reading of novels and blogs

Assalamu alaykum to all….

I have been having abit of doubt since yesterday with regards to the writing of this blog after reading a certain comment…

The comment was made not aimed at my blog but rather at the reading of fictional books and blogs that it is infact haraam….

I had inquired from a few learned people and have also read istikhaarah with regards to this matter as my blog is completely fictional and I don’t want to be adding any unnecessary sin to my name as I have already overloaded my book with other sins…

So this is the conclusion I have come to with regards to my blog:

Since many of you seem to have attended ulooms, I’d just like to point out that almost every year during a jalsah we are made to act out certain plays…

These plays are mostly fictional but are done with the intention of bringing out certain important leSsons..

We were never stopped at madressah for playing out these fictional stories unless we were imitating the prophets which is totally haraam to do…

These plays were acted out with the sole intention of portraying certain lessons..

The reason why novels have been deemed as haraam is for the mere fact that it promotes haraam and by reading such things, one becomes inclined towards what is being read…this is a known fact and not merely my opinion….

This blog on the other hand has never encouraged the committing of any evil acts..I try to have Allahs name and lessons and reminders in every single post….for every wrong that is mentioned, there is or will be rectifications of it…

My intention is purely da’wah… bring people aswel as myself closer to Allah and give us all the understanding of deen and to portray the true beauty of islam…..

My blog may be fictional but deals with issues that are prevalent in our society and not on things that are far fetched or fairytales….

With regards to my 2 pages ‘in the blog world’ and ‘books I recommend’….I have edited them and only left those blogs and books which I have found benefit in…

However if anyone finds a blog or book on the page that you feel promotes abit of haraam or anything unislamic and is not beneficial, please let me know and I will gladly remove this from the pages….

We are all learning all the time and we all have weaknesses…..

Blogs have become the weakness of many of us, myself included, may Allah give us all the guidance to read only that which is beneficial and stay completely away from anything not beneficial…

I will end of with one last point…which is the most important of all…is the recitation of the noble quraan….by reading all these blogs and books, we must never be neglectful of the words of doubt we are rewarded immensely for that and even before this came about I had put out a challenge of reading a certain amount of khatams before the beginning of ramadaan…

So please take out as much time as possible to recite the quraan daily aswel….and contribute to our challenge inshallah…

I am open to suggestions and views with regards to this topic, so please do comment…as I may be able to benefit from the wisdom of others…

Jazakallah to all




21 thoughts on “reading of novels and blogs

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​الحمد لله. …. May ‎​اللَّهُ take u from strength to strength and use u for the service of the Deen …. With sincerety – ‎​​​​آمين

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله for all the wonderful lessons n advice …
    May ‎​اللَّهُ grant u and ur family best of dunya and aakhirat ,grant u residency in Madinah Sharief and answer ALL ur good duas – ‎​​​​آمين ‎​​​​آمين ‎​​​​آمين

  2. rooksana says:

    Masha allah well sed.
    Vvery good points mention.
    May allah grant us all hidaayat ameen. N tk da author 4rm strengh 2 strengh. Ameen
    Plz do mk us maaf if we comment sumthg dat hurt ur feelings.

    • Lol…no hard feelings..shukr I haven’t really had an comments that upset me YET….you all are wonderful people mashallah…and whatever is said for my betterment is appreciated…

  3. Mariam says:

    slmz to all u wonderful ladies n our awsme Authoress

    from all the blogs i personally read i look forward to this blog in particular for the main reason being all the things we can and should learn from it there are so many things that i haven’t done in my marriage which i wish i have done by reading this blog it makes you realize the sins you may have committed and u repent so honestly i think you doin an excellent job and i would like to thank you Authoress for alwayz trying to bring us closer to Allah and may you be rewarded for all the good you teach us in every post

    jazakallah once again and keep up the good work!!!!

    • Wslm….

