acquiring knowledge!

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the nameof Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful)

So I’m sitting in my own little world not realising the major uproar that’s been taking place regarding education….

And since I’ve noticed that my comments are never published on that specific site, I decided to write a post on ‘MY PERSONAL VIEWS’ with regards to this topic…

Firstly….as someone has mentioned, ‘to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave’ is NOT a was never mentioned by nabi(S.A.W)….

Yes the lesson from this statement is important….knowledge is absolutely necessary..

However we should keep in mind that my beloved nabi(S.A.W) was unlettered….but he was and still is the most knowledgeable person at the same time…

We all sit and argue and differ in opinion with regards to whether it is permissible to study or not…

Why do we frustrate ourselves trying to prove points to the next person and wanting to have the last say when the last say has already been said more than 1400 years ago….

As someone had also very beautifully mentioned….that we need to educate ourselves as women for the mere fact that we are the teachers of our kids….we need to have sufficient knowledge to be able to answer to our little ones many many questions….

However, it is the manner in which this knowledge is acquired….

And that brings me to the next persons view…that if we are saying that it is wrong to go to university, then we should think the same about sending our girls to school….

MY OPINION again…is that that is absolutely true….not only should my daughter not attend a non-muslim university, but my sons too should not attend a school where there is haraam promoted in anyway….

And yes…islamic schools nowadays are not islamic schools, they are ‘modern day schools for muslim children’…..

Not much is islamic……you have male teachers teaching female students, you have female teachers teaching male students…

You have male and female teachers mixing and socialising and getting all too friendly with eachother…

You have student and teacher relationships going on…

You have, even in an islamic school, teachers who don’t dress appropriately….

And you still find lots of unnecessary haraam taking place….

So in MY OPINION……government school, private school, modern day school for muslim kids…are all the same…..

Now this is where the importance of knowledge comes in….

If every one of us were educated enough, in the correct way, taught to us in the lives of sahaba(R.A)..which is the males of the house educating the females in the home, then we can be educated enough to educate our kids and the chain will continue for years to come….

This leads me to something else I’ve read…”That we are in different times from the sahaba and the prophet(S.A.W)….”

Why has the times changed?because we have changed it….we have changed the laws to suit us and that’s why the times have changed…islam hasn’t changed…

Our basic aqeedah(beliefs) taught in madressah is that every prophet had come with a book to teach their nation and guide them to the truth…and when a new prophet came, the past books were abrogated…..

The only book that came down and will never be changed is the Holy quraan….and that is because nabi muhammad(S.A.W) is the final nabi….

His rules and the rules ordained by Allah through the quraan will be for the rest of the world uptil the day of qiyamah…

So judging from this simple aqeedah that we had all been taught in our earliest stages of learning, we will understand that the times may have changed, people may have changed, but the laws of Allah remain the same….

I cannot say that I wish to give myself a boost of energy to make extra ibaadah tonight so I will drink a certain type of intoxicant to put me on a high…

Everyone will agree that that is infact foolish….because I cannot go through haraam means to do something good….

But I can argue and tell you….’Don’t judge me, my intentions are clean…my intentions are not to drink the intoxicant or to become high…it is to make extra ibaadah….’

Again you will say that I am foolish……

in the same way..islam does not put a woman at the back and say she should not be educated…but it does say that at all times the shar’iah needs to be followed…in no way should your imaan be at stake…

As mufti saheb beautifully puts it…people ask him to make dua that their daughters are going to university….its like saying…I’m walking in the rain, make dua that I don’t get wet….

There are major fitnahs out there in the world, for both men and women…..

I find it really amazing how anytime someone is told that they’re doing something against shar’iah, this new statement is made ‘don’t judge me!you have no right to judge me, only Allah knows what is in my heart’

Not that is something to think about…we openly violate the laws of Allah and then we say, don’t judge me,only Allah can judge me…

Do we have that much of conviction that we just committed a major sin and we are ready to face Allah because ‘my heart is clean’…?

So when we are face to face with Allah and he questions us about why we had changed his laws to suit ourselves, what answer will we then give him?we can’t tell Him not to judge….because He ultimately is the judge…..

