part 165:

‘Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem’
(In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful)

I woke up in the morning feeling extra tired from all the crying…but it did me good…I felt a liTtle better..crying always makes a person feel a whole lot better…its like a whole load had been lifted from me….and what happened yesterday didn’t really bother me…

I couldn’t allow myself to be would inevitably affect my baby..and I didn’t want a disturbed or depreSsed child..I wanted a happy lively child inshallah…

What did I expect ismail to do about it anyway? Confront his mother? Or change her sick ways?You can’t change anyone…that’s their nature and they’re not going to stop just because someone tells them to….

Its like someone once said to me….a dog is a dog and a snake is a snake…a dog will bite and a snake spits out its venom…but you cannot change those habits in them….you can’t make a dog stop biting and you can’t stop the poison from emitting from a snake….

What I need to do, is change my reaction to their patheticness….I can’t get myself worked up over people like this..that have no fear for Allah what so ever…and have no compassion in their hearts whatsoever…

The truth always comes out and I will leave it in Allahs hands to deal with…I’ll turn to the 2 things that Allah mentions will help us through tough times and that is ‘sabr’ and ‘salaah’…

I always found serenity in my salaah… everything seems simpler for me after turning to my creator…

I suppose that’s why nabi(S.A.W) found solace in salaah…at any time of calamity or distress he would turn to salaah…..

There’s a solution to every problem…face it faaiza….stop being such a depressed soul…

How did hazrat ayesha(R.A) deal with the accusations in her time?…how such a chaste and pure woman was wrongly accused of committing zina… depressing must it have been to have the nabi of Allah(S.A.W) angry at you…and on top of that for something you hadn’t even done….and you weren’t even guilty of..

But she bore it with much sabr and turned only to Allah…truth will always prevail…and so it did…Allah had cleared her name completely and mentioned her innocence even in the quraan that not only was her innocence proven to nabi(S.A.W) but to all of mankind till the day of qiyaamah, so no-one can ever point a finger at this beautiful woman

Salmas mum called to tell me to speak to salma….she refused to come home like normal brides do after they get married…..

What do I tell the woman?I tried to make her understand that there is no such thing…its all excess baggage that our forefathers had brought back from india…

In islam there’s no such a thing that a bride HAS to go home after her nikaah to stay for a couple of days…

Salma had waited for so many years to finally get married….now it was her time to spend with her husband….

Why should a husband and wife be separated?a husband and wife are joined to spend the rest of their lives together and besides that, salma was in the same town, not a whole new country or something….

She goes for supper atleast once a week to her mums house and her mother phones her almost every 2 hours…

I remember salma complaining that its getting a tab irritating that her mother keeps calling to find out what she’s doing and where they’re going and what they’re cooking…

Salma:”why can’t she just phone once a day?and I don’t think its anyones business to know where or what I’m doing every second of the day….aqeel is very understanding and sweet but I don’t want him getting annoyed that my family is interfering too much…..”

Me:”your mother just loves you sal….and its her caring nature I suppose…I can’t relate..I never had a mother to keep checking up on me…”

Salma:”I know..but there has to be some kind of limits fay…how do I stop my mother without her getting upset…?”

Me:”maybe tell your daddy to speak to her….”

Salma:”and now she has this phony idea that aqeel is stopping me from coming to their house that’s why I don’t want to come there..its those stupid friends of hers that are putting things in her head…”

Me:”(laugh)don’t stress…everything will sort it self out……”

Authors note:
Inspirations page updated



6 thoughts on “part 165:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Yess , defntly crying ur heart out does help sometimes – n wat better way than to turn to ‎​اللَّهُ and cry !!!!!

    Poor Salma !! Her mum is missing her soo much so she’s foning n worrying …. Hopefully they can explain to her nicely and make her understand that Salma needs her space now and Is leading her own life .. Its hard for mothers to let go of there children ..

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. Sister A. says:

    Happy dat Faaiza feels beter 2day & she is now thinkin positivly.
    Salma’s mum is jus concerned abt her newly married daughter. Bt, some one needs to xplain to her dat she cannot go on questionin evry move dat Salma & Aqeel mk in der lives. She has to also stop phoning Salma so often. Her interference is goin to b the cause of problems °̩и Salma’s marriage. إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ she will realise this before it goes too far.

  3. mualima says:

    Slmz ,I love this blog,the story line is fantastic and I love how you incorporate hadith aswell ,I have learnt so much islamiclly through this blog الحمدللہ .

    Oh no poor Faaiza,her mother inlaw is a monster inlaw but I am sure she will get throught this إن شاء الله .

    As for Salma ,not all mums do expect their daughters to come for holiday after marriage except maybe to visit,I’m sure Salmas mum will understand once Salma or salmas dad explains to her.

  4. Binte Ahmed says:

    Slmz been catchin up on the posts so commentin late..jzk khair for incorporatin the snake n dog bit..made me happy that ppl r readin the lil msgs I try n put out..Allah accept all our efforts,lil or big..ameenXxX

    I love the ifk(slander) story of Aisha she turned to Allah n poured out all her troubles,n how while nabi s.w was in abu bakr r.a’s hse,wahi came dwn on him n freed Aisha r.a of all blame..nabi s.w was smilin after the wahi n Aisha r.a’s mother told her to go to him,but she said,y should I go to him? Id rather go to my Allah n thank him(to the effect)..really,if we look at the seerah n the lives of the sahabah n try to live our lives like that,we can neva go wrong..Allah grant us all the tawfiq..ameenXxX

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