part 158:

Back to faaizas point of view:

Me:”oh my word sal…that is so exciting!!!!!wish I could come with…..maybe after I give birth, ismail and I should go on one of those… are so damn lucky…”

Sal:”ya fay…just listen to this….so there’s 5 times salaah in jama’ah(congregation) for the men…including a proper jumu’ah(friday prayer)..

Me:”wow…that’s lovely…atleast the men still get to perform their salaah n jamaa’ah and enjoy a holiday…”

Sal:”yeah…and there’s absolutely no alcohol, only soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails are served….the entire kitchen is fully sanitised prior to departure….”

Me:”wait…what do you mean its fully sanitised before departure?so this is not a completely halaal ship?its usually used for haraam?”

Sal:”err…ya..I think so..I don’t know….I think it will just be used for a certain period for muslims only…not sure”

Me:”oh…..but how are they going to completely sanitise the place from all that alcohol?do you know that if alcohol messes on something, it has to be washed really properly before it becomes clean?I’m so glad that we’re muslims and that Allah has kept us away from that filth…honestly just the thought of it disgusts me..”

Sal:”yah…I’m sure they will…and the food is fully halaal….so no stress of contamination with haraam foods…or having to take your own food and all of that…and the casino and night-club will be shut down completely., no music, however there will be non-musical nazms and anaasheed(islamic songs) played…”

Me:”sal?there a nightclub and casino on board?”

Sal:”yeah but it will be shut down….”

Me:”but sal…still….its there…maybe you should ask your cousins to change the cruise for an umrah trip instead..or better yet, you and aqeel haven’t made your haj yet, so why not go for haj instead?I’m no mufti…but I remember hearing mufti saheb mention that these things are completely haraam….I know its wha I’ve always wanted also…but that’s what being a muslim is…surrendering our pleasures and desires and choosing the halaal option….”

Sal:”but it will be rude..I can’t just tell them I don’t want to go…what will they think? ..that they planned this whole thing and now I’m so ungrateful….”

Me:”I’m sure they’ll understand if you explain to them properly…I’m sure they’ll prefer to receive a reward for 2 peoples haj or umrah instead of a reward for just giving a gift to the 2 of you….”

Sal:”um…ya…whatever….thanks for sharing in my excitement…(Sarcastic)”

Me:”I’m sorry if you feeling offended sal….but you’re my sister and I thought we could speak our hearts out to eachother….I just don’t have a very good feeling about this….”

Sal:”ya so anyway….(Changing the subject)….aqeel wants to start looking for houses….”

Me:”oh that will be a good idea……you need your own something….I know you feel there’s nothing wrong with the apartment but for aqeel I think he needs a fresh start and complete closure from his past…”

Sal:”ya..I figured that..poor guy..mustve been hell living with that witch….”

Me:”well he’s got you now…so….”

Sal:(giggle)…”So enough about me…what’s new with you?what did the doc say?how’s the baby?what are you getting?”

Me:”same old….shukr everythings looking quite good so far..she’s just increased some of my meds…she feels its my second pregnancy with twins and pregnancy on its own can take a lot out of a mother….you know all the calcium and blah blah… she’s just worried that I don’t lose all my nutrition….”

Sal:”and?was baby still playing hide and seek?”

Me:”well…..not exactly…we did sort of manage to check what it is….”

Sal:”so?what is it?tell me?”

Me:”what do you think it is?”

Sal:”I don’t know…a brother for riyaad to assist In all the mischief?or a sister for diya to play doll house?”

Authors note:
Inshallah there will be another post some time today inshallah
As for the whole whole cruise thing..make maaf if I’ve offended anyone but I’ve clarified with a mufti and he said that it is totally haraam….
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14 thoughts on “part 158:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​الحمد لله !!!!!
    @least u found a way of changing the cruise story …. ‎​​​ما شاء الله

    It really is an eye opener , we r sometimes blinded n don’t see the finer details … We must make shukr for all our pious Ulema who can see deeper n advise us accordingly !!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. R says:

    Maybe Aqeel can hear a lecture at the masjid about the cruise being haraam and also change his mind about it? 🙂

  3. A says:

    الحمد لله u found a way of changing the story line, sometyms we get caught up by the islamic terms that are thrown in n don’t look at the broader picture
    Also it’s better for them to go for Umrah where they are right at the door of the being they are trying to plz then go on some cruise which even if halaal is still following the haram lifestyle
    Wonder what this baby is going to be……

  4. Mimi says:

    Gr8 post, as usual! I luv d way u handled d “halaal” ship cruise issue. Hats off2u sister! I hav njoyd evry single post of urs. U dnt only hav a gud standard of bloggin but also a truely admirable way of incorporating d Deen in2 it. I hope u keep us “connectd” 4a loooonnngggg tym2come. May Allaah b wid u alwys. ∕Ɩ∕Ɩω∂H.