I’m not saying don’t become doctors, dentists etc etc…..because yes we do need females to attend to us…

I myself will never go to a male doctor, dentist, optometrist or male anything for that matter……whether it is permissible for health reasons or not…..I just won’t….

And alhamdulillah, both my GP and dentist are not only in hijaab but niqaab aswel…

The way that they lead their lives amazes me….

They give time to seeing to ONLY female patients and kids and will sacrifice their spare time to attend to you of its urgent….

Yet the love, direction and morals they have inculcated in their kids amazes me…mashallah….

But how many of us can actually proudly say that this is our state…

When we attend universities to study ANYTHING….ask yourself, how am I leaving my house?how am I dressed?how am I travelling?who am I interacting with?how am I interacting with them?am I performing my salaah on time?am I strong enough to stay away from the temptations of shaytaan?

Shaytaan has made a promise to Allah that he will mislead us….and so far, by the looks of it, he has succeeded quite abit….

I personally haven’t completed school….I left, and it was my personal choice, against the wishes of my family who wished that I atleast complete matric….

I pursued my islamic knowledge….I am a mother, a teacher, I work and run my entire business all from the confines of my home and according to shariah…

So every woman….if they wish to educate themselves, by all means do so…..if you wish to work, by all means do so….but do not compromise islaam or the laws of Allah whilst doing so….

Someone mentioned that hazrat khadija(R.A) was a very successful businesswoman….yes no doubt she was…but this was done before nabi(S.A.w) was given nubuwah(prophethood)…once nabi(S.A.W) was given Prophethood, she left her career and stayed at home to see to the needs of her husband, home and children….

Its funny how we choose from the lives of the sahabah and sahaabiyah what suits us…to justify going out of the home to earn a living we bring up the fact that certain sahaabiyaah did that…..but why don’t we follow every aspect of the sahaabiyah and sahaaba then….why don’t we follow them in everything that they did….?

why don’t we follow them by dressing the way they did?talking the way they did, sacrificing the way they did, worshipping Allah the way they did,standing up to the truth the way that they did…..we can’t only choose what suits us….

We all complain that times are tough, abuse is rife, marriages are unstable….this also is our fault….if every person lived according to the quraan and sunnah, then these wouldn’t happen…

If every man, followed the ways of our beloved nabi instead of acting all macho like the actors, singers and football players, then they wouldn’t beat up or ill-treat their wives…..

And if every man And woman followed the laws of Allah, then there wouldn’t be such a great number of divorces…..and if every child was taught the proper islamic way of living then life wouldn’t be so tough…

So again it comes down to one thing..that we haven’t lived according to the principles of islam and therefore the times have changed….and if we keep on living our lives contrary to the quraan and sunnah then times are going to keep on changing and getting worse….

So its not too late..its never too late until our eyes close…together, as one ummah, we can all stand together and bring back the quraan and sunnah into every one of our lives…and just like how times had changed for the worse, together we can change the times for the better….

Something beautiful that I read just last night in fadhaa’il-e-a’maal last night and I wish to share with you all…..

Oneday nabi(S.A.W) performed an unusually long rakaah while leading a salaah…when the sahaba enquired from him he said that this was a salaah of yearning and humilty…and nabi(S.A.W) asked Allah for 3 favours:

1.Let not my ummah perish by femine
2.Let not my ummah be annihilated by an enemy gaining an upper hand on them
3.Let not my ummah fight amongst themselves

The first 2 favours had been granted but not the 3rd…

This brings us to realise that it was nabi(S.A.W)’s heartfelt desire for us, the ummah not to fight amongst ourselves, but how we are fighting amongst ourselves is actually a really sad state…

May Allah unite us all as we are all the bearers of laa ilaaha illallaah…..and none of us are better than the next…..we are all weak and sinful servants and only Allahs mercy will distinguish our ultimate fate…

This wasn’t intended to offend anyone, rather it was for me to add my 2 cents and also for us to understand the basis of this wasteful argument…

Let us all pray the following dua daily:
“Allahumma innaa nas’aluka ilman naafi’aa wa rizqaw waasi’aa wa amalam mutaqabbalaa wa shifaa am min kulli daa'”
(Oh Allah, I ask from you beneficial knowledge, vast wealth, accepted deeds and cure from every illness..”


