part 167:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful)

Aqeel:”I think we all need some family bonding time…how about we book a weekend away in drakensburg?my family and yours…it will be good for everyone…maybe mummy will calm down abit…..and it will give you enough time with them also…they probably missing you a lot..I would too if you had to leave me and go….(Wink)”

I kiSsed him on his cheek…

Me:”did you fall down from jannah or am I just dreaming that someone as sweet as you really exists?”

Aqeel:”what can I say?(Smirk..)….guess all your sweetness is rubbing off onto me….”

Me:”on a more serious note lovey….I think that would be a good idea….”

Aqeel:”I’ll call tomorrow and see when and where we can get reservations…I’ve seen a few ads on the net about this specific resort….its like separate chalets overlooking a golf course…”

Me:”wow..that will be great….and just relaxing….”

Aqeel:”you ever went hiking before….?”

Me:”err….like maybe when I was in school…excursion….don’t think ever after.I’m terribly unfit…”

Aqeel:”then I think you and I need to do some walking every night after supper….just up and around the complex…..will be good for us so we can do a good hike when we go on holiday….just a nice stroll every evening after esha maybe…not hectic jogging or anything..just to get my lazy wife abit fit…”

Me:”hey!I’m not lazy….!(Punching him lightly)”

Aqeel:”I know sweetheart….just kidding…..but its good to have abit of fresh air..we all need it….”

The following day aqeel was on the job looking for accomodation in drakensburg….

The beauty of drakensburg leaves everyone speechless… shows how truly great Allah just ONE Being can create such huge mountains….such serenity….

As soon as aqeel had us booked, we went over to break the news to mummy….to say she was impressed would be an understatement….she was over thrilled….shame, she too lives indoors most of the time….they hardly ever go on holiday…

The best part was that we’d booked 3 separate chalets….

my mum and dad and brother were occupying the one, the one was a single chalet for aqeel and myself and the last one was for aqeels parents….

So we would all be together, but each have our own space….

The closest bookings aqeel could get was in 2 weeks time…..that would be just perfect as after that we’d all be busy with ramadaan preps and won’t have much time for a break….

I thought of offering faaiza and ismail to join us with the kids but the doctor strictly forbade her from long distance travelling till after she gives birth..poor thing..must be so tough being stuck at home all the time..but fay is a tough one..she can withstand almost anything…

I’m weak…that’s why Allah doesn’t test me in the ways He’s tested her…and Allah probably loves her so much more than me, because Allah only tests those whom He loves….

Like the prophets were tested the most, and then those after them who were pious like the sahaba and so on…..

We are usually tested so that Allah can forgive our sins and draw us closer to Him…

When the weekend drew near, we were all so excited to just get away…

The friday that we were to leave, aqeel and I made sure everything was ready and packed before jumu’ah…..

I made abit of padkos(travelling food)….just some chicken strips, sandwiches and samoosas….

Aqeel went for jumu’ah salaah and we had lunch at my mum in laws place after namaaz and then we all proceeded on our journey….

My mum and dad inlaw wanted to drive in their own car..I think my father inlaw found it abit strange to travel in the same car with my mum….which makes so much of sense…

That’s what I loved about my inlaws…they appeared to be very modern in their ways, yet they were truly Allah fearing when it came to certain things…

I admire them for that…and besides….its because of their great upbringing that I have such an amazing husband like aqeel…..

aqeel and I, along with my parents and brother travelled together…it was his idea since my family needed some extra bonding time with me…

As we entered the drakensburg, I was awe struck….

“Rabbanaa maa khalaqta haathaa baatila..subhaanaka faqinaa athaaban naar”
(Oh our Lord…You haven’t created this in vain…glory be to You, so save us from the fire of jahannam)

Allahs beauty was surrounding us….I just loved nature….just looking at these mountains…how perfectly Allah had placed them on earth like ‘pegs’ to keep the ground down…..

Each mountain was different from the next..and as I look ahead, it was almost sunset and the sun was lowering itself and slowly disappearing behind another mountain…

This was something that could definitely not take place on its own…there most certainly was an All-powerful Controller behind the setting and rising of the sun…..and all other activities that take place on earth and in the heavens..

The colours that arranged itself so beautifully in the sky that no artist could ever put together such magnificence….

Allahu akbar…what lessons to learn from nature itself..this weekend is not only going to be relaxing….but its also going to be a very reflective weekend too….

Authors note:
Assalaamu alaykum everyone….:) jumu’ah mubarak and rem me in ur special duas on this auspicious day…
my break is over…so posts will resume as of today inshallah…



19 thoughts on “part 167:

  1. A says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    جمعة مبارك
    To our lovely author n readers
    Welcome back. Ur blog ws missed
    So sweet of Aqqel to take both sets of parents with them for a break
    Such lovy lessons to be learnt from ur post جزاك الله خيرا

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​سُبْحَانَ اللَّه
    ‎​​سُبْحَانَ اللَّه
    ‎​​سُبْحَانَ اللَّه
    U R bak !!! ‎​​​الحمد لله

    N now I feel like going on holiday !!!!!! Aaaaah !! Beautiful nature @ its best
    ‎​​​ما شاء الله

    Can just feel the serenity already .. N smell the crisp , clean , country air ..
    ‎​اللَّهُ ‘s Qudrat n creations !!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله
    U were MISSED – a lot

      • sister/in/Islam says:

        Samoosa’s n Biryani *shew*
        I just wanna who .. Who invented these crazy ‘time consuming ‘ foods ???????? Any ideas !! Cos I wanna confront that person – just wanna ask them …. Didn’t u like hav a LYF ?????? Hahahahahaha – folding long strips of pur – into ‘PERFECT’ three corner shapes – I wonder !!! Can’t really call it a triangle , cos then I’ll have2 specify – isosceles , scalene , equilateral ??????? Eish , I won’t say which ones mine looks like *hide*

        And biryani !!!!!!! That’s another process-filled meal

        BUT … We all enjoy them , so no use me complaining away cos I’m still gonna make them … Lol

  3. rooksana says:

    Hey da post is bk. Yipppeee
    Jzk author 4 coming bk we really missed u. Though u ws gnna leave us hanging 4 eve.
    Lovy post n lotsa lesson 2 be learnt regarding nature. I love goin on holiday. Welcom bk author

  4. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه Ʋ bak.
    Wat a luvly break at da berg admiring nature & the beauty of ﷲ’s creation.

  5. Idayat says:

    Masha Allah. I started reading your posts about a week ago, and I’ve really enjoyed every bit of it. May Allah keep you and Aqeel happier than you already are. *hugs* 🙂

    • Lol…jx sister…glad u enjoying it….just a reminder..none of the characters really exist..its purely fictional…
      Nevertheless…may Allah keep all the couples in the world happier..ameen!:)

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