))˘•˘=D preparing savouries 4 d whole of Nkandla! 😉
    It’s definately a big help °̩и Ramadaan ɪ̇Ƒ da savouries r redy °̩и advance. More time can b spent °̩и Ibaadah instead of wasting time °̩и da kitchen. But, ther is no need 2 go overboard. Like 3 chest freezers & 2 fridge freezers now seriously!!!
    Salma’s °̩и laws r so sweet. May ﷲ increase their muhabbat. 😉

  3. Sister A. says:

    Sheikh Abdul Haq Dehlawi wrote Ibn Abbas(r.a) said,”Adam’s(a.s)creation was on Friday in the afternoon.
    Allah then created for him Eve, his wife, from one of his left ribs while he was asleep.
    When he woke up and saw her, he felt at ease with her and stretched his hand out to her.
    The angels said, ‘Stop, Adam.’
    He said, ‘Why, didn’t Allah create her for me?’
    They said, ‘Not until you pay her mahr(dowry).
    ’He asked, ‘What is her mahr(dowry)?’ They answered, ‘To recite praises on Muhammad صلّى اللّـه عليه و سلّم three times.’
    “[and in another narration, twenty times].
    Increase the recitation of Durood on Jummua.
    Ref: fadaail-e-Durood
    جُمُعَةُ مُبَارَك ❤

  4. Have a lovely Jumuah as well, sister! Definitely agree about Ramadaan preps. When you have the money, why kill yourself? But also, homemade is much more Barakat, inshallah Allah. May Allah give us Barakat in whatever we eat and make Insha Allah. JazakAllah Khair, sister.

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