39 thoughts on “acquiring knowledge!

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​​آمين , ‎​​​​آمين , ‎​​​​آمين – to all ur duas ..
    ‎​​​ما شاء الله
    That was absolutely lovely n wonderful points which r soo important !! I defntly agree abt education being very important – yet gaining it the correct way … ‎​​​الحمد لله my kids go to an Islamic madrassah , which is not even recognized bcos it conforms wid laws of shariah – ‎​​سُبْحَانَ اللَّه …
    If we try hard enuf , we can do things the proper way , we just must not make excuses n let our nafs get the better of us !!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. SZ says:

    The initial story of Faaiza and her family, he struggles and triumphs, her moments of solace and desperation, her feelings and inner

  3. FA says:

    I’ve noticed that you tend to frequently preach about your own virtuous qualities. Unfortunately, we all sin in some way or another, and you should keep that in mind, rather than writing with a tone of superiority. Love the blog, but you should stick to the storyline instead of using this as a platform to boost your personal self-confidence.

    • I think you’ve forgotten that this is my blog and I have all the right to discuss what I wish to on it….I have never mentioned that this is only a story…..if I wish to vent and share my views about any specific topic than that is my business as I am not using anyone elses platform to do so…

      Secondly, may Allah forgive me if I come around as proud or arrogant, these are not my intentions….when I talk about certain things about myself, I don’t do it to show that I am a someone in anyway, infact, its to be grateful for the favours Allah has bestowed upon me and also to show that certain things are possible….as people often say its impossible..

      I accept constructive criticism at any given time and where I’m wrong I admit and don’t try to justify…..

      If you are unhappy with the way I choose to use my blog then with pleasure u may stp following and that goes for anyone else that has a problem with it….


      And may Allah forgive me for any wrong intentions

  4. muslimah says:

    ما شاء الله Dearest author! Well said. Allah grant us the ability to practice آمين! At the end of the day we should remember that in deen its not about what we like and what we want, but what Allah likes and what He is pleased with.

  5. rooksana says:

    Masha allah well sed. N good points mentioned.hw fortune r those dat allah has choosen dem 2 becom alim n alimah n huffaz. Atleast dey can teach our kidz at madressa. Allah grant us da full understanding of his deen ameen

  6. Servant of Allah says:

    Great fan of your blog , doing an amazing Job …keep it up and always keep in mind that when ever people do good there will always be those few who will look for false and condemn everything so I feel the best way is to ignore and not think too much about it may الله reward you for ur sabr إن شاء الله

    • Jx..that’s brings me to something mufti menk once mentioned and I live by that…when we do something to please Allah and ppl criticise, then that’s a sign of acceptance from Allah…

  7. muslimah says:

    Alhamdulillah. . Ur blog has been inspiring & definitely a means of dawah for us as muslimahs. However sister id like to say something..plz dont feel offended. Every single muslimah out there is trying to better themselves.. we are far from the example of Sahaba. But at times your way of coming across is harsh..NabiSAW propagated deen with wisdom. At times we turn ppl away from deen by our strong view points.Times have changed.. our deen hasnt as you pointed out, but our approach has got change.Going back to the example of our NabiSAW .. his character nd mannerism conquered hearts. Lets never forget that.Jazakallah.

    • Jx sister for that…
      Please make maaf for the times I was harsh….I honestly don’t mean to and I won’t justify….not too sure where I was too harsh but will inshallah try to be more careful next time…

      If you hadn’t so beautifully pointed that out, I wouldn’t have known and I would have continued in this manner…

      May Allah reward u abundantly….

  8. oH-So-Me says:

    This blog has definitely lost its initial spark about it being about Faaiza and her life. The posts are now either about you responding to comments, or explaining yourself. You’re doing a great job by teaching us valuable lessons but I think the attention has gotten to u. Maaf if you’re offended but I’m in a platform where I’m entitled to comment.

    • I’ve noticed that you’ve had it in for me from the cruise story already….

      Yes you are entitled to comment and you are also entitled to your own opinion and if this is what you and many think about me,then that’s entirely your decision….

      I have tried my best to run this blog in a way that is pleasing to Allah at all times, and just like you say, this is a platform where you’re entitled to comment, its also a platform where I should be allowed to say what I feel like…as it is my blog in the end of the day..

