part 163:

Dadi gave me the number of the aunty that makes the pie doughs and told me to call her as soon as possible because she gets very busy and stops taking orders once she’s got enough….

Me:”but dadi I’ve already made the dough…what am I going to do with it?”

Dadi:”I’ll roll out this one beti….but the rest you’ll buy…and dada and I don’t really worry for pies in ramadaan, we mostly eat our rice and curies or rotis so just buy enough for you and ismail and the kids”

I sat trying to figure out how many to buy…I’m not used to buying stuff….I usually make everything myself….

I picked up the phone and dialled the auntys number…dadi said her name was khudeja…

Quite an elderly lady picked up the phone…

Me:”assalamu alaykum….err..who am I speaking to?”

Aunty:”its khudeja ma, who’s speaking?”

Me:”aunty khudeja, my name is faaiza, my dadi gave me your number, she says you sell pastry?err…how does it work?do you have ready to buy?or do we need to place an order.?”

Aunty K:”who’s your dadi ma?where you live?”

Strange..the womans more interested in who I am, rather than making business…I explained to her who my grandparents were…..

Aunty K:”aaaawwwww……you are married to that hajus son….what his name again?err…”


Aunty K:”hmmm….shaaaame how you feeling now ma?”

Huh?what did she mean?

Me:”err…shukr…I’m well alhamdulillah….”

Aunty k:”ya your mother in law was telling me…tsk tsk tsk…..shame ma… on medication now or something?”

my mother in law? Maybe she’s talking about when I miscarried….

Me:”no no, shukr I didn’t need to take any…..alhamdulillah I’ve recovered well….and because I’m still expecting, I can’t really take much medication…”

Aunty K:”awww….(Shocked)…you expecting?”

So what was this woman on about? Obviously if my mother in law told her about the miscarriage, she must have told her that the twin survived…..

Me:”err..jee…didn’t my mother in law tell you?shukr I’m 6 months already…that’s why I needed to order the pastry….”

Aunty k:”shame ma….but it won’t affect the baby? You know? Your condition?”

Me:”maaf aunty khudeja….what condition are you actually talking about?”

By now I was getting absolutely annoyed….I don’t know this woman from a damn bar of soap and here she is telling me all about myself and some condiion….can’t I just order the freaking pie dough and get it over and done with?

What is it about indians that we need to make a connection with every person and talk your whole history before actually getting to the point?

That’s why I hate visiting anyone or calling anyone, its always panchaat..unnecessary conversation or talking about what happened to this one and what happened to that one…

Aunty K:”shame..I know it must be hard for you to accept also ne ma?”

Me:”aunty khudeja maaf but I have no idea what you’re talking about…”

Aunty k:”you know your mother in law and sister in law buy all their things from me, I cook for haju every day…shame, its hard for her you know, no-one to help her or look after her….”

No-one to look after her?her stupid sister and daughter live with her, why can’t they look after her….?but I just kept quiet….

So this is how they were coping without me, they were buying food everyday?haha…..I knew they’ll never survive…but honestly, its not my business to know all of this and I really don’t care….all I want to know is what this woman was told…what condition do I have?

Me:”aunty khudeja…..what condition did they say I have?I honestly have no condition…”

Aunty K:”ya ma, they say it was very hard for you to lose both your parents ne ma?and then shame you became a little…err…..what you call it?she said some word…bi something…I don’t remember know old age…(Giggle)”

Me:”maaf aunt K…I lost my parent many years ago and alhamdulillah I’ve coped very well…..(Shocked)…oh my word….they think I’m crazy?”

Aunty K:”don’t worry ma, if ever you need anything, we are here for you…..Allah is there”

I was angry…a mix of emotions….what damn rumours were these rubbish’s spreading about me……

I just cut the call….I didn’t bother ordering the stupid pie dough or anything from this woman for that matter…

Why? What are they getting out of telling everyone that I’m crazy? What have I ever done to make them think that?

Maybe I am crazy..definitely I am, to have lived with them all these years and to have been so good to them….

Freak….the woman meant bipolar….I am anything but bipolar…if there’s anyone that’s bipolar, it would be them……and their damn son…..and its all their fault….

