challenge time!!!

This is for all the muslim readers of foreveramessup…

I have 318 people subscribed to this blog…

Let’s see if together, as the ummah of nabi(S.A.W) if we are able to complete 318 khatams(completions) of the quraan by the end of sha’baan….

We are currently on the 6th of rajab…which means we have the entire rajab and sha’baan to complete only 318 khatams…

those who can manage more than 1 khatam by then are more than welcome to contribute more than once…

As soon as a khatam has been completed, pls comment so that it can be added to the count…

Remember me, my family and the entire ummah in your duas…



6 thoughts on “challenge time!!!

  1. S says:

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ

    ماشاء الله

    Great initiative… إنشاء اللّهُ we should all try to read as much of القرآن as possible..

  2. zana says:

    A lovely idea الحمدلله
    Would love to contribute. Can we contribute with one that we are busy with at the moment as well

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