      As far as I remember, I have been absolutely careful not to say anything to hurt another muslim in any possible way….for I don’t want to be answerable to Allah for that….a muslim is one from who’s hands and tongue other muslims are safe…

      I can’t say the same for the many of you who believe that fame and glory has gotten to my head..because if I wished to show off, then I would openly mention who I am……

      But there are only a handful of people who know me…

      Anyway, jx for the comment…..and feel free to run me down whenever it suits you…

  9. sisterinislam says:

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا very true words . May ﷲ͜ accept all our efforts . I love the way you have explained your stance. It makes a lot of sense. May ﷲ͜ keep every mu’min on siratal mustaqim & grant success to the believers that is in accordance with His pleasure آمين يا رب العالمين

  10. oH-So-Me says:

    Don’t worry, let me unfollow. I think I put too much negative energy into your life.
    Maaf and I hope we meet again in better circumstances one day, Insha’Allah.
    Asalaamu’Alaikum all.

  11. R says:

    Eish but people can be petty huh? Either take from the lessons or don’t . Why run people down? All you girls that run your own storylines through blogging, honestly I’ve got to hand it to you guys, I would never be so brave to do it. The constant criticism/badgering/snarky remarks etc can be so off-putting especially when dealing with deeni issues. I’ve said before as a comment to another blogger and I’ll say to you as well, if somebody is offended by something you have said especially if it is correct then they need to introspect and think deeply as to why they feel that way. I am imperfect. When I read blogs that encourage me to become a better muslim I find so many more faults with myself, however that just makes me more aware of myself and my behaviour now. I don’t see a need to be offended when learning a valuable lesson. People out there need to realise that we are all human, we all are imperfect but we do need to make an effort to become better human beings daily and honestly I don’t agree with that comment that states that every person is trying because unfortunately many people are happy living in their ‘comfort’ zones of ‘blissful’ ignorance . We need constant encouragement and reminders to be better people,such is insaan.

    • Your comment was so well put and really touched my heart that I had to read it out to my hubby….

      Jx sister for understanding where I am coming from and respecting my views…

  12. S says:

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ

    ماشاء الله
    You raise some wonderful points..
    Just my opinion … There is a need for female muslim doctors/dentists…. Ect ect.. So instead of running down the people who are attending universities & studying in the various fields… We should try & encourage them to become more Deeni inclined.

  13. I am so lost 😐 what did miss and where? Lol. Anyway even though I missed the uproar I think this message has been wonderfully said. I don’t think there is anything offensive in it. Whenever you convey a message I’m alway in awe at the way in which it is said. I think its very mature and sensible and very well conveyed.

    You do have valid points sister. That we should seek knowledge but we should never compromise our Islamic identity in the process.

    Anyway I’d like to share my personal experience. I went to university and my primary objective when I started out was to have a career. That’s what my parents wanted for me and that’s what I was told to want as well.

    Subhanallah instead of losing my morals at university I actually made positive changes for the better. Allah knew that I was weak and still am therefore He made it such that I studied with a girl who was so morally and Islamically upright that I found myself following her example. I made so many positive changes because of her.

    Allah also made it such that we never had to interact with strange men on campus, we travelled together and never frequented ‘those’ areas on campus.

    Allah also kept me away from situations in which I would not be able to control my nafs. I fear what I would do if put in such a situation. Truly Allah saved me.

    During my last year of study I thought about all we’d been through and how we were done and I just thought that if I had the choice all those years ago I probably wouldn’t study. I’d do something Islamic, something that would help me in the hereafter because as I’ve said when I die, nobody is going to say ‘Oh Amani the XYZ died’. I’m just going to be another name, another person, another statistic.

    Though I do enjoy my job, I know that it was Allah’s plan for me. Its just that when weighed something Islamic will count more than something wordly.

    I also frequently thought about what would happen if I just died before I finished studying. Then all that hard work, all that I’d been waiting for would mean nothing. What would have instead helped would be Islamic knowledge that I could impart.
    May Allah continue to guide us all and help us when we fall. We are all where we are because of His plan for us.