I just went up to my room and cried my heart out…

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8 thoughts on “part 163:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Oh no !!! Poor Fay does NOT need all this drama in her life now .. Bipolar ??!!!?? .. Gosh , the thanx u get wen u sacrifice everything for ppl ..

    That is why we must do ONLY for ‎​اللَّهُ !! Then we won’t hav2 worry abt the ppl – cos ‎​اللَّهُ will giv the reward in wateva way HE feels we need !!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. A says:

    Yaa الله can theses ppl get worse, Faaiza sacrificed so much for her inlaws n was treated like dirt n wen she decided to stand up for herself n her family they go around bad mouthing her n saying she’s bipolar
    Faaiza I know how u feel but don’t let it bother u please they not worth ur tears

  3. Sister A. says:

    Shooh! Poor Fay! Not surprised at da way her °̩и laws spk abt her though. Obviously dey not goin 2 tel others da truth abt y Faaiza & her famly moved out of their house. So dey spk against her & made demselves look lyk da victims. Wat a rotten famly !!! As long as they hav pride ,dey ωɪℓℓ not xcept dey at fault & wont change. May ﷲ protect us frm bcumin lyk dat & may HE protect us frm ppl lyk dem ​آمِيْن.

  4. Sister A. says:

    =-? If Ʊ want to love, love for others what Ʊ love for Ʊrself.
    =-? If Ʊ want to achieve, strive to achieve Paradise.
    =-? If Ʊ want to walk, walk with modesty & humility.
    =-? If Ʊ want to be safe, do not let pride come near Ʊ.
    =-? If Ʊ want to rule, rule Ʊr heart & tongue.
    =-? If Ʊ want to respect, respect Ʊr parents.
    =-? If Ʊ want to show, show decency.
    =-? If Ʊ want to master, master patience.
    =-? If Ʊ want to share, share happiness.
    =-? If Ʊ want to live, live simply.
    =-? If Ʊ want to do, do justice.
    =-? If Ʊ want Ʊr life to improve, repent for Ʊr sins.
    =-? If Ʊ want to be a good friend, give good advice.
    =-? If Ʊ want to give, give charity.
    =-? If Ʊ want to admire,respect & look up to anyone ,then make Nabi sallallaahu alayhi wasallam Ʊr hero. =-? If Ʊ want eternal success in this world & the next, then worship اللَّهُ Subhana Ta’ala. جُمُعَةُ مُبَارَك ❤

  5. zana says:

    That’s people for you when you can no longer be of help they make up stories😧

    Faaiza please don’t take it out on ismail its not his fault
    Ur in laws never appreciated what they had and know coz they have to buy out they need an excuse. They are capable but just lazy.

    Don’t forget to read ya muzeloo 75 times after your salaah and ask allah to protect you from them and their stories.

  6. Binte Ahmed says:

    Very true sister in islam..wen we get ppl like these,they teach us ikhlas,that we’ll neva get praise from them,rather do everythin for Allah who is Shakoor,n will reward us so generously..
    An apa once mentioned so beautifully in talim:
    “A snake is known for its poison..a dog is known for its bite..u cant tell a snake not to poison any1..same way u cant tell a dog not to bite..coz its their nature n we cant change in the same way if our mothers inlaw n sisters inlaw r bad,ungrateful ppl,we cant hope to get married n change them..we gotta accept them the way they r n be good to them no matter how they r to us..if theyr bad thats their prob not ours..”
    So faaizas inlaws r evil by nature..theyv been this way all their lives,she wil neva b able to change them..all she can do is be good to them n make dua for their hidayah..n not stress herself over them,coz theyr not worth it..
    Shows us we should not only make dua for good pious hubbies but also for good understandin indians we dont get married to our hubbies only,we get married to their families as create muhabbah n unity in our hearts for one another..ameenXxX

  7. U says:

    People can be so shallow…May Almighty ﺂللَّــہ save us.آمين .that’s the same reason I hate visiting.

  8. rooksana says:

    Omw ???? Hw stupid r her inlaws its is soooo wrong 2 past false rumours. Fayza plzz dnt kep dis in ur heart. Plz speak 2 ismail abt. He ur husband. Dnt kep it 4rm him b open abt it. He ned 2 no wat his family is doing. Bcz ppl like u(fay)dnt deserve dis nonsense hope everythg wrks out 4 u.

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