part 162:

“Bisillahir rahmaan nir raheem”
(In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful)

Ismail and I had a chat about the whole cruise thing on the weekend and apparently at jumua’ah salaah the aalim brought this up and aqeel had decided to change his mind about it….

Ismail:”He wasn’t sure about how salma will take it because apparently she was over the moon about the whole thing when she found out…he was feeling hard to spoil her mood”

Me:”I’m sure she’ll be fine, I spoke to her also…she seemed abit down and upset at first…but salmas sensible and always wants to do things to please Allah… she’ll come around….I told her to rather go for umrah or haj instead…”

Ismail:”yeah that will be good…they don’t have kids as yet..its always easier to do your haj when there’s no kids to leave behind…”

Me:”yeah….unfortunately it would be really hard for us….(Sigh)…but when our time is right I’m sure it will happen inshallah…we can’t leave our kids… wouldn’t be fair to leave them with dadi and dada cos their old”

Ismail:”and I wouldn’t suggest you leave them with my mother….pft”

Thank god it came out of his mouth and not mine….lol….I’m sure if I had said it, he would have bit my head off….

Its strange how at first we are the ones telling them about their family and it causes so much of chaos and fights and never ending arguments….

And when we finally stop complaining, they see it for themselves…If only I had just not said anything from the beginning about his family, I couldve avoided a whole lot of misunderstandings and disagreements…

Nevertheless…what’s done is done….can’t undo the past…but I definitely have learnt to shut my trap about his family…instead I try to encourage him to go there or atleast phone and I’m trying my best to join ties again…but ismail is a very stubborn person and does only what he wants to…he doesn’t like being pushed…

So I say it once and then just forget about it ever again…

On monday morning I realised that ramadaan is just around the corner, I really need to get jacked up about my savouries….

Ismail doesn’t want to see food in ramadaan, he lives on savouries…so I have to make sure the freezer is quite filled up….and since I’m already 6 months in my pregnancy, by the time ramadaan comes, I’m going to be in my 8th month…..and its going to be a lot harder to do things…

Dr has already prohibited me from fasting….apparently because of the constant infections I’ve been getting and because of the miscarriage, it would be rather dangerous for both me and baby…but I’ll see how it goes when ramadaan comes…

I can’t not fast…ramadaan is just not the same if you can’t fast….I’ll feel terribly guilty even though Allah gives a pregnant permission to catch it up later…

the dua of a pregnant woman however is accepted, and I’ve been making as much dua as possible…

I had the radio on the other day on the mums and baby program and I heard the sister saying that every good thing that an expecting mum does is regarded as ibaadah(worship) and we are rewarded extra for it…

How merciful is Allah…..He is All-Aware that carrying this little being inside of you is absolutely no easy task, therefore he rewards us every step of the 38-42 weeks of gestation….

I was busy in the kitchen when dadi came in

Dadi:”assalamu alaykum beti…..very early busy as usual….what you baking my child?”

Me:”wa’alaykum salaam dadi….(Giggle)….I decided to start some ramadaan preparation so I’m busy making a pie dough today…”

Dadi:”beti are you crazy?you cannot roll pie dough in your state…….”

Me:”so what dadi?no pies in ramadaan?ismail will die if there’s no pies in ramadaan”

Dadi:”that’s the problem with us nowadays…we’ve made ramadaan all about savouries…..that we’ll ‘die’ if we don’t have it…”

Me:(laugh)”I don’t mean it like that….I know its not anything to do with islam….I know its just custom for us to do all of this…but it actually makes life so much easier during ramadaan…because our freezers are stocked up, we don’t have to spend so much of time in the kitchen, we can have extra time for extra ibaadah..”

Dadi:”there’s one aunty that makes pie doughs and savouries…we’ll buy the pastry beti… young girls think you know everything, but ask us..we’re old and we learn from don’t look after yourself now…you’ll suffer later….”



9 thoughts on “part 162:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​الحمد لله …. @least Aqeel also heard abt the negativeness of the cruise …
    Nowadays its soo easy , ppl r selling savouries everywhere !!! There r soo many ppl who make n sell from home , n make life soo easy for every1 else .. Shukr

    Dadi is soo understanding ‎​​​ما شاء الله !! N soo caring .. Happy for Fay that they out of the in-laws home where she wudhv been stressing n always busy

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. great post mashaAllah! We should not only prepare physically for this auspicious month, but spiritually too. Rajab is the month of cultivation, shabaan is the month of feeding our crops and ramadhaan is the month of harvesting. May Allah grant us the understanding.

  3. So true how people make Ramadaan about svaouries and not ibaadat. Wonder where this savoury thing came from, why don’t we just eat food like we do the rest of the year? Lol

  4. Sister A. says:

    Yes Fay, it’s dat tym of da year again. Time 2 prepare 4 Ramadaan. 😉 Luky 4 her Dadi wants 2 mk her work lighter wid da savouries.

  5. zana says:

    Beautifully illustrated!

    Life is like a journey on a train…
    with its stations…
    with changes of routes…
    and with accidents !

    We board this train when we are born and our parents are the ones who get our ticket.

    We believe they will always travel on this train with us.

    However, at some station our parents will get off the train, leaving us alone on this journey.

    As time goes by, other passengers will board the train, many of whom will be significant – our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of our life.

    Many will get off during the journey and leave a permanent vacuum in our lives.

    Many will go so unnoticed that we won’t even know when they vacated their seats and got off the train !

    This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, good-byes, and farewells.

    A good journey is helping, loving, having a good relationship with all co passengers…
    and making sure that we give our best to make their journey comfortable.

    The mystery of this fabulous journey is ;
    We do not know at which station we ourselves are going to get off & who gets off before who only ALLAH knows! The youngest is a flower hand pick by ALLAH@>–

    So, we must live in the best way – adjust, forget, forgive, and offer the best of what we have.

    It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to leave our seat… we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.

    Thank you for being one of the passengers on my train !

    Have a very pleasant journey! جُمُعَة مُبَارَك

  6. So true, Masha Allah.. We have made it a lot about savouries, but when the men want it, what do we do?
    Rather have it and then not stress about it in Ramadaan. Not forgetting of course the beautiful months leading to that blessed month should also be a spiritual preparation for us to improve on our Ibaadat. Insha Allah! JazakAllah for this relevant topic.

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