part 157:

Me:”oh my god!oh my god!oh my god!”

I was jumping crazily up and down like a little kid while aqeel stood there laughing at me….he knew…!

This is going to be soooo sooo exciting….

Me:”how could you hide this from me love?you are soooo bad!”

Aqeel:”am I now?(Folding his arms)…I can cancel it then….?”

Me:”then I’ll really kill you…..”

I jumped on him and hugged him so tight…

AqEel and my cousins farhaad and fareeda organised a cruise for us…..and not just any cruise..its that halaal cruise that they’ve been talking about lately…..

I’ve always wanted to travel on a ship. Just the thought of it was so awesome….but I would never go because of all the haraam that takes place…

First of all, the food is haraam, what do people eat?

Lots of people have this notion that sea food is ok…its not meat… foolish can we be sometimes….what guarantee do we as muslims have that all the ingredients used to prepare the sea food are completely halaal? What if they’re adding wine to their dishes….

I remember seeing many Times, when I used to watch TV…on the food channel…they put wine in almost every single thing…..apparently it enhances the flavour…

Some people feel its fine to eat toasted cheese…but then again not all cheeses are halaal….how do we know what cheese they are using?

My aunty is a cook and she often tells us about cross contamination of utensils….she always tells us that there are times that you mistakenly and sometimes even intentionally due to time constraints, end up using the same spoon to stir 2 different pots….Sometimes even the same pan or pot is used several times for a variety of dishes…

So how do we know, in a kitchen that is preparing both meat and non-meat items…what guarantee do we have that there is no cross contamination going on there?

My aunty told us that there was once a lady who called her last minute to prepare a halaal platter for early the next morning….

The lady said that she knows its last minute and if my aunty couldn’t manage, then she’d just go to woolies and buy something quickly in the morning…

Even though it was so last minute, my aunty agreed to do it and also explained to the lady that she cannot go to wooiles and buy something and serve it as halaal..that is absolutely wrong…..

But what do they care? They don’t understand the concept of halaal and haraam…..that’s why we as muslims have to be so careful as to where and what we eat…

For every morsel of haraam that we consume, 40 days of our ibaadah will not be accepted….

Now why exactly have I ended up here?hmmm..oh ya…I was talking about the cruise and how usually there’s so much of haraam that goes on there….

Then there’s the aspect of intermingling of males and females all the time….especially on the pool decks…women dress almost nude and men wear very little…

Then there’s the music factor, the haraam games, gambling, alcohol that is served and consumed freely….

So I always thought it would be impossible for me to ever go on a cruise…

but now I’ve heard about this halaal cruise…it sounds too too cool…

Apparently its adapted everything to suit a muslims every need and its true value for our money…

Aqeel and I sat down to go through the leaflet that was attached…..I was like a little kid who was just given a whole bottle of sweets….absolutely excited….so this is what awaits us…..

Authors note:
Hazrat moosa(A.S)’s page has been updated


19 thoughts on “part 157:

  1. sister/in/Islam says:

    Wow !!!! Salma is absolutely fortunate !!!
    Such a cool thing to go on a cruise – especially since its halal !!!
    I even read that they perform all salah’s n they evn gonna hav an aalim on Board so they gonna perform nikah’s also ….. Heheheheh

    All the best to Salma n Aqeel … Enjoy

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  2. S says:

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ

    There is nothing islamic about the so called ‘halaal cruise.’ As Muslims we should refrain from using the name of Islam to promote such things. Please listen to the following audio clip by Hazhrat Maulana Qari Dawood Seedat (Daamat Barakatuhu)

    [audio src="" /]

    May ﷲ͜ grant myself and the entire ummat hidaayat آمين

    • Wslm….

      Jx sooo sooo much sister..I was really happy to rcv this clip…just shows how we don’t always know everything and are learning all the time…

      Jx for bringing it to my notice before I went further into it…

      Will rectify it in my blog inshallah…

  3. sister/in/Islam says:

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله for sending the clip …. Its such an eye opener … They take the name of Islam n abuse it !!! May ‎​اللَّهُ save us from all the fitna carrying on n don’t let us get carried away – ‎​​​​آمين

    It just shows how we can b indoctrinated and think that there is nothing wrong with going ….. As Ml mentioned in the clip – there is no benefit from going – nothing Islamic abt it …. N defntly no way of avoiding intermingling !!!!
    It really made me aware !!!

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله once agen

  4. “Cruise to Jahannam”, as it’s been called. Nothing Halaal about it, and definitely a work of Shaytaan.
    Sister, Allah had put the thought in your mind so you could also guide people to do what is right, Insha Allah.
    JazakAllah dear sister, and sister S. If you don’t mind, I have some of the portions of the clip in literature, and will be posting later on my blog.. Insha Allah.
    We are all in need of rectification. Truly, Allah guides.