    • Jx so much sister for those encouraging words…make dua that Allah puts things in my heart that are important to mention and also make dua that Allah gives me the sincerity and ability to only mention what’s true and correct with wisdom….

  5. HopefulMe says:

    Asalamu alaikum
    i was the girl that wrote in a while back,i didn’t reply since then because I wanted to make sure that I didnt go back to him or make the same mistakes and get caught in a romantic lets just be friends. It has been a long and difficult journey but I am ready now. Insha’Allah to fully commit to doing the completely right thing. I guess when you’re caught up in haram for so long like me,your heart gets hard and I attached my self esteem to a guys opinion. Please make alot of dua for me,to be strong,stay strong and pure and to get a husband who will be even stronger in the fight against sin. Sometimes a line in your post would have one line which would make me pause from doing somethng regretful,may Allah reward you and guide you. So happy to see how you accept advice and advice us likewise,please remember me in your duas,we may never meet but you will always be a part of my story

  6. rooksana says:

    CRUISE TO JAHANNAM THE CRUISE OF SHAITAAN SATANICALLY DUBBED“EID SALAAM CRUISE”REGARDING THIS SHIP CRUISE TO JAHANNAM, MAULANA DAWOOD SEEDAT OF PIETERMARITZBURG OFFERED THE FOLLOWING NASEEHAT:.. I am asking you, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself this question, that this is the history of my Deen, I am a Muslim, this is where I come from, Can I fit a cruise into this life of mine? This is how my life is supposed to be, Does this cruise feature anywhere in my life? Whatever answer you get, you practice on that. Ask your heart…Take the money and go for Umrah no one is stopping you. Why do we have to start this, don’t we have enough fitnah. People in Madrassahs in Muslim Schools, we are getting reports. Muslims schools teachers are getting involved with one another, zina is taking place you think it’s not going to happen on a ship, people are going for Umrah they committing Zina, think its not going to happen on a ship..?…It’s all one big lie, we making a mockery of our deen, what we feel like making amal upon we make amal upon. What is not suitable to our nafs, we leave. Then we get this fatwa and that fatwa, today fatwas have become very cheap! Read Deen and see whether all these things fit in with the Mizaaj of our Shariat, do they fit in with the Mizaaj of our Deen.Deen is Tabligh, Deen is Tassawuf, Deen is Ta’laam etc. Not all of this……May Allah (subhanawatallah) bless us with Qalbisaleem (pure, clean, thinking heart) where we can see right from wrong…The Exact recording can be heard on

  7. We all need the guidance, and He is the best guider. Even my in-laws were discussing it jokingly, little did we know about what it was really about.

    I think she should just keep the baby news a secret.. Surprises are always better!

  8. Slmz sister…

    I remember u and always will….I pray that Allah makes this journey for you absolutely easy and May Allah be with u throughout every step that u take…you have undoubtedly taken the greatest steps ever and these are the steps towards Allah…no doubt, this journey may be very testing but you were strong enough to regret and realise your mistakes and I know that ou are strong enough to pull through till the end and you will most deff find the sweetness to Allahs love inshallah…

    Rem, that even if you fall…you haven’t failed, you can always get up and try again…Allah forgives us so many times and loves our every action….

    Not everyone will see your effort that you put in to changing, but Allah sees even that which you don’t realise you are doing..

    We may never meet, you’re right…or we might….but my duas and support is with u always..know that at any time you may contact me and I will most willingly help wherever I can inshallah….


  9. U says:

    I stand to be corrected but I think there’s a حديث something to the effect that you shouldn’t use the sea for leisure.just for necessity.keep up the excellent work sister.

  10. JazakAllah khair for highlighting this within the framework of a story. In a time when it seems everyone wants to run towards pleasure and vice,it is extremely heartening to see how people turn to what is better for us.
    What’s in there to stay away from a cruise? InshaAllah ,we will be blessed with non ending cruises on rivers in Jannah. @U- The hadith has been classified as weak by some scholars yet there is some merit in it,why should we frequent the place where shaitan resides?

    • Slmz… seem learned…and have sufficient knowledge..pls advise…

      Someone has stated that it is haram to read fictional novels….

      What happens to my blog?it is fictional…does that make it haraam?

      I’m really worried, pls reply as soon as possible…



      • wa alaikum salam

        The Ulama have three opinions. One is that it is haram because it stems from basically lies. The second is that it is makrooh even Muslim fiction and preferable to abstain from as fiction should not be an aspiration for a Muslim, I have to agree even I don’t follow this by reading it, as its closer to taqwa to speak the truth. The 3rd opinion is that it is permissible to write or read Muslim fiction for the sake of imparting morals. A word of caution is if one is doing this,make sure the lines are not blurred and haram and halaal are clearly approved or disapproved accordingly and immediately. May Allah guide us all to what please Him, Istikhara salaah would be good to decide whether to go ahead or not perhaps.

  11. Sister A. says:

    Well done sis SL. Ʋ handled da cruise issue quite well. May ﷲ continue 2 guide Ʋ ​آمِيْن

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