part 172:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most kind, The Most Merciful)

I sometimes sit when I’m alone and ponder about salma and aqeel…about their relationship….I often make dua that Allah increases them in whatever goodness they already have…

But it also gives me some food for thought….

Why is it that aqeel is loved and respected by everyone?

Why is it that aqeel is able to hold a conversation with almost anyone at almost any time?

Why is it that people are so excited to see him when he appears and rush to greet hm and offer news to him etc?

When on the other hand, ismail is the total opposite….yes I know that I’m not supposed to compare…and honestly I’m not…I understand that all 5 fingers are not the same….but its just something that has me puzzled…

After much thought, I had come to the realisation that the way people treat us depends purely on our interactive skills with them..

The fact that ismail and I can have a conversation, yet 80 out of 100 times it lands up in an argument…

Whereas salma and aqeel may have the exact same conversation but in the end they both are laughing and have concluded amicably….

The fact that when we are in public, people forcefully give their hand to greet ismail out of kindness on their part or just etiquette…

Whereas, if aqeel is out somewhere, people who see him from miles away will rush towards him to make salaam and embrace him into a fierce hug full of compassion….

Now don’t get me wrong here..I am in no way admiring my best friends husband or wishing him to be mine…astaghfirullah…..!

Ismail and I were meant to be and so were salma and aqeel….

If I hadn’t married ismail, I wouldn’t have gone through all the tests I had and then I wouldn’t look at life the way I do…

And salma and aqeel are also meant to be…if noori hadn’t done what she had done then salma and aqeel would never be able to get married and if salma didn’t wait for so many years to get married, she wouldn’t be with aqeel….

This is purely Allahs amazing way and wisdom of pairing couples….

But at the same time, I’m just trying to understand this….

And I have come to a conclusion that ismail has a communication problem…and an interaction problem…a problem with dealing with others..

He’s not all that friendly and therefore people don’t get all hyped up to be around him….

My nabi(S.A.W) was such a person that every person wanted to be around…..

The sahaba (R.A) loved him so much and loved being in his company…they would sit and listen to him for hours on end and when it was time to leave him, they found it very difficult to do so….they just wouldn’t want to leave and when they were in their homes, they longed to be with him…

Once one of the sahaba(R.A) asked nabi(S.A.W)…”Oh nabi of Allah(S.A.W)….will we be with you in jannah?”

Nabi(S.A.W) replied that a man will be with whomsoever he loves (in jannah) …..

Every person that knew nabi(S.A.W) felt like they were the most special to him..this was a great quality that he possessed….

I guess that’s how we are supposed to be…we are supposed to deal with people in a perfect manner…we are supposed to be loved and to give love and we are also supposed to communicate well all the time…

Its like a person can give a lecture in the masjid, yet some people are yawning, others are playing with the musallah, other are looking at their watch to see how much longer…..

But another person can give the exact same talk but has the entire audience in awe of what he is saying and many may even leave with new resolutions…

Also, if we would like to be with nabi(S.A.W) in jannah, then ofcourse we would have to love and emulate him In every aspect….

This got me thinking that I need to be a good person and I would love to make my kids that too…

No doubt, ismail has some good qualities, everyone does……but I don’t want my children to have just a handful of good qualities..I want them to be the epitome of excellent character…

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18 thoughts on “part 172:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​ما شاء الله ..

    Its soo true that how we react to ppl , that’s how they will react to us . If we are always smiling , happy and friendly then people will find it easy to approach us and talk to us .. On the other hand , if we grumpy , moody and seldom smile .. Ppl will find it difficult to talk to us ..

    May ‎​اللَّهُ make us always smiling ,happy ppl – even thru our worries , and may ppl be happy to see us and be with us – ‎​​​​آمين

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. A says:

    Sister it is so true that how we interact with ppl that’s how they will be with us, it is like a ball thrown against the wall, the same ball comes back to us
    I don’t think u can blame Ismail for the way he is bcoz if u see his upbringing then he’s whole family are like that
    May الله make us such that ppl love us for the pleasure of الله.

  3. Very true! Narrated by Abdullah bin Amr radhiyallahu anhu that Nabi sallallahu alaihi wassallam neither talked in an insulting manner nor did he ever speak evil intentionally. He sallallahu alaihi wassallam used to say, “The most beloved to me amongst you is the one who has the best character and manners.” [Bukhaari]
    May Allah instill within us excellent character and join us with our Beloved Nabi in Jannat. Aameen

  4. Definitely very true. People are drawn to good characters like a magnet. At the end of the day, if Allah is pleased with you, your battles are won. So inevitably, everyone else will be drawn to love you too. But Faaiza should also consider that Ismail is his own person and that some people are just not that sociable. It doesn’t mean that people won’t like them because of it. (Well, I hope not!)
    The Ulema even advise that speaking less is better. It is what we say and how we act that is important. JazakAllah for this, sister.

  5. zana says:

    Sometimes the way you are treated as grow up really affects your behaviour in life. If you look at ismail and his ways. He never recieved that love and affection or approval from his parents. Whatever he did there was always consequences and that affects your life always.
    Now as a grown man he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. And all his life as he grew up there were only arguments.

    Loving someone and making dua for them can make a difference.

  6. rooksana says:

    Vvvy important points r mentioned in dis post. Masha allah.
    We all shud take lesson. N mk tym 4 taleem.
    R we gnna get oda post bcz dis post soo short *sad*

  7. rooksana says:

    Da mastoorat jamaat ws @ my house a few months back. N dey sed wen home taleem is been done n if no 1 part take of it den u mst take sumthg dat dey wear all da tym eg:topi,kurta or scarf etc. N kep it nxt 2 u. N den do da kitaab reading thru da barkat of dat reading wen da person wear da topi or scarf it will have an effort on dat person insha allah n he will start sitting 4 da taleem. May we all do taleem at home. Ameen

  8. Sister A. says:

    I agree ώĩ†̥h @Predesinedtobe & @Journeyadmin. How we speak & how we behave is very important. Best is to speak less. May ﷲ guide us °̩и improving our Akhlaaq ​آمِيْن.

  9. Naf says:

    Home taleem is so beautiful!
    I heard @ taleem…that once a woman used to sit & read taleem all alone,& she noticed as time passed a neighbour’s cat used to come sit with her…..Alhamdulillah

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