    Its your blog sister you are entitled to post what you want. You deserve a break as well. Look forward to your posts when you come back. Have a lovely break and don’t let the negativity get to you. 🙂

    • Jx sooo soo much amani…

      Really enjoyed reading ur comment as much as I enjoy reading ur blog…

      Great to hear what you have to say with regards to this….

      May Allah take u from strength to strength..and no doubt, u are makng a major difference and earning urself a lot of thawaab e jaariyah….

  14. SS says:

    Sorry for being insensitive-but what’s the blog ur referring to?if its a good one I’d like to follow it.jzk-another thing is all this blogging takes time-just reading it takes a lot of time,wonder how married mums find the time to blog such loong posts.

  15. As the person who was responsible for much of the ‘uproar’ unintentionally. Was nice to see this perspective.Alhamdulilah. I agree that schools which are mixed are not on the map Deenwise. Homeschooling whether it’s my wife or a paid Deeni conscious tutor,is the way. Criticism is the life blood of change, use it as a positive point. And what Is the object of Ilm? except securing a wonderful forever while secular knowledge is to secure a paycheck. Yes they Are deeni people on campus but a very,very small amount. The lecturers in my time,used to snarkily joke that you’ll find the muslim couples busy in the empty lecture rooms. Allah save us.

    • Alhamdulillah….

      Deff agree regarding criticism…..we are but insaan and shaytaan tries to take us away from the good that we’re doing through these silly issues but no doubt, every person that wishes to spread deen goes through much difficulty to do so…
      May Allah accept from all of us and grant us sincerity at all times

  16. Completely agree, and like sister Amani, I honestly feel that if I thought the way I do now, I would have never even set foot there. But Allah puts us in certain situations so we can reap benefits from it. In this way, if anyone speaks to me about campus life, I know exactly what they are speaking about. There is open Zinaa, gambling, card-playing, leaving campus to go to the movies and other places and worst of all, no shame about it.
    But yes, there are also the good ones. Sadly, we were never really acquainted with the girls who were in Niqaab and full Hijaab on campus, and I really look up to them. But the ‘gush’ guys would often come to speak to the other guys to try and give some Da’wah. Allah Ta’ala reward those few who did. It was really wonderful to see how they had changed their lives in front of our eyes. Ahumdulillah. Allah make us of those Da’ees. Ameen.
    Sister, JazakAllah for expressing your views about this. People may not like it, but sister a95r had told me once, that when we face trials in pursuit of Deen, know that you’re on Haqq. Alhumdulillah. This definitely is.

  17. Ray says:

    I hardly ever comment on here and that mostly bc I’m lazy, but this time i actually have something to share. I have no idea what the uproar was about but I agree with the author, on the points she did make, and the fact that this is her blog so she can post what she wants to. Why are we always so quick to pick on people? It’s sad, wallahi.

    Anyway I wanted to share something I found, not sure who said it tho, “The shahadah we share as Muslims is powerful enough to allow us to love and respect each other even when we strongly disagree.”

    We might not share the same view on certain topics but, we are all Muslims at the end of the day. and we cant say who is better than who.
    May Allah grant us all hidayyat. Ameen.

    • :)) jx sooo sooo much for those amazing words of wisdom…

      I luv what you’ve just mentioned and will inshallah add that to the inspirations page…

      It is so true…we all have different views but we need to respect and love eachother no matter what as we’re all brothers and sisters of this beautiful deen…

  18. maseeha says:

    Masha Allah beautifully written. Very interesting point moulana dawood seedat saheb has spoken about, the fact that we show preference to secular education over islamic knowledge. From the child is small we make sure everything is in order for school, even to the extent that unfortunately all other activities take preference to maddressa time. Those same children are not given the proper islamic upbringing then we seek the moulanas when we are old to tell the children what the rights of the parents are. But from small we just impress dunya on them. As far as campus is concerned I don’t understand how a father could throw his daughter to the wolves. Let us not get involved in these fitnas. Lets always think that if Nabi Kareem (saw) was with us, would we be ashamed to stand in front of him with all our loopholes we look for in shariah. We cannot adjust our deen and shariah as we please. Unfortunately this is our downfall. If only we realise this is only a temporary life and we will have to answer to Allah swt. Let us remember Allah will ask the father,the son, the husband how he took care of the womenfolk.

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