  5. Sumi says:

    I heard about this cruise in the Jummah bayaan, Moulana aptly mentioned that by adding the word halaal or souk to an event doesn’t make it Sharia compliant. Moulana also mentioned that before attending such gatherings ask yourself ‘would Nabi (SAW) ever attend such and such a gathering?’

  6. As-salaamu alaykum

    Once again JazakAllah Khayr for shedding light on such important issues, the Halaal food issue that you mention is so important and so many people still don’t understand it, cross contamination, etc is so logical yet we still don’t seem to pay enough attention to it. Also I love that your blog is bringing about positive dialogue, we need these type of discussions, it’s a learning experience for all of us. Sister S, jazakAllah for sharing this clip with us, really an eye opener.

    May Allah strengthen us all Inshaa-Allah and give us understanding.

  7. Ummihs says:

    Alhamdulliah there are people out there who practice on “calling to good and warning about the evil”

    Unfortunately the South African Muslims has fell deep into the pit of wasting and extravagance.

    Everything we do has to be done over the top.
    Be it a dawaat for whatever occasion or a wedding etc. we waste a lot. Myself included.

    We need to introspect and remember what happened to the people of Burma they didn’t listen to Sheikh Nadwi when he warned them. And later on they had to run away overnight with he clothes on they back when before they use to sew diamonds onto they dresses and had rooms full of money. They use to cook 1 chicken per person. We may not waste to such an extent because we don’t have so much. But we waste in a different way. May Allah guide myself first and te ummah

  8. Sister A. says:

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا sis S 4 sharing d clip ώĩ†̥h us. Mks one realise hw easily we can get caught up indulging in activities thinkin dey Shariah compliant simply bcause dey advertised as ‘Islamic’. May ﷲ grant us d ability not 2 fall 4 such advertising & not get caught up °̩и activities dat will distance us frm him ​آمِيْن

  9. wow says:

    The west are trying to indoctrinate us by making us believe they are doing it to accomodate us muslims. We become so made up and fall for their ploy to let shaytaan get hold of us. Would we want to be on a cruise sipping on moctails ,,, so called. Non alcoholic beverages wen. N if Allahs wrath befalls the cruise. Why do we need to imitate the west. Allah knows best.

  10. Shabana says:

    I’ve been on a cruise, and it wasn’t infested with haraam actions and food.. it’s not like every corner I turned, there was haraam taking place. It was quite comfy actually. With regards to the “what do people eat on a cruise” statement, Halaal food is catered for, but to take precaution, we took our own and they allowed us..
    “Haraam games are played, alcohol is served freely” is incorrect.. I didn’t witness any haraam games, or any games for that matter. With regards to alcohol, there was a bar that was on the total opposite side, that we didn’t even get close to. It’s very far so there’s no contact with that section whatsoever.
    “Male and females together on a pool deck and females are dressed almost nude” is something that happens at any hotel or beach you go to – a cruise cannot be singled out.
    haraam takes place everywhere because Shaytaan can either affect your nafs or you can fight it. How we handle the situation is what counts.
    I feel this was unfair bashing to cruise goers and cruises. I’ve been on one, and Alhamdulillah I’m still inlove with my Creator and the cruise has nothing to do with my nafs – It’s all me and my weaknesses. Please try not to judge, let’s try to just state facts and not assumptions about any topic for that matter. Jazakallah

    • S says:

      Sister Shabana

      …I’m pretty sure Maulana Dawood Seedat Saheb mentioned that he has no problem with people who go on cruises in general… When the cruise is done in the name of ISLAM, advertised as ‘HALAAL’ this is when the problem arises, because at the end of the day EVERY aspect is NOT shariah compliant.. So how can we use the name of deen to promote something that is not entirely islamic

    • Sister shabana, jazakallah for clarifying that with us..many of us haven’t been on a ship and stick to what we’ve heard about it…and that’s what my blog is about…saying things like people do everywhere….

      There are many people who believe that there are lots of haraam taking place..

      I personally love the idea of being in the middle of the ocean and marvelling at Allahs greatness….

      However, you have misunderstood slightly..when I spoke about the haraam food, I wasn’t talking about it only on a ship, I was generally bringing out the halaal and haraam food issue as I think its of concern whether on a ship, restaurant, hotels anywhere…

      I didn’t anywhere in my post destine anyone to jahannum…I never judged anyone for going on a cruise and neither have I stated that a person that goes on a cruise is out of touch with his creator..

      Anything I mention on my blog is merely for lessons and not to judge anyone as I am a weak mortal myself and have my own set of sins to my name and have no right to judge anyone for anything…

      So if you feel that I’ve offended you or anyone else or judged you, this is wrong as I haven’t….but make maaf for the misunderstanding…

  11. Shabana says:

    Maaf sister S, I wasn’t referring to the clip, I was referring to the post. I’ve heard the clip and I agree with him. Using the name of deen and sorts is not what I’m trying to make mention of – that’s another topic; and I agree with Maulana.

    I’m talking about what was mentioned in the post. Maaf for the unclarity in my above comment.

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