part 166:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful)

Salmas point of view:

So we’re going for umrah inshallah during the last 2 weeks of ramadaan and have applied for haj as well…..but you know with this whole haj quota and stuff we won’t get accepted this year, its quite late already, so inshallah we hoping for next year…

Aqeel feels its best to do our haj when we’re young…we have more energy and can make the most of it…

He managed to speak to farhaad and fareeda..and I don’t know…aqeel just has a beautiful way of talking to people…they were so happy that we decided to go for umrah instead of the cruise….

Married lifes been really awesome so far…aqeel is truly the sweetest and most loving person I know…

He surprises me all the time and is so absolutely romantic…I couldn’t have asked for better….he’s soft, and caring…..he listens when I have something to say, consoles me when I’m feeling down and he’s the best companion ever….

He doesn’t ever leave me to go out with friends and all of that….

Aqeel:”I had my whole life for going out and having fun….now I’m married sweetheart, I have a responsibility and its my duty to be there for you whenever I can and do things with you….to make great memories together…”

As for his ex wife…..I have been getting calls from private numbers but just haven’t been answering, so thank goodness, I’m saved from her empty threats…

My mother in law is quite sweet…we have supper there on a friday night and supper at my mums house on a monday night….so basically its just cooking on a tuesday, wednesday and thursday….

Weekends is take outs….aqeel doesn’t want me to even lift a spoon on a weekend…he doesn’t work on weekends so we end up sleeping till late, and then spending the rest of the day out….either on picnics, shopping, sight seeing, car shows, we even went for paintball shooting, just the 2 of us…it was so cute….

I love have fallen deeply in love with him and now I understand why Allah made me wait for so many years….this is what Allah made me wait for…he was preparing my precious pearl so that I would really appreciate it….

We’ve bEen to see a couple of houses….but aqeel is fussier than I am….

He doesn’t want a single story, he wants a big garden, it has to be in a safe area,the house must be relatively new, he doesn’t really care what it costs, but he wants something good…

Aqeel:”we going to be living there for the rest of our needs to be practical and safe…we have to think of when we have kids, if we’ll be able to live with them in the house..if there’ll be enough space for them to run around…..”

And it must have a pool…

So house hunting was a bit crazy….either the house was too old….or too small or too overly done or no pool or the garden was too small….

It might take us much longer than expected to actually find what he was looking for…I personally didn’t give a damn…to me, as long as aqeel was with me, any house would be a home with his warmth and love….

My mum has bEen driving me crazy…..

Mum:”what you doing?”

Me:”the same thing I was doing an hour ago when you phoned mum….I’m busy cooking…”

Mum:”oh!what you cooking?why don’t you just come here for supper?”

Me:” mummy, we were there last night for supper…”

Mum:”so what?”

Me:”mummy, we really are not having this conversation again…..”

Mum:”we just worry about you salma, look how thin you’re getting…you sure everything is ok?”

Me:”oh my word mum, I have picked up 5 kilos since I got married and you telling me I’m getting thin….I haven’t been happier in my life..can’t you just stop being so negative and be happy that I’m happy?”

Mum:”tsk…you’ll never understand….oneday when you’re a mother, then only you’ll understand”

Me:”(rolling eyes)…mummy, you need to give me some space, things are different now, I need to do things the way it suits aqeel and I and I need to put everything in my marriage to make it a happy one…”

Mum:”you see, I knew you weren’t happy…”

Me:” things are burning on the stove…I need to go…..”

Its really becoming annoying….I decided to call my dad and ask him to get my mother to back off abit…

Me:” mother in law doesn’t even interfere in our marriage but mummys really over doing it..and I don’t know how to get her to stop without her feeling bad…”

Daddy:”she just cares about you my child….but I’ll have a talk with her, she’s just finding it hard to adjust without you around….”

Me:”I know, but I’m not in tumbuktoo…I’m a few streets away…and aqeel and I are really happy, why can’t she see that…”

Daddy:”you know how this indian community is my child..they kEep putting pressure on her and thoughts in her head because he was married before, they worried that you’re not happy….”

Me:”mummy needs to have a mind of her own….she needs to stop lettng everyone else think for her…”

I discussed this with aqeel…I like to be open with him, to tell him how I’m feeling….

Aqeel:”Baby! You’re stressing for nothing..she’s your mother, and she just cares about you…don’t you see how many times a day I phone you?because I love you…”

Me:”but lovey….its annoying, having to answer to her 50 times a day….and to make her understand that we really are happy together….can’t she see how I’m glowing…..I couldn’t be happier than I am…..”

Aqeel:”you really are a stress pot…I have no idea why you stress about little things like this……(Pause)….you know what…I have the perfect idea……(Smirk)”


8 thoughts on “part 166:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    They going for Umrah !! ‎​​​ما شاء الله !!!!!

    ‎​​​الحمد لله – @least her father is understanding- makes it easier for her …
    Its true – a mothers love is soo unique , u only realise it wen u bcome a mother urself ……

    Happy house hunting !! Lol

    Now wat does Aqeel have planned ???? Hope we don’t hav2 wait tooo long !!
    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. rooksana says:

    Such a romantic couple ?hw fortune r those. Salma life is like sooo perfect. Our life is not even half way than dat. Lolll?

  3. Sister A. says:

    Ooooh! Dey goin 4 Umra °̩и Ramadaan الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه. Aqeel is such a gem of a husband. He handles evry situation so well. I like hw he does evrytin 2gether ώĩ†̥h Sal. Ismail should learn frm him. He is Ismail’s best friend & would definately b a gud influence on him.

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