part 156:

Salmas point of view:

The call I received in the morning was constantly playing on my mind….I know I shouldn’t worry about it…but by now you all know what a stress pot I am…..I stress about everything…that’s just me…

Seeing aqeel after the whole day just did something to my tummy….I just wanted to hug him and not let go….but I had to behave..we were not in our own home…

However he kept on stealing glances at me whenever he could with that gorgeous smile of his..

I know this man loves me with everything that he has..and I don’t ever want to lose him….he’s become my life, my everything….

Supper was great as usual…fay always goes the extra mile for everyone…and the hot malva with custard AND ice-cream was just the best of it all….I love my food…..not as much as aqEel…but almost

I was ever too glad to go home, not because I didn’t enjoy my time with fay…I really did..I missed her the whole week, so it was great catching up…

But I missed my time with my hubby….I couldn’t wait to be home and in his arms again…..

I have to tell him about the phone call still…I hope he doesn’t freak out….I know how certain things can just irk the living daylights out of him..

Once we got into the car, aqeel looked happier than I was…and all the way home he didn’t let go of my hand…

Aqeel:”how was your first day without me sweetheart?”

Me:”awful…ok….crazy….boring…..I missed you….too long….”

Aqeel:(laughing)…..”That bad?”


Aqeel:”ok let’s start with your first description….(Pause)…awful?why baby?”

Me:”um…….can we go to the last description rather(shifting awkwardly in my seat)?”

Aqeel:”now we’ll definitely start with it (raising his right brow)”

Me:(sigh)….”I was waiting till we got home atleast to discuss this”

Aqeel:”babe….spill it…what was so awful about your day….?”

Me:”err…I missed you too much and that made it awful?”

Aqeel:”(kissing my hand)..I know you missed me but there’s something else you’re not telling me….”

Me:(sigh)….”Okayyy….(Pause)..I got a call this morning from an unknown number…..”


Me:”I don’t exactly know who it was….at first I thought it was your cousin rubeena…but this girls voice was much more squeaky…..(Pause)….I’m not too sure, but I was thinking maybe it was…err..your…ex wife”

Aqeel:”she does have a terribly squeaky voice(pulling his face)..but what makes you think it was her?”

Me:”because she was angry that I stole what was hers and that I’m living and using everything that belonged to HER initially….and that I’m just eating all HER leftovers…..”


I looked at aqeel with my eyes wide….

Aqeel:”sorry….but that’s what she is…she F***** up… she’s trying to mess with you!….what else did she say?”

Me:”she threatened to make my life a misery and make sure that she breaks our marriage…”

Aqeel was angry….he was clenching his teeth and his face was full with fury….he remained silent for a while…

Aqeel:”why didn’t you phone me immediately love?”

Me:”because I don’t want to bother you at work…”

Aqeel:”you’re my wife… me whenever you want to ok..even if its 50 times a day…if I’m busy, I’ll tell you….”

Me:”ok…sorry baby”

Aqeel:”so now, what to do about this? You still don’t want to change your number?”

I looked at him with a guilty look….

Aqeel:”ok…fine…then from now on, no answering private calls ok?and no answering any calls from numbers that you don’t know….is that ok baby?and if this happens again, we’re going to have to change your number ok? The thing is, I can block her number from phoning you..but I don’t know if she’s using the same number and she can possibly try from another number….and if she tries one more thing I’m laying a charge and getting a restraining order..”

Me:”I don’t think we’ll need to go that far honey..I’m sure she’s just threatening me….”

Aqeel:”I don’t trust her..she and rubeena are evil in every possible way and I care too much about you sweetheart….I don’t know what I’ll do without you now that I have you as mine….you’ve become my everything and I can’t live without you… going to break this marriage ok?”

I smiled gratefully…..

Me:”I love you…”

We reached the apartment and aqeel jumped off to collect the mail from the mailbox at the entrance…and then we proceeded to park the car….

I was so relieved to be home…what a different day and so tiring also….I can’t wait to just read my esha and jump straight into bed…..need to change my entire routine….

Tomorrow my life starts, no more eating everywhere for supper, I can prepare a lovely meal of my own inshallah….time to settle in….

Aqeel:”babes…..there’s mail for you(confused)”

Me:”huh?who would send me mail so soon?its only a week that I’m here..that’s strange…”

I took the envelope from aqeel…it read: “to salma….the wife of aqeel”

That was even more strange….they don’t mention my surname or aqeels surname….but wife of aqeel?

I carfully opened the envelope and was absolutely surprised at what I found inside……

Authors note:
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8 thoughts on “part 156:

  1. AOC says:

    Silly exes, can’t just move on with their lives………..

    Awesome posts…… Don’t keep us in suspense 😀

  2. sister/in/Islam says:

    *shew* – @least Aqeel is understanding n soo loving !!

    N now this interference in their relationship – soo early also ….. Eish – there r soo many jealous ppl arnd its unbelievable – n the lenghts they’l go to do stuff – omg

    Just read ur Quls n Manzil Salma n Ayatul Qursi !!!
    May ‎​اللَّهُ save us all – ‎​​​​آمين

    ‎​​​​جزاك الله

  3. zana says:

    😧 why can’t people appy for those that are happy and make dua for those who in difficulty. Today its as if people are happy to see others suffering

    Salma just read alot and ask allah for his protection against these mean people

    I find that reading المذل ya muzeloo (in the 99 names of allah number 26) 75 times after salaah. Ask allah to protect you from the evils of envious persons oppressors and enemies. It really helps

  4. Sister A. says:

    Y can’t Noori jus get on wid her lyf & leave Aqeel & Salma alone. There r many ppl lyk her around. Sum even remarry bt continue interfearing °̩и their exe’s lives. Fortunately Aqeel is understanding. Now let’s see hw dey gona handle dis. Wunder wat Salma receivd °̩и da post ???

  5. anon says:

    So many jealous ppl out there can’t seem to see any1 happy want to mke ppls live misery
    Aqueel is so understanding may allah keep him lyk tht. Save thm from jealousy

  6. A says:

    It’s good that Aqeel got Salma to tell him otherwise it would have eaten her up n put a strain on a happy marriage
    Y can’t Noori just leave then alone n carry on with her life, she messed up in the first place
    Wonder what’s in the envelope….

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