part 159:

Authors note:
This is a bonus post because alhamdulillah we have reached 200 000 views….jazakallah to all of ytou for the great support and for the many comments and feedback that comes in daily…I may not always be able to reply to every comment, but I do read every single one of them….and will try my best to reply whenever I can…

Should you have any ideas with regards to this blog..feel free to let me know….jx

Me:”guess you’ll just have to wait and find out…..(Giggle)”

Sal:”don’t be mean fay… said yourself…we’re sisters….you can not…hide this from me…”

Me:”whi said I can’t?its a surprise….ismail, myself and the doctor knows….and everyone else will find out in another 4 months time inshallah….”

Sal:”that’s just nasty……”

Me:”no its not….imagine how boring it will be when you hear that I gave birth….you’ll be like ‘oh…………….’ And then you can’t even be excited and ask…’Oh that’s so nice, what did she get?’ Because you’ll already know…”

Sal:”(giggle)…whatever….I’ll get you back for that…just wait and I’ll figure it out sometime….anyway…I gotto go sweety…I now have a house to run you know(giggle)….can’t sit around on the phone the whole day…”

And with that our call ended…it was a rather normal day for me, basic house duties to see to….

At the supper table that day riyaad happened to mention:
“mama apa was crying today in madressah”


Raadiya:”you know those children in our class…those bigger girls……attiyah and ameerah?”


Raadiya:”there mummy was fighting with apa…”

Oh my word…apa is such a softie…I hope she’s ok…I decided to give her a call later to find out if she’s ok..not because I want to be nosey, but it hurts me to see how some people have no respect for people who sacrifice their time to teach your kids…especially those who teach deen….why do we take so much of advantage?they deserve respect….but let me not judge as yet….I’ll find out what really happened first…

I finished up with supper and clearing up and once the kids were tucked in I dialled apas number…

Apa:”assalaamu alaykum”

Me:”wa alaykum salaam..maaf to trouble apa..its faaiza speaking..the twins mummy?”

Apa:”jee trouble at all…how you doing?”

Me:”alhamdulillah shukr and how’s apa doing?”

Apa:”shukr I’m well alhamdulillah…shame has there been a problem?something I can help with?”

Me:”no no, not at all.I just called to find out if apa is ok?..the kids mentioned that apa was a little upset today in madressah…”

Apa:”(giggle) maaf, don’t worry..inshallah everything will be ok…(Sigh)…you know we try..but unfortunately we can’t please everyone…(Pause) know, tell me, do you find the system we use to be discouraging in any way?please be honest…”

Me:”what do you mean, what system?shukr my kids have learnt so much in this short time that they’ve been with apa…I can’t think of any reason to complain…”

Apa:”hmmm…what about the merit and demerit system that we’ve adopted?do you find it discouraging to the kids?are you all feeling pressurised by madressah rules?”

Me:”apa, please explain to me what the other parent had a problem with..not because I just want to know your business but so that I can understand more or less where you’re coming from…”

Apa began explaining…..

You see, apa runs a private madressah on her own, while her husband has a separate job…she has a progress book where daily she writes what work has been done in class and what needs to be learnt or revised at home….

She encourages the performance of salaah etc…

If a child does well in class for the day, they receive merits for quraan, surahs and duas….for every salaah performed they receive a merit…after every 10 merits a little gift is received after which the child would start again from one and try to reach 20 merits..after which again a little bigger gift is given….and so on..everytime starting from one and increasing the goal…

If a child stays absent, doesn’t learn, forgets kitaabs at home, doesn’t complete work or doesn’t perform any salaah or for any bad behaviour…one merit is taken away..this is known as a demerit….once all merits are taken away, demerits are received…once 10 demerits are received…unfortunately the child is suspended for a week….

All the younger students take this very seriously and enjoy the challenge…always trying to get the most merits in class…however the older girls….well not too old, between the ages of 10 and 13….find this very discouraging….they just don’t find it necessary to be given demerits..they feel that they are too old for such things and they lose interest if they’re given demerits….and therefore don’t perform well in class at all…


6 thoughts on “part 159:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Hmmmm ….. I mentioned b4 – Fay should bcom a counselor !! Hehehehe
    Its sad that ppl put down our Islamic teachers and praise Secular teachers !!! We hav2 realise that Deen is very important and that Apa’s hav the best interest of the kids in mind … Its difficult for them to put up with parents who r demanding n demotivating …. And also when students see how parents react to Apa’s , they act the same – and lots of times lose respect for the Apa !!

    May ‎​اللَّهُ make us realise the true worth of Islamic teachers …. ‎​​​​آمين

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. zana says:

    I so despise parents who run the teachers and apa or moulana down. I take my hat off for them for its not easy to teach children coz every child is different.
    As for apas method. Its really excellent
    My boys have that in their mads and they want to work harder to have the most stars or work towards something.
    Every 1 ia different in their ways may allah give all twacher2the strength to deal with difficult parents and children

  3. Mimi says:

    Xcelant post again! Its so nyc2kno dat fay cared enuf2chek up on her kids apa. Wat a big heart. Mashaa-Allaah…
    As4d issue wid d apa,
    I’d definately go wid d merit/demerit system. Even Islam sez sumtin2d effect dat 1 shud compete in matters of Deen! Its a vry encouragin/motivatin method. D only parents dat wud hav a problem wid it r d 1s who hardly hav tym4their kids n/or those who consider secular education superior 2 Deen. I’m not judgin here. I’m jus statin my opinion.
    Keep up d awesome work. ∕Ɩ∕Ɩω∂H

  4. fatz2 says:

    Ever wondered hw Apa n moulanas handle a class of 20 or more n we go crazy with our 2 or 3 kids at home.they NT just lookin after them for the 2 or 3 hrs they r also teaching them,n trying to get them to make salaah ,zikr etc.basically they r even doing the parents job.sad that some homes have no sallah etc,only TV from the Time kids return from mads till they sleep.sad that a 9 year old boy ‎​нαѕ not accompanied his father to musjid,yes sad but it is a reality .thankfully madrassh is held by the musjid.sad parents gt time for busness bt NT kids

  5. Sister A. says:

    Sad bt true, sum peple hav no respect 4 aapas/mualimas. Bt, dey hav a lot of respect 4 teachers °̩и a secular skool. Dis is bcause dey value da dunyawi education mor dan دين.

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