      Jx so much sister..that’s what motivates me…to hear that people are not only enjoying but also taking lesson and rectifying their lives….this blog has also helped me in so many ways alhamdulillah…may Allah keep us steadfast and always accept us as a means of hidayah for the entire ummah inshallah

  4. U says:

    I look forward to reading this blog daily.I learn a lot from it .May Almighty ﺂللَّــہ reward you sister

  5. Binte Ahmed says:

    Slmz..wat u wrote was very correct sis S.L..i once asked a learned mufti about reading book n novels..he told me if it has erotic content it is haraam otherwise it is same goes for blogs..if it contains zina,especially those where the authors explicitly mention intimate details between couples,its completely haraam,as it wil make the reader commit zina of the mind,n portray zina in a favourable n appealing,enticing light whereas Allah says,do not even go near zina..some blogs r the same,”vomit blogs” lol..the entire story is about girl n guy n zina..theres no point readin any of that..
    However I enjoy ur story coz it doesnt contain anythin of the sort,plus it highlights important teachings of islam,n teaches us so many go ahead n keep up the good work..

  6. Binte Ahmed says:

    Oh n 1 more point I loved about ur story n iv been meanin to mention it for some time..the way u portrayed faaizas n salmas marriages..faaiza committed zina before marriage so her marriage had no barakah till she sincerely repented n became aware of her wrong..whereas salma did things the proper halaal way so we see her marriage prospering from the get-go..i love the way u highlighted these issues,as its very common in our society n ppl dnt realise the wrongs of speakin before nikah..Allah accept us all for the work of deen..ameenXxX

    • Lol….really really apreciate it…..

      Jx so much for all of that….

      Glad about the point you’ve mentioned, that you’ve asked a mufti….

      That puts my doubts more at ease..alhamdulillah..

      Our deen is just too great alhamdulillah..there’s an answer to evrything

  7. Assalaamualaikum..

    I also have a weak point with blogs I read a whole lot of them that are not beneficial in anyway..

    And your blog most definitely has a lot that I learnt from.. You doing an amazing job keep it up! *wink*

    Can I please have the link to in the blog world jazakillah..

  8. Sister A. says:

    Ʋ doin a fantastic job sis SL. May ﷲ continue 2 use Ʋ 4 da service of دين. Keep up da gud work! Xoxo.

  9. faaiza says:

    I started following this blog as soon as I seen that ‘faaiza’ was a character in the bl0g. I really enj0y reading it and I make sure I must check if new p0st is 0ut when I get t0 bed.

    Hats 0ff t0 y0u f0r having such an inspiring way 0f thinking n all y0ur th0ughts that make us p0nder as we read the p0sts s0metimes putting 0urselves in the sh0es 0f salma 0r faaiza and t0 the similar incidents that have happened in 0ur lives. The blog guides us and sh0ws us how we can be better humans n Muslims.

    Keep up with the good w0rk. Looking f0rward t0 lots n l0ts 0f m0re p0sts 🙂

  10. Aslkm dear Sister. I’ve just browsed through your blog and noticed that article. I am a bit taken aback by it, as I have heard that fictional writing is allowed, as long as it does not promote Haraam. Although, when we sometimes get caught up in a story, we tend to neglect other duties. I must admit that at times this is my reason to consider stopping my story.
    Allah guide us to the straight path. I have no idea of the acceptance of my actions, no matter how noble it may seem.
    Remember me in your Du’aas. Always needed.

    • Jx sister….I was also really stressed out about my blog being haraam, but my intentions are da’wah…

      But after istikharah and finding out I have come to the same conclusion as u…

      May Allah accept our weak efforts and accept us a means of hidayah for the entire ummah inshallah

      • Ameen.
        Also, the main reason I had actually started it was to provide an alternative to the zina-promoting ones. People are most undoubtedly reading blogs, so Alhumdulillah sister, you have provided one that shows what Islam promotes.
        Masha Allah, on all your awesome work. I don’t know where you find the time with three kids and to teach! Allah Ta’ala give you barakah in your time and all that you do, and guide us to write that which is correct. Ameen.

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