pages to read..

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful)

Here are a few pages on this blog for you to read in the meantime…

The links are provided for the benefit of those who are unable to access them from the site….

If you wish to access them from the site, you will find 3 circles on the top of the page…one dark red, light red and blue…click on the first red circle on your left hand side…this will give you the menu..

About your author

BaTtle of tabuk

Books I recommend

Duahs we make unknowingly

Hazrat adam(A.S)

Hazrat ibrahim(A.S)

Hazrat isa(A.S)

Hazrat ismail(A.S)

Hazrat moosa(A.S)

In the blog world




Mind your language

Nabi muhammad(S.A.W)



The wedding of hazrat fatima(R.A)

What’s the big deal of ‘foreveramessup’

Feel free to add wherever you like by commenting….
These pages are regularly updated so keep checking them out whenever you wish to…



10 thoughts on “pages to read..

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله sooo soo much

    I’ve tried many tyms but it seems that I cannot get into the -menu,search,widget .. pages

    Highly appreciated !! 😉

    • Don’t be sooo sad….or you’ll make us all start crying….

      Inshallah I’ll be back as soon as I feel I’m ready…

      sabr sabr and more sabr…:)

      Here’s a hug in the meantym *beeeeg hugs*

  2. Aslkm, sister. I have just decided to check on your blog now, whilst I am supposed to be studying. I have not yet read your article, but as soon as my exam is over at 10. 30, I will be sure to. I have seen a huge uproar, and me being part of another one yesterday for expressing certain view of the Ulema on my blog, I have tried to stay out of other issues.
    However, as sister R had advised me, please don’t take it personally. It does get better with time. Yesterday I felt so down, but you know what, these are only blogs, and it’s not our lives. Allah knows, we are so caught up sometimes, we have a weak spot when it comes to this. Anyway, I will leave you with kind words and tell you that I always respect your opinions, and I’m sure I will agree with whatever you have said. I really know how you are feeling right now, but don’t back down.
    Uhibukki Fillah. Till 10.30. Insha Allah. Was-Salaam

    • Allahu akbar…sister..this bond Allah has created through his mere kalima is so beautiful….we have never met and may never, yet you take out special time just to give me a word of comfort this early in the morning, when you have other responsibilities aswel..may Allah reward u abundantly and may He make this exam of today and every other exam, trial and test you go through in life a complete success inshallah…

      • Masha Allah. Ameen. You bring tears to my eyes.. 😦
        Please remember me in your pious Du’aas, as my paper was quite terrible. Have a lovely break, dear sister.
        The fact of the matter is that sometimes people don’t want to hear certain things. Those things are not popular to them. But when there is promotion of other things with it, automaticallly we flock to it. That’s why I have tried to make my messages attractive by putting a story in with it. Not many will read it if it was just Deeni advices. That’s the sad reality of it.
        Shaytaan will constantly attempt to sway us. Don’t take it to heart. Allah make this easy for us.

    • Ameen…..something I’ve learnt through all of this is that while those who are promoting evil continue to do so without any criticism at all…we who try to promote haq always get run down….but hazrat nooh(A.S) propagated deen for 950 years with endless torment, but never became despondent…why should we, weak mortals then became despondent and give up….

      Together as one ummah we will continue to strive for what is correct, no matter what the challenges may be..inshallah

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